Two sides

There are always two sides

With recognition involved

We are gifted the ability

To react in a way absolved

Where we can recognize clearly

From a neutral place

With an open mind

Not affected by human space

Deep beyond the teachings

Of everything man has seeded

There lies a true mind

In which all truth can be heeded

Opening up beyond

Everything you think you know

There is a tree behind a flaming sword

From all directions it will show

We have not been taught by it

Because all we know is from another tree

And now everything we know

Makes it almost impossible to see

The perception laid up on us

Puts a twist on every story

We literally have learned

Through a step father’s glory

The sword with a double edge

Turning in all directions

Blocks us from the truth

With fiery opposing infections

Because we choose to lean on

Everything we have come to know

Now everything that transpires

Is not from the other tree’s glow

This is hard to digest

From the state of low mind

Because we try to make sense

Through the teachings that made us blind

They served a different purpose

And not one that sets you free

You become a prisoner

To the way that you see

The reason for our words

To become the turning sword

Is designed to trap souls by deception

And call out to a false lord

The fire that was set by this statement

Comes from the serpent

But you are meant to sort through the words

For everything Christ meant

How can you do this

From an infected mind

This is where the true FAITH comes in

To delivery his truth he wants you to find

Trust not in your own understanding

For it is that of a deceiver

Designed to keep us prisoners

And a misguided believer

The two sides of the story unfold

When you trust with open mind

Then a phenomena called FAITH

Is what heals the blind

This is where we are meant to stay

For the rest of our life

This is where the marriage is

And how he makes us his wife

Not in the sense that low mind knows

But to the union of Christ truth

If you turn away

Adultery becomes obtuse

This is an example

Of the two sides different thinking

And why FAITH is sent upon you

And the only cup that we should be drinking

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