The very language you use

You cannot understand the true meaning of FAITH and sin in the english language until you comprehend them through the greek language. This is part of the chimbonic process! It bridges the gap from what you thought you knew to be correct but was missing the mark, to the truth that hits the mark.



The very language you use


The very language you use, was used to deceive you

Everything you’ve come to know, is not entirely true


What you know comes from tree of knowledge thinking

This is the well of information, in which man has been drinking


The cause and effect it has had on their mind

Is the reason for the saying, blind lead the blind


This is why a healing must take place

To rid us of the palsy that infects the human race


Should we be offended by hearing words of this sort

Evaluate if you are and know satan is the retort


Cunningly he designed this system to control all the masses

Yes it has entered, all of our classes


Richer and poorer and even the school

This is the reason for the ignorant fool


The very language you use, we all think we know

But this goes deeper than the deceiver will ever show


The sin that causes us to miss the mark

Starts at the beginning story that equates to dark


And causes it to just be a story

Robbing the truth of it eternal glory


To raise us above this state so we can go higher

Crossing through the disbelief’s of an eternal fire


This is where FAITH steps in to bring you awake

It is meant to elevate you and purge the sinful snake


The one whose story has manifested in man

The wrongful thinking and follower of its predesigned plan


To imprison the souls that need to be freed

To higher understanding of Christ’s seed