chimbonic check

This morning (as with many mornings now) I was woke up with words as I was leaving the sleep state. Like being talked to until I recognize it in that state. This time it happened at 2 separate times. Probably 5-15 minutes apart and the second one I recognized it was said prior and had importance or value so I had to get up and check it out. At the same time there was a portion of a tune playing in the background of this happening in my sleep with no radio on. The verse that corresponded with the timing of the words chimbonic check was (despite the writing on the wall) First thought is, what is chimbonic? But because the word check followed I figured it had to do with some kind of check point or test. So I googled the two words together figuring this would produce the best results. Only one thing came up and it had to do with my-sql (which is a server side engine that runs commands and other functionalities within the script) in short explanation. Note, this is just my understanding of it right off the top of my head without actually checking. Also right away it relates to (a password generated) which a password keeps people from entering the otherside. In the spiritual sense this connects to the silent scream which the H593 (Aniam) in short is; lament of people. This would equal the password needed to reach GODS LIGHT or his breath of LIFE.

So the my-sql page has to do with password encryption and the first numbers in the list are 593,890,001. Right away in 001 I see father or alpha which lead to G427 (aneu) and also G260 (hama) which ends up coming back around to G593 (apodokimazó) and other numbers associated to it when this is all done. So now all of a sudden I have numbers to work with in hebrew and greek to correspond into the context of what I am already recognizing spiritually taking place.

Sure enough, when I click the word G593 (apodokimazó) which in short means; I reject after testing (examination), disqualify. This is very close to what I had already intuitively/spiritually thought I would be shown. Also relating to the password that if wrong will not allow you in. Like I mentioned before, the password will be generated in the silent scream. If the scream is not real, rejected we are. You will also see in the words (through investigation) symbolizing our individual action and effort needed to cause a reaction. Then the word G575 (apo’) which is in 593 shows more falling away, separating, deserting and words like this that are the direct result to a mans free will and its cause and effect. Our deserting GOD in turn results in him deserting us but because of our choice. Interesting that yesterdays writing was about power and here its mentioned in today’s assignment in this word G575 “of the efficient cause, viz. of things from the force of which anything proceeds, and of persons from whose will, power, authority, command, favor, order, influence, direction, anything is to be sought;”. Either way we choose will have a cause and effect in life and you can kinda see that in this word being explained.  If you have read any of the other writings you will see connections all throughout that are all designed by the spirit or Generated by GOD (pistis) and only noted by me. Much more depth is explained in this word and that’s why I am linking to them, for others to have a starting point in their own soul searching even if they don’t know where to start they may grasp this spiritual quest conceptually until it produces the desired outcome for other individual souls that can then start to walk on their own. Then finally the last word in G593 is G1381 (dokimazo) which is deeper explanation about the test.

Then going back to a harvest = end of the world and a judgment day this ties it all together as to what the test is all about and explained even more in depth in this word G1384 (dokimos) which come from the word (dokimazo) above which came from the original word tied back at G593 that is all tied to the reason we are even here at this point from my waking moments this morning.

End result is this:

[1384 (dókimos) is the root of: 1381 (dokimázō), 1382 (dokimḗ) and 1383 (dokímion). 1384 (dókimos) was used for the proving (testing) of coins, i.e. confirming they were genuine (not counterfeit, corrupted).] The coins in this case is our spiritual riches.

and then: G1380 (dokeó) which seems to be about an individual personal judgment.

1380 dokéō – properly, suppose (what “seems to be”), forming an opinion (a personal judgment, estimate).

1380 /dokéō (“suppose”) directly reflects the personal perspective (values) of the person making the subjective judgment call, i.e. showing what they esteem (or not) as an individual.

[1380 (dokéō) is the root of: 1378 (dógma), 1391 (dóksa), and 2106 (eudokéō). Each cognate stresses “the subjective mental estimate or opinion about a matter” (R. Trench, 304).]

Then the last and final word from 1380 is 1166 (deiknumi) meaning in short: I point out, show, exhibit; met: I teach, demonstrate, make known.

My question now becomes do you see how pistis just generated all of this process? Remember I the person am only a student paying attention and taking notes in this and sharing them with you.

Last word now of this sequence is 890 which what are the odds that it will tie back to 593 or even 001? But it does! Check it out, this is cool. All of which came to me in my sleep state now is making full cycle and sense in the awoken state hours later (and some digesting of the process). I already understand how this works, the problem is to show it to others undeniably to have an awesome cause and effect result. Even so, I still get blown away by the precision of the way OUR FATHER is working this and at the same time the clarity to be able to relate it to you. This is only possible through his breathe of LIFE.

So G890 (achréstos) in short is: unprofitable, useless, detrimental. This expresses what the test G593 will render us. At the same time it points us back to G1 and remember H1 is father and in the Hebrew side of it you can decipher which one is proper. Also out of G890 Is the other side of the spectrum (found in 5543 chréstos) if we choose to follow GODS LEAD AND RICHES rather than the way of the world and stop putting east of Eden first or to the forefront of our mind and choosing its ways over GODS Intended ways.

short meaning of G5543;

Cognate: 5543 xrēstós (an adjective, derived from 5530 /xráomai, “to furnish what is suitable, useful”) – properly, useful (serviceable, productive); well-fitted (well-resourced); useful (beneficial, benevolent). See 5544 (xrēstotēs).

On the spiritual plane, 5543 /xrēstós (“suitable, usefully kind”) describes what God defines is kind – and therefore also eternally useful! “We have no adjective in English that conveys this blend of being kind and good at the same time”


Middle voice of a primary verb (perhaps rather from cheir, to handle); to furnish what is needed; (give an oracle, “graze” (touch slightly), light upon, etc.), i.e. (by implication) to employ or (by extension) to act towards one in a given manner — entreat, use. Compare chrao; chre.

see GREEK chrao

see GREEK cheir

see GREEK chre

On an ending note, I did post all the rest of the clickable links but not meanings here which you can find by clicking in the G890 Path or from right above here. When its all said and done the moral of this mornings message in a very deep way is that we have to make a choice between what is OF GODS RICHES or of the worldly riches and fast by using the password generated in our silent scream to let us enter into GODS BREATH OF LIFE. The sense of fast is connected to the force of power I feel in all of this. The cheimón (one of the last words I was taken to) is already in the process and having effects/results on mankind and it is only going to get worse. Remember the harvest!

Calm before the storm

*Back to the my-sql link, there is two numbers that I didn’t go over in the first line. One is the number at the end of the link which is 59390 which dropping the zero making it 5939 ends up meaning in short “thick darkness” which is the deception’s consciousness we live. The other number is C?6 so I drop the ? and make the c a 3 being the 3rd letter of the english alphabet and it makes it the number total of 36 now. So I look that up and find in Hebrew it means “my Father is goodness” connecting back to 001 but this time it says (a Benjamite). My Name is Benjamin. Maybe just coincidence?

Remember, this all came from a word that does not exist. “chimbonic” which now in gematria equals 76. The G76 word (Adam) reconnects back to yesterdays writing. More of which explains in more detail all of this being talked about now with the thick darkness and the cause and effect it has had on the human race. The check part of the entire word is G2849 (kolazó) meaning;  I chastise, curtail, punish; mid: I cause to be punished. 2849 kolázō – properly, to dwarf, mutilate (curtail); used of punishing slaves to incapacitate them; hence, to punish (cause agony) to curtail (“dock/check,” Abbott-Smith), i.e. in a way that restrains (impedes, restricts) or Hebrew H2820 similar meaning as greek.

This fits right in with what happened to Adam and Eve having their perception mutated, curtailed or incapacitated as their punishment and Adam being the father of all the human race, his and Eve’s seeds are us. So can we truly think we got it all right without taking some time out of our life and putting in the work necessary to see LIFE THROUGH GODS BREATH without earning it when all our time is devoted to this deceptive side and its almighty dollar and vanity, power and control we all give more time to (slave to) than GOD? If we all pulled out that invisible scale and put the time you devoted to GOD on one side and the time you devoted to worldly things on the other, we can all pretty much see which way that scale falls. This is where we have the power to change that. All of our tools to perceive were restricted and (we) being born into it never even knew it. You have to know this and truly want GODS BREATH OF LIFE (SIGHT) back in your life to actually give you LIFE. This is where the silent scream will generate the password that lets you in.

Next day (5-21-17 am) this came to me. Meaning (in short) given to me for Chimbonic- To bridge the gap between languages. Give a more full picture to the minds eye of truths that the english language alone leaves the mind wanton. In a metaphorical sense “the messenger that delivers the truth to its fullest degree or value” bridging the gap between heaven and earth as well as language barriers within the minds eye (soul) through our efforts.

The check part would be the usage of the process just shown in this post to determine or show you a more in depth interpretation to what it is you think you may already have rightly know. This check will show how far off or on you are to what the true message is you are supposed to be getting. This check also equates to work necessary on your part to gain riches of GOD’s LIGHT.

(english language Bibles are missing the chimbonic check)


(The chimbonic check creates a chimbonic effect) A process that creates a desired end result spiritually. The overall way that we arrive to the result of the process. Where you take every portion/action of the process it took to get you there and put it together for the end result/effect produced.

Before this word chimbonic I used to say if there were only one word I could ever use to explain what it was I was trying to achieve to help spiritually awaken mankind, that word would have been consciousness. Now the word would have to be chimbonic, because it explains the whole process to a higher consciousness in full detail. Not just using words but every part of the effort and actions involved to get there.

The word H2820 (chasak) comes from directly typing in the word “check” in short meaning (to withhold, refrain, lessen) which are all effects that came from what caused them. That was Adam and Eve’s free will to disobey which effects us to refrain from seeking spiritually outside our boundaries we already think we know. This is the purpose of the chimbonic check. To give our free will a chance to decide one way or the other. In this instance I speak of having to do with CHIMBONIC CHECK its a individual choice to shrug it or write it off or actually check it out (do the work) your self by at least clicking the links already supplied.

Its like this from my perspective. I (metaphorically) was the scout going across America before anyone else, chopping and clearing a path and paving the way through the hardest parts ever imagined only to give everyone that follows an easy route and clear view to the destination. But this was all open to me instinctively because of who I am and my purpose or gift in LIFE given by our FATHER. So I want to share what has been given to me with anyone willing to make the journey. This chimbonic check is in essence the spiritual road map to follow and the examples from start to finish are within this post.

If we don’t take possession of the desire, will, want or at least hope to know the real truth, then how can we ever expand out of the thick darkness or dark clouds within our mind (that possess us) so that GOD’s BREATH OF LIFE can take possession of us back?

The way I see it is the english language has been commercialized to serve a different motive, result, purpose and effect which ultimately leaves millions in the dark by assumptions they live and die with.

Just noticed this, in the numbers that start this whole chimbonic check on the my-sql page they are like this: 593/890/001 If you look at them knowing that the 1 is about our FATHER or alpha (referring to getting back to the beginning) and the 890 in the middle is related to a chasm (representing the space between us and GOD) and the 593 represent us now in the physical sense and the tests we need to pass through all of the words produced out of 593/890/and 001. The point is, its a mirror reflection even in this sense (once you’ve got the message spiritually) to what needs to be done to accomplish step by step what these numbers will produce in the final result when payed attention to through and through during the chimbonic check. The numbers now become a summation or reflection (spiritually) to the entire lesson of this chimbonic check.

Evening recognition just happened (5-21-17 pm). Earlier today I tried to share this post to the spiritualquest facebook page. Wouldn’t you know it, a password issue comes up and I am being asked by facebook for a birth date to verify. Well it wouldn’t go back past 1973 and my birth day is 1968 so I am being forced to contact 3 people in a list of friends to get 3 numbers I have to enter to verify. The last number was hard to get because I couldn’t get a hold of either of the last 2 choices. Finally my wife gets a hold of her brother and he gets the number for me. I of course am already recognizing these number must be connected to this some how. I was just sitting here watching a movie and it comes to my spiritual attention within and highlights. About the password and the whole issue to share this post. That is a chimbonic check that needed to be applied and recognized where it fit in with what I mentioned yesterday about a password being generated and that my-sql page which produced the 3 numbers to start this off. Now all of a sudden I am facing 3 more numbers that were generated by a cause and effect of this. Riding out the frustration of this earlier It all finally worked out. I was able to sit back and relax until this recognition.  The first 2 numbers I still need to go back to but I did at least land on their page and one was directly connected. I will save that part for later. The last number I had to wait on was 9601 (which my wife pointed out to me that her brother was born in 96 and the 1st son). I knew that there wasn’t a chance of a word that high so dropped off the 9 and found this.

601 (apokaluptó) I uncover, bring to light, reveal

601 apokalýptō (from 575 /apó, “away from” and 2572 /kalýptō, “to cover”) – properly, uncover, revealing what is hidden (veiled, obstructed), especially its inner make-up; (figuratively) to make plain (manifest), particularly what is immaterial (invisible).

Notice above in this 601 word, it has the G575 in it just like higher up was mentioned yesterday. Do you see what I see with this short definition above and how it all absolutely pertains? Now after recognizing this instantly I was also shown how I got to it by dropping the 9 and then what became the next highlight was Jimi Hendrix, if a 6 turned out to be 9. WOW! I ended up on this word precisely the way I was intended to.

Now today 5-22-17 recognition of this that was missed yesterday because yesterday process was still in the process to bring a fulfillment together. My phone kept ringing with a 619 area code I have no idea who it is so just keeps going to machine and they hang up. Finally about the 20th time later in the day my wife pics it up and it was a Hispanic person that could not speak english. They tried to communicate with no success. Not until today did this memory come back to me and when it did it was like this, remember that number on the phone yesterday 619? Look it up! Right away before looking it up I am seeing the ties to chimbonic check and bridging the gap with the perfect example in the actions that were taking place in the phone recognition and representation was I was being shown to look that number up as well as remember why it is of importance to look it up. It was a highlight and direct tie in a silent recognition to bridging the gap and I got it. Now I look the word up. 619 (apolausis) and as you can see once again the 6 and 9 and funny how the 1 like mentioned earlier is FATHER or alpha and you have to see its place in all of this by now. Back to the start of this writing with 1 and the 6 and 9 from 9601 when the 9 was dropped. All of this is the cause and effect of chimbonic check. And what we are trying to achieve is a fulfillment in understanding that is undeniably The entire message we were supposed to receive by way of the chimbonic check. By properly following all of the signs of the chimbonic check the last word leads to this:

Short: the faculty or experience of enjoyment

619 apólausis (from 575 /apó, “away from” and lauō, “enjoy”) – properly, enjoyment, especially a particular advantage or benefit (note the looking back conveyed by the prefix, apo).

What I see in the above is G575 again first off. But the “away from” to me represents stepping away from what you think you know of this worldly side so the chimbonic check can properly take place. The “enjoy or enjoyment” is the taking it all in and digesting it all completely so it nourishes your soul into a new light, consciousness and higher understanding than before this word ever entered into our LIFE.

NOW WE CAN UNDERSTAND THE REWARDS OF THE ENTIRE PROCESS in way that is so complete accomplished and undeniable that we know now everyday from here on out offers this same process (chimbonic check) to expand even further spiritually every day in the same fashion that this entire example has provided us.

The choice of the test (to take the test) “or not” is looking us right in the minds eye. If you don’t then the “away from” mentioned above means you chose not to step away from the ways of the world (do your own work spiritually) because you’d rather delve into the enjoyments of the world (even though they are temporary) which render the effect of no result to them not interested. Those that took the test by now can see the perspective they left (at the start of this, possibly thick darkness) or are looking back at now through the eyes of the result and effect of the chimbonic check and seeing clearly now from a new perspective or higher understanding through GODS BREATH you are starting to experience by bridging the gap.

I really hope you made it this far.

By the way, Spiritual Quest Through Music, To Christ’s Understanding never had a word for the process used to to achieve this Understanding through the quest. This chimbonic check are the words and the process in the exact same context of breaking down the numbers and dissecting them for truth. When one songs starts leading to another and understanding starts to grow by dissecting them all together and fitting them into place, the chimbonic check will cause the chimbonic effect. It’s all absolutely by GODS DIVINE INTERVENTION.

Note: We all have our own chimbonic check based on our life experiences and our level spiritually that we are at. This one goes totally along with mine and is used to try my best to keep track of and not loose any of the process for as perfect of an example as I could give as GODS student taking notes. Examples galore that were developed in this lesson will hopefully help you in yours. If you ever need to ask something I am available.


Update: Had to go back to the phone to look at the rest of the number. I just realized that there is 3 segments once again. The number in full was 619/639/7982. 3 again, I was still in awe over the 9601 and the 619 and if 6 turned out to be 9.

So I just looked up the 639 and it pertains to the outcome or resulted effect that this whole process might produce on anyone else that possibly might have read this far in. Part of the individuals test of this chimbonic check.

639- Short Definition: I am in difficulties, am at my wits end
Definition: I am at a loss, am perplexed; mid: I am in doubt. stand in doubt, be perplexed.

From a compound of a (as a negative particle) and the base of poreuomai; to have no way out, i.e. Be at a loss (mentally) — (stand in) doubt, be perplexed

Leading to 4198 (poreuomai) I travel, journey, go, die. 4198 poreúomai (from poros, “passageway”) – properly, to transport, moving something from one destination (port) to another; (figuratively) to go or depart, emphasizing the personal meaning which is attached to reaching the particular destination. Also to lead over, carry over, transfer (sounds like what this chimbonic process was intended to do). And to lead oneself across; i. e. to take one’s way, betake oneself, set out, depart;

What I see right away is the bridging the gap and to die is to leave the old mans ways and beliefs behind as you journey onto this new perception. At the same time it can also reflect just the opposite effect to anyone in doubt or not believing or just don’t care. Both 639 and 4198 have more to them than that that when you click their link you can see how they fully pertain to this chimbonic experience.

Then 3984 (peira) comes from 4198 and is: a trial, experiment, attempt. From the base of peran (through the idea of piercing); a test, i.e. Attempt, experience — assaying, trial. to experience, learn to know by experience.

The idea of piercing stands out to me as piercing the veil of the thick darkness mentioned earlier through this chimbonic process.

And peran once again referring to bridging the gap. in short- over, on the other side, beyond.

Now 7982 (shelet) shields, to me this entire process puts on the shield of GOD’s protection for what is coming.

Then 7980 (shalat) empowered, to domineer, be master of.

And this 7980 to me represents the power each of us are supposed to have over our own self/temple and the way its going by the world we were raised by, it has that control and we need to individually make this decision to take it back. The best place to start is by dropping misbeliefs and be willing to expand.

5-24-17 morning 8:30am

As I am awaking the words “splitting atoms” comes to me along with “this is the end result effect on the body after the chimbonic process”. Then I remember man is made up of 6 protons 6 neurons and 6 electrons which is carbon 12 I believe. So if this is so, what happens if we split that in half by a process, to 3 protons 3 neuron and 3 electrons? This all came to me before I could get out of bed and now I also have 333 to look up. One of the things I recognize right off is bridging a gap between 666 (man) and 333 (soul) the separation due to a process. In this case I am seeing that might be what the chimbonic check process is all about. The final part of a process that creates the desired result intended. So I still need to see what a 333 atom is to make this fit. But so far it all seems to be pointing to this and it just dawned on me a saying we are all familiar with “mind over matter” and how fitting that statement is to all of this. Bridging that gap between mind (nous) and matter. I will touch back on this as I do a little more research to see how the 333 atom theory might fit.

Also if you think of human beings as a cell structure instead of (just a simple individual person) Cells work within their system to heal and fight off bad things that threaten to destroy or harm its system that its a part of and will lend more cells to the ones in need. So with this concept now think of humans doing the same thing with each other as one might come into the light of a new consciousness, it is trying to lend more of its self to the next human (cell) as its comes in contact with them. As more join together, the more powerful the system becomes. We all have different functions but are all of the same body called the human race. We all should have just learned how to do each of our own part in the system and work together as a team accepting that some functions are different than others but still produce results into the system. Those in tune cells (human) would know when and where to lend compassion, understanding and Love to those in need to help en-better the entire system harmoniously. This would explain a human (cell) (that has been enlightened) need to feel such a strong desire to share it with other human cells. I am not a scientist by any means nor do I know much about it but this is just the way I understand how cells work so the metaphor hopefully makes its point.

333 (anatheóreó) I look at attentively, gaze at, consider.

333 anatheōréō (from 303 /aná, “up, as in completing a process,” which intensifies 2334 /theōréō, “gaze on”) – properly, consider thoroughly (literally “up and down”); pay very close attention (doting) to grasp the fuller meaning of something.

Not sure if you are seeing how heavy/deep this is but this to me is beyond incredible or amazing, its completely pre-designed mysteriously. But this is really GODS DIVINE PERSUASION (pistis). If you have made it this far hopefully you have paid as close attention as I have and it has effected you as it has me.

So 333 being split from 666 could now literally show the difference in a state of mind/consciousness from an carbon state to a lithium state in this manner or representation.

Carbon seems to be strictly used effectively in producing all material aspects while lithium (although is a material its self) it represents energy and power as an end result of its use. The carbon side seems to be tied to everything that weighs down the physical human side while the lithium is tied to energy like results where weight would not be measured in the end result. The measurement would now be in how much energy is produced. Which starts to tie to the chimbonic check process and how much effort or energy you put into it determines how much energy will be produced out of your own efforts and reflect back to you now as the bridging the gap between the physical and the spiritual takes place. Transitioning from one solid state of mind/consciousness into another, energy consciousness due to the end result brought on by the chimbonic check. This is how this whole thing translates out to me. And if this is all tied to the harvest. WOW!

If a person reading this just can’t seem to grasp this and how I even come up with this. This is just the way I work naturally and maybe explains why its was revealed to me first. Is there anyone out there that would have stopped their life long enough to pay attention (from the proper mind set) spiritually to ever pass this message on? Especially knowing how crazy this would sound to many. To me this lesson is meant for all of us but my state of consciousness has systematically been prepared for 30 years now and all my personal lessons through those years are all involved and wrapped into this whole process. So I made recognition throughout the whole process as to what the message was getting at to bridge this gap and let others live the experience from the readers vantage point. To bring order (in my opinion) to every aspect of my 30 year experience of being in tune. How can words explain all facets of something spiritual like this? Chimbonic check just did.

A lot of the world is more fascinated with trying to debunk everything in life which has nothing but a negative result right from the start. I have always been very deep in the way I understand/comprehend what is being shown to me. The more I paid attention in the way I was shone to and not the way the world told me to, the more everything has opened up to me and my connection to GODS LIGHT, BREATH OF LIFE and absolute truth has become very unique in his way. He is the breath/consciousness I choose to breathe every day. I don’t ever want to be guilty of a repeat episode back at the tree of knowledge and make that mistake ever again. But daily this is the unconscious cause and effect we all still live in. Guessing by now the reason for the chimbonic check.

I believe this word “chimbonic” needs to be dubbed as “the pull me through word”.

update* 12-17-20

After over 3 years of not visiting this post I was given a thought to come back to it and add this info to it. This word 1492 in greek is a closely related word to chimbonic.

1492- eido

eidó: be aware, behold, consider, perceive

Original Word: οἶδα
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: eidó
Phonetic Spelling: (i’-do)
Definition: be aware, behold, consider, perceive
Usage: I know, remember, appreciate.

HELPS Word-studies

1492 eídō (oida) – properly, to see with physical eyes (cf. Ro 1:11), as it naturally bridges to the metaphorical sense: perceiving (“mentally seeing“). This is akin to the expressions: “I see what You mean”; “I see what you are saying.”

1492 /eídō (“seeing that becomes knowing“) then is a gateway to grasp spiritual truth (reality) from a physical plane. 1492 (eídō) then is physical seeing (sight) which should be the constant bridge to mental and spiritual seeing (comprehension).

chimbonic definition