The Bible

Here is my experience first hand with the King James Version Bible

Short sweet and simple is how it works. You have to realized several different possibilities (obviously) since man is a corrupt creature and uses things to their benefit we really have to stay focused within our self as Jesus Taught us. His Father (John 14:10) is where his information came from as he told us:

John 14:12

Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.

By living the examples Christ set for us when he was here according to the Bible, He would go into the desert by himself. This represents A VERY IMPORTANT ROLE to all of us. If you are caught up in the rat race, you never have time to center or syncronize or recharge your battery so to speak. Instead, your battery starts to get drained and when this happens you become susceptible to the ways or the world and the negative in it. But by going out alone (just you and your Father within you), you keep yourself focused and on the right path and re energized in his Love.

Music is a great resource for this.


“If you try to mirror what Jesus did when he was here, how can you go wrong?”

The Bible is not ordinary and CAN NOT be read like a ordinary book or failure to grasp the truth is inevitable. This is Why Jesus Spoke in Parables. Parables are used to make sure the spirit gets the message. The man part of us is to literal and creates contradiction throughout the Bible. Thus leaving NON BELIEVERS everywhere throughout the world.

When you are at the right time of your life (usually a low) is when the message in the Bible (that is the true message) comes to you. Lifting you up spiritually to a clear, NO DOUBT that you just grasped the truth. For many, it is only explainable as miraculous.

Jesus Did not walk with a Bible and teach with a Bible. Everything he taught was from within him just as we have the same ability. We may pick the Bible up from time to time to try and get a lift spiritually but we must remember this. WHO WROTE THE BIBLE? HOW MUCH WAS LEFT OUT? HOW MUCH WAS ONLY MEANT TO BENEFIT THE CHURCH AND THE GOVERNMENT?

Ronnie James Dio wrote a song called holy diver, in this song is a verse that says,”between the velvet lies, there’s a truth as hard as steel” and I always compare this to the multitude of versus in the Bible that in most cases cause contradiction, which equals unsyncronized, which then equals, fighting and arguing and turning people off to God.

The comparison Spiritual Quest Through Music gives here to the Bible is the exact same to the words in the music. We need to search for the Parables, not the Fairy tales that never are proven and make war.

I am not here to try to discredit the Bible in any way, but the way man reads and interprets it and the Music is what I question. Everyone of us has a different learning curve and different experiences in life that change the outcome of the way The Bible is absorbed. This statement holds true in our teachings and upbringings as a child going through school. Even the most brilliant person can have a hard time communicating with others if they always try to reach others from their level which is way over their head and vice versa. So it is up to the more experience person to observe the situation at hand and use what tools necessary (mainly Love, Compassion, understanding and being non Judgmental) to find the way to reach others. Sometimes silence is Best and the spirit does the rest. I liken this to a baby being fed a bottle and when it gets too much it will vomit up or burp up the excess. You don’t want this!

Remember, sometimes it was just our choice of words or the arrangement of them that turns a person off. If you try to force something onto someone and can tell they are non receptive, then it’s time to back off and let the spirit work. This leaves room for respect to open the door the next time you cross each others path. If you left on a disrespectful note, the door is slammed shut.

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