Tainted beliefs a prison cell

A bound up mind, a personal hell

Limitations of growth holding you back

By the understanding that you lack

An unopened mind never to learn

The higher meaning of Jesus return

This sin portion of the mind

Is how you render, yourself blind

Ways of the world taught from outside in

A misled teaching completely of sin

Through ignorance and deception

The sly magician, altered your perception

To not know the truth in which Christ did

Is what allows everything to remain hid

He seen the trickery and wanted to save

Every lost soul from being a satan slave

Shackled indoctrinations he knew them well

The mind of a gentile, in its prison cell

Where light of his truth were bound in a fable

Creating a world, mentally unstable

As man keeps teaching man, deeply polluting

No one is digging for tree of knowledge uprooting

To become a spiritual Jew in every sense

Not by blood or way of deception pretense

Where minds become shackled to indoctrinations

Limiting our FATHER to give our emancipations

To set our minds free in Christ’s understanding

Where new thought is New Jerusalem expanding



*straight from the flow of pistis and the power of recognition of it…. The authority to write it was divinely given by the Author (OUR FATHER)! Learn how to read through pistis eyes and not hamartano eyes and our FATHER will give you Authority too….