Tree of knowledge

My Book

Tree of knowledge

Partakers to this day since the very beginning
Where knowledge and perception changed
Because of a transgression

One bite off the forbidden tree of knowledge
Takes its toll on all our lives as we indulge
We need to seek our own discretion

This is where the story takes a twist in fate
Since that day we’ve all learned from this new perspective
Instead of learning from our mistake

So much further away in time now
We’ve completely forgot how it was in the beginning
Lost little souls still led by the snake

How could one little bite extend so far
Because the knowledge it gave changed our views
It’s in this change our soul gets lost

Realize that it’s your soul and no one else
When you die they stay behind and might find remorse
Seeking truth is the only cost

Adam and Eve are the only ones that knew
How life was pure before their transgression
Think of the sorrow in their hearts

Now see through their eyes to understand the legend
While overcome with true sorrow and repentance
Our Father offered back smarts

Not the smarts that we know now, that is of Cain
Spiritual smarts of a path meant to be followed
So that all transgression could disseminate

Like a purging or filtration to reconnect to pure
Through a sorrowful heart and guiding hand
Our Father would eliminate

A purification through descendents and their blood
To purge out the deception the tree of knowledge instilled
But the snake and his temptation still at large

Cain was a victim of envy and rage
Through this weakness the snake did endeavor
And multiplied greatly then took charge

Now his Endevor fully executed by man
Through the tree of knowledge
That was his plan

We have to seek with a sorrowful heart
To escape the grips of the tree of knowledge
And awaken the soul back to the start

Through this process a remembering takes place
As God sees our true intentions speak
He makes connections with the human race

It’s just a matter of, will you look away
And continue on in your own accomplishments
And on the back burner he can stay

Remember the tree of knowledge was to deceive
What we perceive as a masterful language
Was designed for the snake to achieve

In order to find truth in the vagueness of words
It takes an effort on your part to know
Never assume you know what they mean

If there’s doubt then check it out
And the truth shall set you free
A systematic process will be seen

We only need to worry about impressing our Father
By showing that we’ll never stray from his words
Like when he said don’t eat from that tree
So now we follow the herds

Turn this back around and give Father his dues
For we all know Father knows best
Understand what he’s showing you within
Keep on following the clues

So click on any word in this writing and see how far it will take you
I can assure you one thing, they weren’t meant to forsake you