Pyramaze- Land of information…..

Great timing for this one:

You’ve been under lock and key
In shady and suspicious company
Reduced to numbers
Since the day they turned our lives
Into a comprehensive list of whys

Desperately I live to clear your name
And I fear our world will never be the same

In the land of information we’re
Searching high and low to find the key
The hidden evidence – our only remedy
The land of information will wipe out all of your grand mistakes
And bring back the man that once was spotless
That’s all that it takes

Somewhere in the secret vaults
Lies a note predicting these assaults
Planned in details
To frame an innocent and shun publicity from what’s been going on

There’s a chance if I could break the code
To this encrypted and mendacious mother lode…

And the search goes on and on
I won’t rest until we’ve won

In the land of information we’re
Searching high and low to find the key
The hidden evidence – our only remedy
The land of information will wipe out all of your grand mistakes
And bring back the man that once was spotless
That’s all that it takes

And the search goes on and on
I won’t rest until we’ve won

To me this is the chimbonic check process.


Communicating with GOD

The word that came to me this morning was communicate and the explanations that followed.

To communicate with GOD you first need to recognize he is trying to communicate with us. Signs are all around us that our instincts, intuitions sixth sense or our soul pick up on. We have to recognize and follow through with the message he wants you to receive. Certain things will seem to be highlighted and grab our attention, most of the time we recognized it but didn’t understand what it meant.

Just like in this example how I recognize just by a word that comes to me while I am sleeping. This explanation that follows is part of the communication with GOD to get the message to others so they can start to recognize for them selves.

The chimbonic check process is all of this. It is a full process of recognition of every last thing OUR FATHER is trying to communicate to us. GOD/FATHER/YAHWEH is using everything to reach us in these times and there is a reason for it. Pistis is one of his tools he gives us to recognize. Faith/pistis is the organ which enables people to see the invisible order. Once our soul (as it wakes up) gets how GODS process works, it starts to recognize more and more how much of everything GOD uses to communicate with us. It all ties back to the writing called phone, which is all part of the chimbonic check process.

One good example of GOD trying to communicate with you personally is when you hear a song and it just moves or lifts your spirit up in a way you absolutely recognize but can’t figure out why or what it means. The next part of the chimbonic check process is to look within the song at the words (as a whole) keeping in context why you are even there reading the words in the first place. What you will be seeking in that song is the true truth or message GOD wanted your soul to get. Forget for a moment what the singer or song writer thinks they wrote about, (they couldn’t see where the words came from in the first place unless they too were awake). Once you get the message the right way he confirms with pistis and there is no doubt as to why you felt what you felt in that song that moved you to get your attention in the first place.

Then from that one recognition you may start to watch more unfold as more confirmation that you are being guided/directed by GOD/PISTIS and your RECOGNITION of GODS PROCESS and just how MIRACULOUS and POWERFUL HE IS.

Now from a song writers perspective, while writing songs there is a flow that they recognize as the process unfolds it is beautiful until it ends at writers block. The writer is “in a zone” (so to speak) and that is because GODS work behind the scenes is generating truths that (recognized or not) are getting through. It is in this flow where the true truths are found. Its all an energy that reconnects in harmony. If it seems to be in discord, contemplate what the message is that GOD is trying to reveal to you. The more nurtured your soul becomes the easier it is to recognize.

Numbers are similar. They grab our attention and we just don’t know why. The chimbonic check process explains why. We are left so little understanding (as a person that speaks english) that the numbers generated in the chimbonic check will start to lead to words in GREEK AND HEBREW (its up to you to check) with a much more in depth explanation that we never would have known (in english) until we recognize GOD communicating to us these numbers to go look up. This is all part of what I have learned through this communication (the word given to me this morning in my sleep, once again showing it was generated by GOD/pistis) and the more I pay attention the more he supplies in the conversation. It is continual. Remember this, GOD IS SPEAKING TO OUR SOUL, not our brain. Our brain will try to understand it in it’s limited way while our soul just gets it. The effect this has on our brain starts a reorganization process of what we used to think was that way its supposed to be and puts everything exactly how it should be. It takes a little time because how deeply rooted what we hold onto as truths are. This is where “KEEP AN OPEN MIND ” comes in.

Our inner child becomes caged behind the adult we become. We live in an evil/deceitful world and put on unseen armor as we age. All of this being seen through the eyes of the person we are that has been raised by the system and not GOD. That inner child/soul wants to be raised by GOD until freed from its shackles that the world slowly built around it. The chimbonic check process helps GOD our FATHER raise/rise us to his consciousness through our recognition. The inner child/soul gets the way music speaks to us or numbers jump out at us or the timing of a movie played on tv or a conversation that mysteriously arose with a stranger. All these things and more are GODS way of communicating with us, all we need to do is recognize them and learn, appreciate and be thankful for the way he works. You may even feel sorrow for missing or not understanding what your soul is now getting.

I think about it like this. The more time we spend gathering of the worldly things as we get older, the more those worldly things are thickening the husk of the shell that is encapsulating our inner child/soul. The soul wants to grow into the TREE OF LIFE but the tree of knowledge keeps adding to the shell to make it thicker so we eventually are so hardened that the little bit of life/soul/core of us left in this shell just gives up on trying to grow. Ultimately bullied by the adult we’ve become that has neglected our very soul/child by the ways of the world we choose first. That adult was raised by the system and that system is all about control in every aspect of the word. It is not GODS system! The shell I see like this, (1) a soft layer of our parents upbringing (which comes from a mentality generated by the system) and starts to grow around your soul/child becoming a part of the cycle automatic. (2) A layer of beliefs that may be limited by thinking thats the only way it is. (3) A layer of education that really starts to harden the shell and starts to leave the child behind. (4) A layer of hurt and pain, sorrow or fear hate or lies that the world offers as we grow. (5) A layer of distractions that are generated by the system to keep us looking else where into this physical realm we accept as the only reality i.e. work. (6) Now all these layers equal being deceived the whole time and the cause an effect on our brain is that it just wants to see things the way it thinks it sees things from the way it has experience its years of life in the physical. All along the inner child/soul just wanted recognized so that it could recognize GOD our FATHER. But our father became the ways of the world instead that helped us build this shell deceitfully to keep us from our TRUE FATHER’S LIGHT that will supply all the SUN needed for the little core/soul/child in the husk to crack through that husk and become its own TREE OF LIFE. Our true FATHER will nurture the process of LIFE the right way. All we need to do is recognize.

This whole explanation was generated by the words given to me this morning in my sleep.



chimbonic definition

Chimbonic is a word that actually takes human involvement/interaction and creates recognition of pistis bridging the gap between your soul and GOD.



  • To bridge the gap between languages. Give a more complete mental picture to the minds eye of truths that the english language alone leaves the mind wanton. In a metaphoric sense “the messenger that delivers the truth to its fullest degree or value” bridging the gap between heaven and earth as well as language barriers within the minds eye (soul) through our efforts. A cause and effect process delivering desired results through pistis.”english language Bibles are missing the chimbonic check” bridging the gap between pistis and sin– “Full explanation and process for chimbonic can be viewed @ Spiritual Quest Through Music“, Ben deGrise, May 20, 2017
  • Chimbonic- In a literal sense is: to use a systematically designed process that has been generated by GOD through recognition of the entire process. By taking numbers that are intuitively or instinctively recognized by a student or teacher (in the chimbonic check process) and connecting those numbers to the numbers of Hebrew and Greek words. This process will generate a connection to your soul that has been being unrecognized (spiritually) all along. As the process unfolds to you through your involvement and recognition you will witness the gaps being bridged from all angles of your life.

    The chimbonic check creates a chimbonic effect.

    The chimbonic check is a process that creates a desired end result spiritually.

    Chimbonic check is every portion or action of the process it took to get you to a new spiritual level by inner tests and put it all together for the end result or effect produced.

    The chimbonic process produces a higher state of consciousness.

    Another way of recognizing the chimbonic check is as bridging the gap between heaven and earth, LIFE and death. (The death of Adam and Eve the day their consciousness was altered at the tree of knowledge).

Chimbonic process creates a completeness for every spiritual lesson involved, resulting in a higher state of consciousness continually.

*update 2-19-18

Found that chi is the 22nd letter in Greek alphabet and symbolically means Christ! In short it is the X in Xmas. Now the next letter “m” in the english language is the 13th letter which just so happens to be the exact middle of the 26 letters of the english language. M is also a separating point in the word chimbonic which would represent a bridge between the two words chi and bonic, where bonic has a meaning of pretty or nice.

Back in the year 2000 I found out that “nice” also means ignorant, not knowing, which is tied to the exact purpose, meaning and reason for the word “chimbonic” of bridging the gap between languages that helps us bridge the gap between our own understanding and Christ’s Understanding.

It is also no coincidence that the word chi also has to do with energy like here: The vital force believed in Taoism and other Chinese thought to be inherent in all things. Christ is the way, the truth and the life and he (or his consciousness,understanding) is the LIFE force we gain when we bridge the gaps.

One last thing to be recognized (as no coincidence) is the “M” in Roman numeral = 1000. This can be very significant in many ways. One right off the bat is the fact that it generates the number 1000, which in Greek that number is bolé. Meaning, a casting, throw; in acc: as measure of distance. This meaning seems to tie right back to the statement above regarding the “m” and bridging the gap. When you build a bridge, there is always a distance to be covered to get from one side to the other.