If you have about an hour

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(1st)The essence of our human being

Under the skin is the formation of our soul
In a condensed form of every last cell
Inside each cell DNA does exist
Relaying the information highway to persist

When you feel love that comes from the heart
This is only a reflection of relayed information
A conversion into a feeling of the human being
The perception that must be let go for seeing

It is everything that is out of sight
That creates what you see in a final light

We cling to this object like a mighty force
But under the skin is where it all takes its course

Understanding this perception can change many things
It will give a new connection to the information it brings

This is where all chemistry is found
When we draw things to us without a sound

Man to a woman or vise versa
When things click there a sort of enertia

The same is true on a spiritual quest
This essence of existence brings its best

It has everything and nothing to do with the brain
Because it’s an information highway of its own plane

The only roll the brain has in this is recognition
Once this is established we have ignition

You seem to be in a state of knowing
In a silent state everything is flowing

No words are needed when in this state
It is then you learn how to create your fate

And when your body dies and goes away
This essence being lives on to a new day

In a formation connected to a much larger source
It knows how to let nature take its course

Riding the waves that man is blind to
Right before their eyes and into the blue

This is the essence of our inner being
The quest of its life is awakening man for freeing

It is through this passage that we all go
When the body drops, then you will know

Different dances happening under the skin
Emotions and sensations reflected from within

Become feelings and actions of man
We only recognize the best we can

Unexplainable desires can ignite fires
But when the brains in the way we live as liars

We need to tune in to the creation of this dance
It’s like a calling we miss at first glance

Just like a falling star from the sky
If you look away you’ll miss it in the blink of an eye

As something is stirring emotions under your skin
Maybe it’s time to take a good look within

Become the essence being, not the reflection in the mirror
But the reflection back into yourself that makes it all clearer
The brain has became a complicated device
It is in simplicity you are freed from the vice

No need to try and dissect all the cells
Just a simple understanding opens the wells

Then information flows like a stream
Seeing from a deeper perspective
Similar to a dream

But when the reflection in the mirror drops to the ground
You will join this new heaven that you have found

What appeared to be dream like, now reality
Every cell in you awake and now free

Keep your dream alive in the essence of your being
And know that the death on the cross was for this freeing

(2nd)How would you describe

If you were ever asked this question, how would you answer it?

How would you describe a Marriage to Christ within yourself?

First of all the man or woman isn’t just there, you have to seek them in most cases. And when you find them you hope this is the one true love.

We know there are many things involved in marriage between a man and woman.

Things like the love that brought you together to unite in marriage and of course consummation, desire, devotion, faithfulness, forgiveness, understanding, communication and many more things you learn along the way.

But to have this with Christ brings up an interesting topic.

First off, in my opinion this is the Marriage that should take priority over any between man and woman and all daily activities. If you were truly devoted to this one first, the physical one would have better odds of lasting. But both parties would have to have the same priorities and devotion to the first marriage.

The first Marriage is unlike the second but has similarities with key factors that make it work. Like mentioned above “many more things you learn along the way” being a big factor as well as LOVE, DESIRE, DEVOTION, FAITHFULNESS, UNDERSTANDING AND SEEKING TRUTH.

By doing all of this first and finding this depth of yourself first you would stand a better chance at making a marriage between man and woman work.
Just my opinion! (this is part of my 1st answer)

The next big question to me would be this:

How would you consummate the Marriage with Christ to make it 100% complete and real?


My answer is below the video! But before you read my answer, think of yours.

Lyrics to the songs

Give him this simple thought and it will consummate the Marriage.

As you are focused and thinking of (him only) tell him “Lord I give you all of my DNA and accept yours like an ever flowing stream of eternity and join them together as one”. Now use your imagination to picture this flow in and out and through you both.
Also, now you need to realize that DNA is an information highway that travels bits of information even through the air. It carry’s more information than science can explain and it also emits light.

It is the relay/communication source of your prayers . This simple intention of thought is what thrusts the DNA into motion and gives the ability to interact on both sides. All of your LOVE and Devotion and everything else is happening here. Never forget the image created to your connection with him and focus all your prayers and conversations into this stream.
Then know, this is the depth he wants to be connected to with everyone. When whole heartedly believed, visions and thoughts become a huge part in your life through insight and instinct.