I am not here to claim I am a perfect man in any way shape or form. But I am here to proclaim what it is that has been revealed to me through my efforts as a good student or son of our FATHERS teachings over the last 30 years. Also as that student I have learned to decipher the difference between what is generated by GOD or by me and at the same time GOD knows that before I ever did or do. Recognition of the entire process is part of the chimbonic check.

What kind of man would I be if I did not at least try to share this gift I have been given with you? I am no better than anyone, we are all equal. The only thing that separates us as far as I am concerned is our desires. All of my desires are to be reconnected to GOD in his WAY, his TRUTH, his LIGHT and his LIFE. The original path started at the garden of Eden and then we turned and walked away down another path. There is no other goal this earth offers, other than to help any other souls out there that want the same. TO GO HOME.



  • (In a modern day sense) To bridge the gap between languages. Give a more complete mental picture to the minds eye of truths that the english language alone leaves the mind wanton. (In a metaphoric sense) “the messenger that delivers the truth to its fullest degree or value” bridging the gap between heaven and earth as well as language barriers within the minds eye (soul) through our efforts. A cause and effect process delivering desired results through pistis systematically leading us to GODS LIGHT, TRUTH.
  • “english language Bibles are missing the chimbonic check”– “Full explanation and process for chimbonic can be viewed @ Spiritual Quest Through Music“, Ben deGrise, May 20, 2017
  • Chimbonic- In a literal sense is: to use a systematically designed process that has been generated by GOD through recognition of the entire process. By taking numbers and/or words that are intuitively or instinctively recognized by a student or teacher (in the chimbonic check process) and connecting those numbers/words to the numbers of Hebrew and Greek words. This process will generate a connection to your soul that has been being unrecognized (spiritually) all along. As the process unfolds to you through your involvement and recognition you will witness the gaps being bridged from all angles of your life.
  • The ability to recognize what GOD generates for us (through pistis) and enables us to receive his full message he intended for us to receive.

    The chimbonic check creates a chimbonic effect.

    The chimbonic check is a process that creates a desired end result spiritually.

    Chimbonic check is every portion or action of the process it took to get you to a new spiritual level by inner tests and put it all together for the end result or effect produced.

    The chimbonic process produces a higher state of consciousness.

    Another way of recognizing the chimbonic check is as bridging the gap between LIFE and death. (The death of Adam and Eve the day their consciousness was altered at the tree of knowledge).

    The chimbonic check process opens up our recognition for truths to be revealed in a complete manner.

    The chimbonic check process is GODS process of revealing to the believer every aspect of his truth through pistis as the process unfolds and reveals its intended result to the believer and his/her recognition of it.

Chimbonic process creates a completeness for every spiritual lesson involved, resulting in a higher state of consciousness continually. Bridging the gap between our worldly understanding to Christ’s Understanding.