Harvesting a song

Harvesting a song

Take a song like a little grain

Add your recognition like a little rain

As growth starts to reveal what’s to become

There are riches to be had, if only a little sum

Not riches of the world which won’t understand

The riches of our FATHER at the writing of another’s hand

He is the LIGHT that caused the grain to grow

It’s up to us to process, even if it’s slow

To grind into fine particles, every single word

This is the message that needs to be heard

The harvesting of a song takes the human touch

To awaken the soul, it doesn’t take much

Prolonged recognition of every little grain

Is the psóchó of the words away from the way they train

As one growth feeds another into the tree of life

By the spinning of the flaming sword that cuts words like a knife

Harvesting a song is like grinding grain to powder

Turning into the bread of life that speaks even louder

Through prolonged recognition, not just assumptive ways

Every song has meanings beyond the end of days

Shine your light upon them by recognizing they exist

The messages you are meant to have will come as you persist