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Dogmatic Obscurantism

Systematically designed dogmas of man
For new generations to develop to their plan

Beliefs formed before you ever had a chance
Now your doing their pre-designed dance

Never stepping out of line of this trance
A main distraction for man found in romance

All their methods contrived in dogmatic obscurantism
A system to control the masses like Machiavellianism

This is nothing new to man and similar to witchcraft
The power to control and make you believe they supply a life raft

So when you are drowning you reach for this device
In this situation mass fear will suffice

Step out of line see what you get
You will be punished, this you can bet

Just keep on believing our pretty little lies
While we continually obscure and disguise

We know things you could never imagine
Including closing you off so you cannot fathom

Limiting you with what’s been planted in your head
You never were you; you’ve always been dead

Until you find a way to think and trust in yourself
You’ll always be like santas little elf

Isn’t is sad how men teach this lie
Isn’t this the trust in your child you defy