Long hard road

The long hard road

Since the day I was awakened and shown what I see

There is a new perspective found inside of me

One that’s hard to explain when trying to explain to the masses

Because this new perspective was never taught in classes

My life changed directions and with only one goal in mind

I strive now everyday to help awaken the blind

As my growth expanded, spiritually it all came clear

The meaning to this life was drawing very near

As I remained focused on what was being shown

The intensity of information cleanses as I atone

I never had the words to explain what the cause

But one thing is certain, it never went on pause

Continually expanding as I strive to attain more

Further and further out, from behind the once locked door

And now my incrementality life has purpose to achieve

To teach the world around me and help them see past deceive

The deception poured upon us at the junction of the start

Clouding all the minds of every mans heart

This long hard road had its ups and downs but here I am now

Trying to find a way to teach all the rest how

When words fall upon deaf ears and attention spans collapse

I continually witness, anthropos stuck in their traps

Hook line and sinker they have taken the bait

That hamartano systematically placed to seal their fate

But still I try harder to achieve what seems impossible

When no one wants the truth, based on indoctrinations untossible

All part of the bait that locks the mind in place

Behind that door I mentioned and lost without a trace

The only way out to the other side where freedom is

Happens when you recognize the pistis that is his

Follow the leader he knows all the steps to set you free

All that I am to anyone is the example he made in me

And as I strive to please this world that only argues and mocks

Remember he said they “hated me first”, but I unlock their locks

I am the way the truth and the life, but you have free will

Behind your unwillingness to seek my truth is a deceiver ready to kill

The long hard road I cut the path and walked upon myself

Making it easier for my truths to be attained by removing deceptions stealth

As I shine my light in the distance you can sense my calling

When you finally seek, its me that will be enthralling

Now back to the man writing this he only shares my way

Because he has been there striving, day after day

And what I have taught him no one will ever see

Unless they seek through pistis, to find the real me