Show me proof

The man said, show me proof that spiritual life exists

The GOD said, how can I give proof to you if you are spiritually blind


Man: But I need to see physical proof so I can believe


GOD: You’d be the physical proof if only you could see


Man: I don’t comprehend what you mean


GOD: That is because the spiritual blindness that is upon you


Man: Please explain


GOD: Do you not see you are having this conversation within me, within you


Man: Yes, but how do I know this is real and I am even sane


GOD: There is a flow of recognition that helps you comprehend what is intuitively right and you just know. This is FAITH at work within you within me. Trust in this flow and I will raise you from the death of this worlds teachings and give you back sight through this knowing. You will become more and more fluent in me in this trust and FAITH Operating in you that you will no longer say, show me proof. You will exude me from your being and I am the presence of every moment you reflect to others.


Man: I think I understand


GOD: Then this is the beginning of your proof. Trust in it and I will take you to a higher place away from the darkness of the world you’ve all come to know. From this perception, you are set free from the old man ways of thinking that sin has rested upon you all. I will armor and protect you from all who oppose me and strengthen you through this trust and belief in me that FAITH has bestowed upon you. You will become the proof you were seeking.

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