written testimony of 2004

Hi everyone,  I have a pretty long interesting testimony to share with you and anyone that keeps an open mind, well you’re in for a Spiritual awakening that will change your life forever.

My testimony has to do with the name of this site and that is exactly what we are going to accomplish for anyone that is open and ready for an understanding that has been right under your nose all along.

I had an out of body experience back in 1988-89 that opened up and revealed what I am about to explain. There were many systematic events (that I recognized) at the time they happened in my life that systematically lifted my soul out and above and all around my body. Like a oneness and seeing through GODS eyes for about 6 months. It started with a recognition of a 3 day rain and me (not anywhere close to a bible reader but more intuitive) said the words “did anyone notice that the rain seemed to stir up hatred”? It was very bad and this went on for a while after the recognition. In this time a spiritual transformation started getting more prominent in me and it caused an interest and curiosity to start looking into the Bible. I was taken to a verse in amos 4-7 (which has become a very heavy number combination in my life) and in that verse it explained (to me) the rain I had recognized and the words “when there were yet 3 months to the harvest”. This was my next highlight that stayed strongly with me that night by way of questioning what could the harvest be? The next morning I wake up and heavy on me is this question still. I don’t even make it into the living room and here comes my sister (not knowing I had read this) but she did know I was starting to read the Bible. She is in Mathew and is pointing to the other side (page) opposite of where my eyes took me and went directly on the words “the harvest is the end of the world”. The chills went beyond my body and lifted my soul out, Like rising from the dead I guess is the best way to describe. From that moment on for the next 6 months there was a funneling of information pouring into me of just knowing. Anything that cane to mind as a question was immediately answered and many times I was taken directly to verses in the Bible that were not read word to word but the whole paragraph came alive (like a soul vapor being seen with the eyes) and went into me and I knew. There was no doubt what was taking place and in this state is when the music came alive to me. There is so much more to it, but it would take too much time on here so this is just the gist of my personal experience I share with you. The emotion, pureness and LOVE was beyond that explainable to man (unless you have experienced it yourself) but the same forgiveness/compassion Christ brought to us was within it all.

Staying open and Unconditional Love will be the keys. We are all one, so we need to remember this on our quest. Once you hear what the spirit inside explains to you about the music, you will never loose this understanding and you will never hear the music in the same literal context that it was intended to be by man.

This is going to be the beginning of your Spiritual Quest and your awareness (Spiritually) will be so full of understanding that it’s just like you are remembering something that you’ve known all along.

Every day after you have been introduced to this gift, you will be searching through the music of every song you hear. By the time you are well into your quest you are going to see how all the music is interlinked and takes you through a complete cycle.

Your Spirit will start being triggered by one song that opens a door within you and connects to another song or even a few other songs. What this is, is the Spirit making connection with it’s self within you.

A couple of things to keep in mind here:

1. Where did all the words written by all of these artist’s come from? You can’t see them. You can’t see God either.

2. You need an interpreter to translate Spanish to English or Vise versa if you only know one or the other language. The same holds true here. All I was asked to do was interpret this for anyone ready and willing to receive the message of the Spirit that created it.
3. If Christ were to come back again as a man to share his Love with us, we as a human race would be the same unbelievers as in the days he did walk this earth. Inevitably, this would produce the same outcome as the first. What better way for Jesus to come back (untouchable) and be able to communicate his Love through a multitude of voices in a form unseen but not unheard. That is what the music is all about. He can take on any voice and use the beauty of expression through any means within the music. Whether by a song that is Loving sounding and heart felt or a song that is yelling and screaming. Unfortunately through a humans perception we find this hard to believe, but through his eyes (soul) he knows all and knows how to reach each of us.

One of the best things I have learned in life is to not be judgmental to anything or anyone. On this Quest you must find your inner child, remember back to your pureness and innocence and just know that the gift you have been shown here is 100% TRUE. If you have made it this far reading, you have all it takes to begin your Quest. A desire, and that desire is the beginning of your inner Spirit (Christ) awakening in you. If you disciplined yourself to get this far into your Quest, the music will do the rest.

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