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Keep an Open Mind

To Start with, I listen to Rock music. Always have. But I have opened up to other music and listened to it in the way I am going to explain and it all has a value. It’s just up to you to find it. Remember, we’re looking for Truth. When your soul connects to the Truth in what you are listening to, it definately lets you know. Whether a negative Truth or a positive, connect to it and you will find that the negative isn’t really negative at all. Instead, it becomes knowledge to an overall picture and helps you except Truth unconditionally and unjudgmentally. We need to learn to not be offended by Truth’s and except them so we can grow.

Some people don’t understand the way of the street. Those that do, will probably grasp this concept a lot quicker. Not to put anyone down but higher class people (from my experience) have a certain vanity about them and feel they are better than others or just won’t even give the time of day to someone they prejudge. It is important for all reading this to not be offended by this statement, but find the Truth in it and connect within yourself to this Truth and how it fits you. We are all equal in GODS eyes and we must remember this. I am in no way perfect and have to check myself according to every situation that arises. We should all do the same. With the key question being, how would Jesus have handled this situation?

Some music as we know has cuss words in it. Don’t judge this but except it as a way of expressing frustration, for many resort to this when trying to get a point across and when this point is not being heard in their other methods of explaining. Not all of us are very good at communicating and not all of us are good at listening. So being adult about profanity and knowing if someone has resorted to use it, it is all out of frustration (most of the time) and you being the adult and accepting it instead of giving into it with more negative actions helps the situation more than you might ever know.

Now for the Music

Most music you have probably been able to relate to on this level. When a man or woman is singing the song, a lot of times they are singing about the opposite sex or their relationship with. When you here it, you are able to connect on that level because you have been in a similar situation and have similar feelings. A lot of music is just about everyday life and we connect to it on this level. Some of the music just moves you and makes you feel good but you don’t even know why. I have shared this understanding with many in person and have had awesome results, but this is the first time trying to explain like this. When in person, the Spirit works and moves you in an undeniable way. So just know, I have poured the Spirit into this whole message. All though not quite the same, you should be moved inwardly if you’re Truly wanting this understanding. And like I said before, contact me any time.

Try this:
Any time a song comes on, first try to erase the way you are accustomed to hearing it. Listen to it knowing that it is Christ himself that has reached out from the inside of all of us and is singing it to you. With this mind set, you will start to grab hold fast. You may not make complete sense of all of the whole song right away, but you will start seeing the Truth and most likely get uplifted Spiritually like you never have before. Be like a child, remember back if you have to. We are all innocent when we go back to that innocent child.

When you get to a point where the song starts to make you feel like your off track, try switching the rolls of who is really singing now. Christ, or you? There are a lot of songs with a switch like this and when you make the connection in stride, you will be uplifted Spiritually and your mind will start coming up with questions that you may have never had before. This is where your knowledge starts to increase greatly.

When you really are in the flow and start feeling like a funnel of information in filling you up, you will start to notice that when you’re listening to the radio the next song that plays will answer all of the previous questions. Now lifting you even higher. I prefer listening to the radio because I have no control over what will be played next, but Christ does… And when you see him work this magic, you’ll know it’s undeniably True.

Albums are cool when the radio isn’t available or it hits a flat spot. I use the albums when a topic may arise about something Spiritual (or even just everyday life) and all of a sudden a song pops in your head that you remember that totally relates to the subject. I really break these songs down, inside and out like disecting a science experiment. While listening to the one song it triggers another song you remember and now you go disect it for the Truth. Remember, just because you know a song all ready, doesn’t mean you really know the song. Never take any music or words for granted. I wrote a song called “Grab onto a Dictionary” and I’ll list a few of these songs I wrote on this site.

“Words that explain words that come from one word”, this is one of the verse’s in that song and when you disect words like this (just as you do with the music) WOW! So never assume you already know anything. Especially when you are in the flow. As I said above, sometimes you may come to a point in a song that you feel you were not able to make sense of it. By using the dictionary a lot of times in this situation (with any key word in question), look it up and look up other words that your not quite sure what it means (even if you think you do) within that word. Before you know it, your fingers are all over the place saving pages. This is part of the Quest. It’s all fun like a game, especially when you start feeling the feelings I have explained.

Pink Floyd wrote a song called “Have a Cigar” in that song it says “And did we tell you the name of the game, boy, we call it riding the gravy train”. Then years later the Scorpions came out with a song called “The Rhythm of Love” in this song it says “The Rhythm of Love, it’s the game I’m looking for”. These are just a couple of examples of what we are doing on this Quest. We are using the Rhythm of Love to get us on the gravy train. Once you’re on board it all becomes easy. Remember on the Beginning the Quest page I told you a couple of keys to remember, staying open and unconditional Love. I suggest listening to this song By the Scorpions first off.

Now you’ll notice in a lot of the songs that the word “she” or “her” or even any women’s name is used quite often. These words represent the word Love. So basically try replacing these words with the word “Love” and see how the rest of the message is filled in after that. Some songs talk about a gun, the gun is represented by the word “mouth”. We all know how much damage our mouth can do. There is a lot of this in the music and your soul on your Quest will show you what these words are along the way through your inner questioning.

Remember, that no one knows you better than the Christ, (GOD) in you and once you’ve awoken this part of yourself in the music or any other way, then the Spirit makes the connections for you because it is connecting to itself. GOD is all things… When I use the word he for GOD, I don’t really mean “he”. This is just another word that represents. God Is everything from the smallest, farthest molecule in any of the Universe’s to the smallest deepest molecule within each of us. But at the same time, the largest of everything and we all just exist within this.

We’ve all heard,”The Lord works in mysterious ways”. Well, the music is one of the most mysterious but yet one of the most powerful tools GOD has given us. What better way to reach the masses? Music soothes the savage beast.

To start getting the most understanding at the fastest rate you’ll want to start listening to a lot of the 80’s Love songs that the long hair Bands did. Once you feel you’ve got the concept, you can start with anything you want. Heavy Metal,, Grunge, Modern Rock whatever. Some of the Thrash metal is hard to even understand but once the Spirit is alive inside you, you hear it effortlessly. You won’t believe that music that sounds the way it does can carry such a message. There will be those of you out there that already listen to this type of music and can relate to it better than the Love songs and vise versa. This all depends on our upbringing and what kind of childhood we had. Some kids need Love and nurturing and other kids push it away. This is where your connection is in the music. I Love all the music but really like a challenge and Bands like TOOL, KORN, DISTURBED and the like are great on this Quest. They keep you on your toes when it comes to paying close attention to what it was you just heard.

I feel that this day and age because of so many broken homes where one parent raises a child or children. The missing ingredient (the other parent) is what causes this in us. It leaves us incomplete emotionally and Spiritually. A lot of times this may not be the case but if you break it down, we all end up in the School system together and because of this are exposed to each others habits at young and impressionable ages. We need to remember, we are all reachable, if a person seems unreachable, it is not their fault, rather we have just not found the right avenue to reach them yet. The music does just this on all avenues. A couple of good songs to listen to about this is Papa Roach “Broken Home” and Disturbed “Sickness”. This one by Disturbed, disturbes a lot of people because they are not open. But When listened to the right way educates us to the fact that there are people out there that feel exactly this way and we can’t right them off. As I stated earlier, I Love a challenge and people that have put themselves in the frame of mind like this song explains makes me rise to another level in trying to reach them. But it’s not me at all, It’s the Spirit (Christ) in me. With people like this your gift of evaluation, observation and not being judgmental really come into play and when used right, the final outcome you see in this type of person is awesome. You watch a transformation of hate into Love happen right before your eyes. We need to learn how to relate to everyone, not just pick and choose from a prejudgmental view.

This explanation above is meant to help you see how all of the music works for the good. No matter how far out there a song may sound to you, you know someone is hearing it and by accepting the features these type of songs bring only opens our view point more and allows our knowledge to grow. In the end helping us understand how to communicate on all levels with everyone. Even if it means a silent communication with the Spirit making the connection.

Hopefully you have a pretty good grasp on the subject by now. There’s so much to share I know I have barley scratched the surface and I worry about loosing your interest. But everything I have put in so far all works together in this Quest.

Here are a few recommended songs to start out with:

Triumph- Magic Power, Hold On

Creed- One

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