Can you tell the difference?

Can you tell the difference whether your actions are generated by you or generated by GOD? When generated by GOD we get subtle signs we should look into further. He lays a path for us in these signs that if we follow he reveals to us through our own recognition. Its a perfect system to stay of track or on the mark. Its what pistis is all about.

A good example (like I have mentioned before) is numbers or words that just seem to be jumping in your path highlighting them selves. We didn’t generate that instance, we are meant to recognize it and further look into it. The best place to find what you are meant to see is in the Greek and Hebrew dictionary numbered words. So the best way to continue on GODS path and be taken to his mark (which should be our aim) is to take the first step in seeking further when something like this happens. If we are (yet another day) just doing what we want to do and GOD is on the back burner, then obviously we are disrupting his intentions for us. We become so caught up and clouded by these actions that it begins to make it hard to connect to GODS will and what intentions he will persuade for us. This is why understanding pistis/faith and sin deeper than the english language explains, it is so useful. Its like our guide line to be able to know the difference, then our actions are what fulfill one way or the other.

This word (eidó) 1492 is one that appeared in the phone writing and now brought back to me by way of a different context from the word “aspect” which was repeating in my sleep. I have referred to aspect or consciousness (long before I was shown all of these words and numbers) as the over and above or against or east of eden. The perception we were to take on now that free will chose to be deceived at the tree of knowledge.

1492 (eidó) I know, remember, appreciate, be aware, behold, consider, perceive.

1492 eídō (oida) – properly, to see with physical eyes (cf. Ro 1:11), as it naturally bridges to the metaphorical sense: perceiving (“mentally seeing“). This is akin to the expressions: “I see what You mean”; “I see what you are saying.”

1492 /eídō (“seeing that becomes knowing“) then is a gateway to grasp spiritual truth (reality) from a physical plane. 1492 (eídō) then is physical seeing (sight) which should be the constant bridge to mental and spiritual seeing (comprehension).

The word is pronounced (i’-do)

Once someone gets what is being shown here (in these words and numbers being generated by GOD) then the next thing they might find them selves saying is (I do) get it or understand. What you are getting is the spiritual truth mentioned above and the gap is being bridged between mental and spiritual recognition and knowing the difference. Now the (I DO) REPRESENTS THE MARRIAGE TO THE SPIRITUAL TRUTH and GODS WILL. It is something that once found will never leave you. We are led to this by recognition and efforts on our part to seek what it is GOD wants us to find. His Mark! Not ours! Once we are in the flow the way he (OUR FATHER) wants us to be the unfolding of truths and the processes to get there are miraculous. You will be left with no doubt that this is absolutely real and taking place right at that moment he sets you in through your recognition and his divine persuasion. This marriage is the bond Yeshua referred to and will never leave or forsake you. But the other type of marriage (we think is right between man and woman), many times the i do is a lie and ends in being forsaken. Till death do we part, sickness and health and words tied to vows that most likely will be broken.

The marriage back to our true consciousness (Christ’s Understanding) will never be lost once we have recognized and joined to it by free will, our efforts, believing and pistis. Remember actions always speak louder than words and actions are verbs. The verbs in words always seem to hold the most meat for the spiritual truths that need digested. Our efforts are actions that generate outcomes. If we are following GODS DIVING PERSUASION/WILL the actions generated into this realm have a perfect purpose. Its like the orders being given by a commanding officer that we know will never mislead us and he then positions us in order of his command. Lining his troops up for what is coming.