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Just to give people a little understanding of me, Here are some concepts that I have been living by which basically is all common sense.

When it comes to religion, I don’t particularlly care for the word. It segragates us all and causes us to enter into arguments and on a larger spectrum, WARS. I am not a religious man but a Spiritual man. I stay in tune within and focus on what my Father has to offer just as Jesus told us he did.

When I look at the over all picture the Bible has painted for us, the main thing I focus on is the examples Jesus gave us through his actions. If you walk life as close to the path he walked, how can you go wrong? He told us, “you can do what I do, and more”. I am not Jesus Christ, I am just a man, and all I want to do is walk in Christ’s footsteps. Loving mankind the way he did, sharing this Love with all mankind and teaching this Love to many.

The Bible has been taken to literal by many and people forget that when most of the Bible was written, the man that wrote his portion did it from a very Spiritual state of consciousness which cannot be interpreted into the literal. From a literal stand point, you will never get the message you were suppose to and this is where all the contradictions come from.

Ronnie James DIO wrote a song called Holy Diver. In this song there is a verse that say’s “between the velvet lies, there’s a truth as hard as steel”. In that statement alone you can find what has happend to our Spiritual belief system. Our system around us, way back into our Ansestry has been a velvet lie. Whether intentionally or unconsciously it don’t really matter because it has been handed down generation to generation until the velvet lies have covered the Truth. But the Truth has not gone away from us, we just need to look for it within ourselves and then all the answers come. Once you show your Father within you that you are willing to take that step, it is all provided to you after that.

My point here is, The Bible has Truths all through out it but they are intermingled with some velvet lies. Remember, who had their hands on the Bible to begin with? Church’s. The same type of Church’s that killed Christ and then this Bible, (by the way, you never seen Jesus with a Bible) was kept away from all of the public for over a 1000 years and only taught by a Church Master. This is where the ansestors come in. All of the generations that existed through this whole time in life were only given what the Church Master offered (right or wrong) and to this day has unfortunatly limited all religions. I am not trying to put the Bible down in any way, just simply stating that, just as Jesus looked for his answers (from within) the same hold true for all of us.

By setting a narrow path of understanding that is very limited by many because of a book that most choose to live their life by, this limits the possiblities of the Truths and Understanding that you will ever have. I Compare the difference of a kindergartner in School as compared to a College Graduate. Why, if there is more to life would you limit yourself for an entire lifetime to just die a kindergartner? There are Universes of understanding out there that Jesus was in tune with through his Father, not a Bible.

I see So many religions Preach one thing and do another or even talk down on others, judge others and totally go against the grain of the very Bible they believe in and because of this, very devastating damage is done to many. The damage I am speaking of is, many people are turned away from GOD, Christ or any Spiritual happenings because they have seen these people I speak of and don’t want anything to do with the God they speak of. Common sense; Jesus didn’t do this, so why would you?

Enough on that subject…

I would Love to get deeper into these subjects but I know people loose interest easy. So if you want to talk to me personally about any subject feel free to call me or email. I’d Love to go over it with you.

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