Music as the messenger

Music as the messenger

Bringer of truth if thats what you seek

Reading the signs that appear oblique

Depending on your position in your mind

Truth or a lie is what you will find

Seek and ye will find another perspective

One beyond the origination of the writer defective

The writer completely oblivious the most

Not realizing that he was the host

Thinking what ever it was on their mind

Was only an inspiration for truth to wake the blind

Most of the world missing this intervention

Divinely woven into this dimension

Never seeing where thoughts come from

But the energy behind the scenes delivers to some

Found mostly in music of rock

Don’t get offended this is a lock

Open-minded people are willing to expand

As their knowledge increases across the land

Music as the messenger will fill your soul

Awake and alive and you in control

You will experience an understanding that comes full cycle

Possibly because of an archangel called Michael

It is truly at this level behind the scenes

Where the wars are fought and won by these means

Humans mostly oblivious to anything at all

Leaving the majority oblivious to the call

Mostly due to the distractions of life

All eyes somewhere else severed by the invisible knife

Recognition is powerful just take its hand

As the power of intention will help you understand

Let your heart feel the rhythm and beat of the song

The messages have been there all along

Many in the form of a metaphor in early stages

Now its like they’ve been let loose from their cages

Directly to the point so they’re hard to miss

The truth that’s awaiting it’s awakening kiss

You as the benefactor will experience sensations

As the spirit of truth brings on spiritual presentations

Perspectives can be a prison or class

Its up to every individual to clear their paths

The only way this will happen is to seek and find

Everything beyond the obvious that keeps us blind

Or instead, beyond our mind