Why religion was designed

Power, control, deception and to keep the masses from ever finding the TRUTH that tree of knowledge hid.


Setting down rules or laws by people in high places to keep an invisible gun called fear in their head aimed to miss the mark.


Teaching them instead to become slaves to a system that is perpetually building an empire for satan (but not knowing this) and all accepted as good and the right way.


Giving consequences of going to hell as a punishment for their sins against any of the things they were taught. While not even knowing what sin actually is.


They call their religion a “faith”, once again revealing they do not know what FAITH actually is.


Their actions speak clearly and are easily read into as hypocrites and people of contradiction as this reveals they have misunderstood what they read because of sin generated words connected to sin generated thoughts because of tree of knowledge.


Psychological warfare has been used on them to keep them locked into a hypnotic state of believing all they were taught without ever seeking the answers themselves because they are programmed (by their religion) to believe they already have them.


The end result for them is stockholm syndrome (where they defend their captor). But they are taught this is their savior and creator.


They can’t see that Christ was sent to remove the “true sin” from them and free them from the darkness of this sin, tree of knowledge put in them that has them hypnotized.


Instead they are actually becoming tools for satan to turn people away from the true FATHER Christ spoke of. Defending their religion over the TRUTH.


Religion was created by tree of knowledge and the great deceiver already knew how to program the masses before the masses ever were here.


By changing the perception from the start, all the rest would fall into place as they would all be raised in and by it. Predesigned thought waves and energy controlling the puppet show in the name of good and righteous when in all reality, deceiving all who buy into the system it created.


Creating a branch of religion in the name of politics in which people would defend and fight wars over. As the people would fight over their political beliefs just as they would their religious beliefs.


A system only designed to breed chaos and destruction on all levels while showing a false hand in a bluff to get all to believe it.


Using a name like “Jesus” (which is just a name they know but never came to know personally) which in their wrong teachings of him pushes people further away from the truth. The mockery seen and experienced by satan and our FATHER. The people don’t even know it and think they do right based on tree of knowledge learning from religion and a Bible, not Christ from within.


The anointing would be on display at all times if they had truly came to know Christ. People would not be backing up religion, politics and all the ways the system taught them were right. They’d be backing up, Christ’s TRUTH.


This list can go on and on in the patterns unfolded. Best experienced and more beneficial for you if you come to the light of TRUTH through Christ in you because you sought out his way to the TRUTH (that brings us out of the death that happened at the beginning of our story) and brings us to LIFE.




It’s all been about divide and conquer just like Adam and Eve were divided from their true self in the beginning. It starts there and has multi facetted overlayments in all areas of this life we never really truly came to know as a result of it.

Sin has tangled the Bible and beliefs into a bird’s-nest (in fishing terms). The FAITH of Christ untangles what couldn’t be untangled with simplicity and common sense and awareness in the intuitive sense.

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