Ironic parallel and analogy of Judas

Ironic parallel and analogy of Judas

The representation you need to see

The Judas that’s trapped in the you and the me

The ironic parallel and analogy of Judas

Lives within sin and all that imbued us

The mind is where it happens, the beginning of betrayal

We gave our self the Judas kiss in our actions we entail

Our equal involvement equates to the same

Trading our FATHER’S riches for the worldly game

Every time we do this we are guilty as sin

Because we are the new Judas and where it all begins

Our choice to hand him over in exchange for some silver

Because the picture painted by sin, the mind it would pilfer

As the shift continues on into darkness we would fall

Trying to hear from this perspective but never hear his call

Because we traded him without knowing for the riches all the same

The thrill of the chase of all the world with only you to blame

Can you see the analogy, the truth that’s at hand

Will sin let go of you long enough, for you to understand

That what you thought sin was all along, wasn’t even close

It’s everything of deception, as you it continually will overdose

To fill the space in your mind with more of its dilution

Emptying out more of its self into your final pollution

All achieved through ignorance, just like Judas learned

Was there more to the meaning of every word and how Christ returned

Did you realize he never left and has been here all along

Waiting for you to take his hand by free will and become pistis strong

The second coming through the clouds of doubt in sin filled minds

But the teachings of the world through sin we can thank for all that blinds


After this writing was done today I was taken back through here (this site) looking for something I’ve been trying to find completely unrelated to this. But then I came across this song I posted about in 2017 too fitting to not make the connection for everyone. I had forgotten completely about this.