Spiritual Quest Though Music



All men are born inherently wrong (mentally) by way of the tree of knowledge (sin). They distribute these wrongs among other men and spread it like a disease through wrongful teaching’s. The inherent nature of ignorance (that is a bi-product of sin) is to feed deception to the minds of all who are of it (ignorance, sin, tree of knowledge)….


Religions have been used as tools of destruction for kings to achieve their goals of obtaining power over the ignorant. These powers could not work if the people knew the magic trick of deception used to deceive them. This is where Pistis comes in.


The only thing ALL men must seek throughout their entire life on this globe is, Absolute Truth. The very TRUTH Christ represented. Hence the reason he was and still is the Way, the Truth and the Life and ultimately, his understanding


These truth’s extend to all scopes of mankind , not limited to religion or politics but even extending into the spiritual realm where true freedom resides in our everyday life we willfully choose to partake in. The only way to have true freedom is through the mind of man through TRUE PISTIS (FAITH).

To have a LOVE for TRUTH is to know LOVE.


To remain in the wrongness of sin is to remain possessed by the darkness Christ spoke of. This truth in and of it’s self is designed to shine the light of truth and true freedom into the mind of the ones willing to take possession of it. This is freewill freeing you.


Spiritual Quest Through Music is all based on TRUTHS revealed to the open mind and the recognition of it. Willing to capture and incorporate these truths to set any man free who chooses to see or receive it. All lessons of life through it came through pistis and completely understanding what pistis is and how it works in our lives. Christ exemplified this to us but sin kept us from understanding it.


Pistis (Faith) and hamartano (sin) are exact opposites and one leads to the path of destruction through its darkness and the other to the freedom we seek in these truths as we instinctively and intuitively read the promptings of it. Sin is the path of the wrongness that convinces us to believe in false truths that we lean on wholeheartedly as facts, when in fact they are products of deception and the facade that becomes us.


The FATHER Christ tried to teach us of has the power to use all things for the greater good of his will. This will, is to bring us to the level of understanding of his SON. To get to this level, you must be awake and willing to receive his TRUTHS. If you do not know pistis, you are asleep and you cannot know his truths. A closed minded person has no Church and gains nothing. But an open minded person feeds his own soul and raptures daily.


The credence of truth is all we seek and our FATHER reveals it through all things at all times for those awake in pistis that can perceive or decipher the difference of worldly vs. Spiritual understanding through pistis, NOT SIN! This will produce the same cause and effect on the minds of those willing to possess this light as it did on and in Christ who revealed to us and told us, “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father”. To believe on Christ, is to lay his mind on yours and yours on his and become one in the same. There is no limitation to the way our FATHER will talk to us through everything, if one has engaged him in pistis. His language is not one taught but learned by experiential knowing from within the Church, Christ mind, our mind uniting to his.


Worldly teachings from the side of sin have kept us from rising higher to his understanding. In the ignorance of all of this resides power and control for the ones in positions of power to prey upon the unknowing and structure societies around this ignorance. All in the end is a cause and effect that keeps us from this personal individual growth. This is all the inner workings of satan and sin (exact opposite of our FATHER through pistis) and the blindness he pours upon our mind to contaminate our brain. In other words, we are crowned by satans knowledge through the involvement (ignorantly) we partake in. In this involvement is a divorce (adultery) that takes place away from our FATHER. We fornicate against him in the bi-products of the “sin taught mind” that keeps us from our FATHERS goal, which is to achieve Christ’s understanding. Remain deceived or divorced and you are sure to never know the light from this darkness stand point.


This creed is written and designed to shine the light of truth onto and into any man who receives it in its entirety and processes it to achieve Christ’s understanding first and foremost. Knowing this is the goal, it takes knowing the truth of the darkness being spoken to complete all aspects of the process and its entirety. We realize that we were never meant to stop learning/growing in the light of truth unto our FATHER as he continually rises our soul from the dead or death of sin that was spoken of in the beginning. Always seek truth through pistis and forever receive Christ’s understanding unto eternity.


As a human living in this way you find that instincts and intuitions that were once dumbed down start to come back to life and arise as well, as our FATHER sharpens our skills and abilities in the way he helps us recognize every facet of himself within us. In the structure of the Spiritual Quest Through Music, you will find yourself as you find Christ’s Understanding. Its all in the way he structures our mind as one in himself through FAITH/PISTIS.