Faith and sin unify

Faith and sin unify themselves to men based on the mind (spirit) that is raising or has raised the man. From within man, an unseen event takes place in all of them.

A marriage of sin is the first event. This is what all man is raised in by tree of knowledge teachings. This is done by unseen ministers of satan that becomes reflected out through mans teachings. It all started in unseen energy form and took hold of thought (mind) and created dark spirit in man and took a seat in their throne we call the brain.

Unified to this way of thinking first has shackled man to an almost unchangeable way of thinking. Now that satan sits in this throne, he defends his darkness (your ignorance) to retain the title of “king” over mankind through their unknowing. Mankind has literally become servants of corruption.

But there is a way to become freed from the first event. It happens when we come to recognize TRUTH (CHRIST WAY OF THINKING THROUGH FAITH). A baptism through fire starts to take place to fight off satan and his way of thinking in and through you. The battle begins between you and him. Because he knows you are trying to take back FULL control over your soul. He is the adversary, so you have to become fully aware of all his deceiving ways that attack your thought and try to make you remain a prisoner to his way of thinking (tree of knowledge, sin). Already distracted by ways of life you already live, that conditions you to continue on in complacency, through your mind (his dark spirit) he tries to reach back into the brain for what you have already been taught. This is all his design and deception at work causing wrongful questioning by trying to make sense through tree of knowledge way of thinking in you. The end result in most cases, he wins and finds his seat on his throne (your brain) again as your soul becomes the prisoner again.

That is all taking place in the unseen baptism of fire event. You must stay focused on trusting our FATHER is sending himself up on you you help you become free through light spirit. The separation from dark spirit is the battle, your brain is the battlefield and the light of truth FAITH sets upon you is where the baptism begins to wash away all of satans wrongful teachings of tree of knowledge.

If you remain in the light spirit, trusting everything it reveals to you, you start to regain revelatory memories of how it is meant to be. As you awaken in this rapturing event, you realize you are being risen from the dead (the “surely you will die” part talked about in Genesis). You now can recognize all of this pertains in reverse of the first unseen event of Adam and Eve where satan gained his throne in them and from them passed it down to all mankind through the tree of knowledge or family tree.

You have to remember, the ministers of satan are in forms of thought energy based on tree of knowledge mentality given to all of us to make us captives in what we think is our own thought and body. These same ministers you battle in you, you’ll battle in others also. Because we were ALL raised by them from the start. As you try to share your revelations and rapturing with others, the ministers of thought in others are sure to try to bring you back down and try to cast doubt back upon you.

All you can do is recognize this truth and comprehend how it all works when you are of the light spirit (TRUTH) that Christ is of through the FAITH. he sent upon you to free YOUR SOUL.

satan and these ministers have weaved mazes into our brain for thousands of years through deceit based on our ignorance. The not knowing and accepting of these truths being spoken is the veil we become lost in the clouds of dark mind we accept as our own. Once we’ve done this, there can be no cure or freeing of your soul. Because you refuse to walk in the light of truth and remain leaning on what you think is your own understanding when in all reality it is the exact understanding the ministers wanted you to have to create more ministers of satan.

The unification to Faith will unify you to TRUTH AND TRUST then cause an immovable belief because it is a knowing of the absolute TRUTH (CHRIST). YOU REALIZE YOU FOUND THE LIFE HE WAS REFERRING TO. This is the event you want to partake in. Eat from the TREE OF LIFE not the tree of death.

Ask yourself this, is your way of thinking Christs way of thinking?


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