MDCCLXXVI = 1776 and the gematria is 114, 684, 1369

Was listening to a tune today called Illuminati. In that tune was the all seeing eye and the pyramid. The bottom of the pyramid highlighted to me the Roman numerals so it generated this process. Looks like the words are going to get interesting where it takes us on this process. The last writing had a mention of money in it so this could get very interesting. I believe this will lead to most of what I already know.

1776 (enochleó) I disturb, cause tumult, trouble, annoy. 1776 enoxléō (from 1722 /en, “in,” which intensifies 3791 /oxléō, “to mob”) – properly, in (amongst) a tumultuous crowd (mob); (figuratively) to vex someone, as with the force of a raging mob (a mighty momentum) to carry someone along.

3791 (ochleó) I trouble, torment, worry, vex.

3791 oxléō (from 3793/oxlos, “a crowd”) – properly, to mob; (figuratively) to push with mob-like force (“forcing along”), exercising torrent-like momentum (like the force of a pressing crowd).

3791/oxléō (“to trouble, confuse”) refers to pressing someone, by carrying them along with the torrential force of a mob. 3791 (oxléō) is used twice in the NT (Lk 6:18; Ac 5:16). Both times it refers to unclean spirits (demons) exerting an overwhelming sense of vexation – i.e. a dominating influence with the force of a multi-faceted momentum, carrying someone along. That is, like a tumultuous crowd pushing the entrapped passer-by to its destination.

[3791 (oxléō) is literally “having the effect of an uncontrolled mob” which brings its overwhelming confusion (disturbance).]

Right away what I see is the crowd is mankind and if we were told to choose between the riches of our FATHER or the riches of the world this might be the outcome for the masses. Notice it mentions unclean spirits and force of a multi faceted momentum. To me this is the unseen energy running the show that will be excited into a serious disturbance and those actions will be reflected in men. But those who choose to cut ties with this evil money of the world and choose GODS riches instead will be rewarded. We’ll see if that side of it comes up at all during this chimbonic process. Remember that what started this process has to do with a symbol on the money.

3793 (ochlos) a crowd, mob, the common people. multitude, crowd

From a derivative of echo (meaning a vehicle); a throng (as borne along); by implication, the rabble; by extension, a class of people; figuratively, a riot — company, multitude, number (of people), people, press.

This looks like what society has done to us all and the vehicle to keep their system going is our vessel/temple being trapped by their structure, mainly money.

2192 (echó) I have, hold, possess. Including an alternate form scheo skheh’-o; (used in certain tenses only); a primary verb; to hold (used in very various applications, literally or figuratively, direct or remote; such as possession; ability, contiuity, relation, or condition) — be (able, X hold, possessed with), accompany, + begin to amend, can(+ -not), X conceive, count, diseased, do + eat, + enjoy, + fear, following, have, hold, keep, + lack, + go to law, lie, + must needs, + of necessity, + need, next, + recover, + reign, + rest, + return, X sick, take for, + tremble, + uncircumcised, use.

We think we are in possession of our worldly riches but really we are possessed by them. We need to possess GODS RICHES. And isn’t it interesting this word is like our word echo and an echo is basically a repeat, replication of the same thing over and over (just like the system raised us to be like). We are all echoing after the almighty dollar. Also it mentions to have and to hold (like a marriage) and we are basically married to the idea that we think we have to have money controlling our life rather than being married to Christ’s Understanding, the true riches.

1722 (en) in, on, among. 1722 en (a preposition) – properly, in (inside, within); (figuratively) “in the realm (sphere) of,” as in the condition (state) in which something operates from the inside (within).

This word (en) is a reflection of the other side of the coin. It reflects the riches achieved of GOD being found within. But at the same time in this word you can see where the power of the unclean spirit can possess us. I wonder why money has been dubbed the root of all evil? It also mentions “to exchange one thing for another”. That would be what I mentioned above, the choice.

1519 (eis) into, in, unto, to, upon, towards, for, among. 1519 eis (a preposition) – properly, into (unto) – literally, “motion into which” implying penetration (“unto,” “union”) to a particular purpose or result. to or into (indicating the point reached or entered, of place, time, fig. purpose, result).

(eis) points to the goal being aimed at. In most cases of our worldly lives that goal is to achieve the riches of the world. But the goal really needs to be to achieve Christ’s Understanding the way his/our FATHER taught him. This is the riches we should be aiming for, the goal that is not missing the mark while the other is missing the mark.

1537 (ek or ex) from out, out from among, from, suggesting from the interior outwards. 1537 ek (a preposition, written eks before a vowel) – properly, “out from and to” (the outcome); out from within. 1537 /ek (“out of”) is one of the most under-translated (and therefore mis-translated) Greek propositions – often being confined to the meaning “by.” 1537 (ek) has a two-layered meaning (“out from and to“) which makes it out-come oriented (out of the depths of the source and extending to its impact on the object).

The effect that money has had on our soul is reflected in our actions and choices we make. At the same time if we have gone within for GODS riches there is also that outcome that generates actions and reflects in the person as well. Very different and readable actions as to where a person is real or part of the facade.

That is the end of what 1776 brought up. Now onto 114

G114 (atheteó) I annul, make of no effect, set aside, ignore, slight; I break faith with. 114 athetéō (literally, a-thetos, “un-place”) – properly, do away with; reject what is already laid down; to set aside (disregard as spurious); nullify, make void; to break faith (Abbott-Smith); remove out of an appointed (proper) place, i.e. reject as invalid; refuse to respect (even “despise”); to cancel, disannul, abrogate (passive, “be set aside” because perceived to lack value); to disregard, pass over (refuse to acknowledge). cast off, despise, bring to nought, reject.

This word right away points to that choice mentioned earlier. We need to cut the ties with the money and all its power, do away with, unmarry/annul it, refuse it reject it, stop believing in it or having faith in it and start having pistis of GODS. I realize how hard this would be and how unrational it must sound but remember this is being generated by the recognition of the Roman Numerals on the pyramid with the all seeing eye on it. I am giving my spiritual interpretation as to the depth of the meaning of why I was drawn to recognize it. It has to be very interesting at the very least that the words seem to completely correspond to the exact item in which we are discussing. The almighty dollar! But its more than that, its the system structured around it that distracts all of our time away from trying to ever even seek GOD.

5087 (tithémi) I put, place, lay, set, fix, establish.

To place,lay, put or set the money aside (on the back burner to GOD) rather than the opposite so you can establish the connection to GODS RICHES to fix the err/sin.

2476 (histémi) trans: (a) I make to stand, place, set up, establish, appoint; mid: I place myself, stand, (b) I set in balance, weigh; intrans: (c) I stand, stand by, stand still; met: I stand ready, stand firm, am steadfast.

At the very least a person should make a stand and hold up on devoting so much time to the worldly things and balance out some devotion to GODS PURPOSE he wants to accomplish within you. Be steadfast, stand firm on this decision.

2749 (keimai) I lie, recline, am placed, am laid, set, specially appointed, destined.

We are all going to be laid to rest at some point and if we are starring at this scale of balance and see all of the worldly things outweighing the things of GOD, then what? Specially appointed to what or where? destined for where? Your invisible scale can tell you that right now.

H114 (Addon) “POWERFUL”

H113 (Adon) lord, master, owner

Or (shortened) adon {aw-done’}; from an unused root (meaning to rule); sovereign, i.e. Controller (human or divine) — lord, master, owner. Compare also names beginning with “Adoni-“.

Notice the lower case lord, master, owner. The one who generated the entire deception system including money and giving certain powers to men in high places. To control, rule and gain power over our souls by our absolute involvement. Also the power to cause such an uncomfortable thought of ever even contemplating leaving his monetary system. That is the unseen power we have been guided by to this point leading us one step at a time further away from GOD. With his (the deceiver) facade dating back to The beginning of the original sin and the 1st step away from GOD and his LIGHT, HIS RICHES. The last two numbers with the H are Hebrew words and the end of the 114 and we are still in absolute context with what generated this process in the first place from the MDCCLXXVI. People will obviously not like where its going but how could these numbers (generated from MDCCLXXVI) have such depth in them and keep the sites aligned with the end mark/goal of this process that is like the money its self telling us we are pretty much screwed if we keep handling it. Almost like its been there laughing in our face all along. But it was never going to reveal this, GOD our FATHER would.

684 (apóleia) destruction, ruin, loss, perishing; eternal ruin.

Cognate: 684 apṓleia (from 622 /apóllymi, “cut off“) – destruction, causing someone (something) to be completely severed – cut off (entirely) from what could or should have been. (Note the force of the prefix, apo.) See 622 (apollymi).

684 /apṓleia (“perdition”) does not imply “annihilation” (see the meaning of the root-verb, 622 /apóllymi, “cut off”) but instead “loss of well-being” rather than being

622 (apollumi) (a) I kill, destroy, (b) I lose, mid: I am perishing (the resultant death being viewed as certain).

622 apóllymi (from 575 /apó, “away from,” which intensifies ollymi, “to destroy”) – properly, fully destroy, cutting off entirely (note the force of the prefix, 575 /apó).

622 /apóllymi (“violently/completely perish”) implies permanent (absolute) destruction, i.e. to cancel out (remove); “to die, with the implication of ruin and destruction” (L & N, 1, 23.106); cause to be lost (utterly perish) by experiencing a miserable end.

3639 (olethros) ruin, doom, destruction, death. 3639 ólethros (from ollymi/“destroy”) – properly, ruination with its full, destructive results (LS). 3639 /ólethros (“ruination”) however does not imply “extinction” (annihilation). Rather it emphasizes the consequent loss that goes with the complete “undoing.”

Obviously this doesn’t look to good. But it is here also and to me this is the cause and effect result by our actions in this choice we should be making. Like I said before its like the message was written on the money remaining unseen and laughing the whole time because it knows this is the end result.

575 (apo) from, away from. hereafter, ago, at, because of, before.

A primary particle; “off,” i.e. Away (from something near), in various senses (of place, time, or relation; literal or figurative) — (X here-)after, ago, at, because of, before, by (the space of), for(-th), from, in, (out) of, off, (up-)on(-ce), since, with. In composition (as a prefix) it usually denotes separation, departure, cessation, completion, reversal, etc.

And 575, because we chose to go away from GOD (by free will once again), he will go away from us and this time appears to be for good after the destruction occurs. Our action will complete the process one way or another. Heaven or Hell! End of 684

1369 (dichazó) I cut asunder; met: I set at variance, make to be hostile. 1369 dixázō (from 1364 /dís, “twice”) – properly, “cut into two parts” (J. Thayer); to separate by placing at variance (“divide”).

Wow, how fitting is the placement of this word now?

1368 (dis) twice, entirely, utterly, again. dis is not equivalent to completely, absolutely; but the figure is so adjusted to the fact, that men are represented as twice dead in a moral sense, first as not having yet been regenerated, and secondly as having fallen from a state of grace;

1417 (duo) two both, twain, two.

A primary numeral; “two” — both, twain, two.

H1369 (geburah) strength, might, force, mastery, mighty act, power, power, strength

Feminine passive participle from the same as gibbowr; force (literally or figuratively); by implication, valor, victory — force, mastery, might, mighty (act, power), power, strength.

H1368 (gibbor) men one who magnifies himself, behaves proudly, a tyrant, who is bold, audacious

H1397 (geber) every one, man, mighty

From gabar; properly, a valiant man or warrior; generally, a person simply — every one, man, X mighty.

H1396 (gabar) prevailed exceed, confirm, be great, be mighty, prevail, put to more strength, strengthen, be stronger,

A primitive root; to be strong; by implication, to prevail, act insolently — exceed, confirm, be great, be mighty, prevail, put to more (strength), strengthen, be stronger, be valiant.

Very interesting how it ended. This started with two Adam and Eve, they had two choices to listen to OUR FATHER or disobey. They generated the death our Father told them about from LIFE. So they chose death over LIFE (another two). They chose between GOD and satan, another two. The choice we have to make now between heaven or hell, another two. Our souls needs or our mans needs and wants, another two. Riches of the world or riches of GOD/FATHER. With serious implications generated by our action in the choice. And we are going to need GODS strength, power and might to help us make this choice. Not the one of man/gibbor. The man that prevailed by making the right choice about spiritual riches of worldly riches.

Remember Yeshua said, ” 17And Jesus answering said unto them, Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s. And they marvelled at him.”

I also ended up doing the gematria on “america”, “the united states of america” and “illuminati” and it all still pertained. The first word from (america) was 50 (agnoeo) which is to be ignorant or not knowing and the words (the united states of america) first number was 261 (amathés) meaning unlearned, ignorant (what are the odds of that?). The third word was illuminati and the high number produced was 720 (arneomai) meaning (a) I deny (a statement), (b) I repudiate (a person, or belief). Perfectly fitting to why this chimbonic check process was created ((generated)) to reveal processes like this one. To Bridge the gaps. To a language that was intentionally left incomplete for the deceiver to gain the absolute power it intended. Systematically removing the important spiritual meanings and lessons we as Americans would never find. At least that was the intention way back starting at the birth of this english language 5-7 century. All so we would miss the mark (sin) and serve a false god/purpose. Keeping the people of this new system dumbed down would give the power to those in control of the desired intention. Money and ignorance is the biggest part of their process. Then tied to the 720 (arneomai) word might leave any reader of this in this exact state of mind.

How can anyone reject or deny what GOD JUST SHOWED/GENERATED FOR US as coincidence? it happens over and over in his revealings here. I am seeing the entire story be told to us through the chimbonic process. The story in this process is having to do with america and it’s people that have been raised by other americans that are missing the mark and have based their lives around the almighty dollar through this ignorance. But it is being revealed by bridging the gap from what our american english language left out and the numbers being generated by GOD and recognized by his student are bringing the exact words to this part of the story through the recognized numbers that direct us to Greek and Hebrew meanings.

I have known much of this most of my life but could never pin point it or the proof if I wanted to. I have seen it by researching law and seeing the corruption within the law. But nothing has ever happened in this manner, esp. This was not something I was seeking at the time, I was just listening to music. It was generated by GOD and meant to be recognized/revealed and shared no matter what anyone thinks about it. But the truth is what we are seeking and sometimes the truth hurts. Esp. the pride of such a proud Country.

720 deny, refuse.

Perhaps from a (as a negative particle) and the middle voice of rheo; to contradict, i.e. Disavow, reject, abnegate — deny, refuse.

leading to 4483 (hreh’-o) command, make, say, speak of.

For certain tenses of which a prolonged form ereo (er-eh’-o) is used; and both as alternate for epo; perhaps akin (or identical) with rheo (through the idea of pouring forth); to utter, i.e. Speak or say — command, make, say, speak (of). Compare lego.

To follow this command in question (choosing GODS RICHES over worldly riches) would then generate 4482 (rheó) I flow, overflow with. Which goes along with “my cup runneth over”.

Then 2036 (ep’-o) answer, bid, bring word, command

A primary verb (used only in the definite past tense, the others being borrowed from ereo, rheo, and phemi); to speak or say (by word or writing) — answer, bid, bring word, call, command, grant, say (on), speak, tell. Compare lego.

Looks to me that no matter how you break it down, the answer rests in the action of our choice of the worldly riches or GODS RICHES.

5346 (phémi) I say, declare. 5346 phēmí (from phaō, “shine”) – properly, bring to light by asserting one statement (point of view) over another; to speak comparatively, i.e. making effective contrasts which illuminate (literally, “produce an epiphany“). affirm, say.

Producing an epiphany literally, is what this and all chimbonic check processes generate while revealing GODS LIGHT FROM GODS WILL AND PERSUASION THROUGH PISTIS.

Properly, the same as the base of phos and phaino; to show or make known one’s thoughts, i.e. Speak or say — affirm, say. Compare lego.

Once again, perfect placement and timing of this process right after the statement I made right above it.

and 5316 (phainó) (a) act: I shine, shed light, (b) pass: I shine, become visible, appear, (c) I become clear, appear, seem, show myself as.

And just as GOD shines his LIGHT on this to me, I reflect this LIGHT to you.

5457 (phós) light, a source of light, radiance. 5457 phṓs (a neuter noun) – properly, light (especially in terms of its results, what it manifests); in the NT, the manifestation of God’s self-existent life; divine illumination to reveal and impart life, through Christ.

Now look at this tie (connection). To Christ’s Understanding connects to through Christ, GODS self existent life revealed through this and manifested into what was just read. Then the mere fact that the word that brought us to this point was illuminati 720 the last number generated in the gematria that was straight off of illuminati and ended now with the words, (divine illumination). Is that really going to be referred to as a coincidence or undeniable recognition of what you just witnessed? This should be our goal. And it also leaves off on the positive result if we choose right, taking focus away from choosing wrong (worldly things), since we already know how much power is involved in that.

But on the other hand, the power we are watching as this is being revealed to us is beyond most people’s comprehension. This is like watching the author read us the story as it is unfolding directly from him. Using all things together to bridge the gap of the beyond comprehension in this instance as it connects to our soul GODS TRUTH HE IS REVEALING.

Touching back on the (america) and (the united states of america) regarding how mind blowing this is that gematria calculated 50 on the low number for (america) and 261 on the low side of (the united states of america). Makes me wonder that who or what ever is responsible for all of this deception knew this and did it on purpose right under our nose. Or was this caused by GODS DIVINE INTERVENTION to be revealed when his time was ripe.

So lets break this down a little further:

america = 50 (agnoeó) be ignorant, not know, not understand from alpha (as a neg. prefix) and the same as ginóskó

From a (as a negative particle) and noieo; not to know (through lack of information or intelligence); by implication, to ignore (through disinclination) — (be) ignorant(-ly), not know, not understand, unknown. I do not know, am ignorant of (a person, thing, or fact), sometimes with the idea of willful ignorance.

But then a sudden turn happens with the word 1097 (ginóskó) I am taking in knowledge, come to know, learn; aor: I ascertained, realized. 1097 ginṓskō – properly, to know, especially through personal experience (first-hand acquaintance). to know, understand, perceive, have knowledge of. allow, be aware of, perceive.

A prolonged form of a primary verb; to “know” (absolutely) in a great variety of applications and with many implications (as follow, with others not thus clearly expressed) — allow, be aware (of), feel, (have) know(-ledge), perceived, be resolved, can speak, be sure, understand.

The chimbonic check process is doing all of this so we can know and not be ignorant. It’s just up to us to recognize it.

Then 3539 (noeó) I understand, think, consider, conceive, apprehend; aor. possibly: realize. 3539 noiéō (from 3563 /noús, “mind”) – properly, to apply mental effort needed to reach “bottom-line” conclusions. 3539 (noiéō) underlines the moral culpability we all have before God – for every decision (value-judgment) we make. This follows from each of us being created in the divine image – hence, possessing the inherent capacity by the Lord to exercise moral reasoning.

Nous/mind have been written about prior. Basically reflecting the goal we are aiming at, Christ’s Consciousness/Understanding.

the united states of america = 261 (amathés) unlearned, ignorant

3129 (manthanó) I learn; with adj. or nouns: I learn to be so and so; with acc. of person who is the object of knowledge; aor. sometimes: to ascertain. 3129 manthánō (akin to 3101 /mathētḗs, “a disciple”) – properly, learning key facts; gaining “fact-knowledge as someone learns from experience, often with the implication of reflection – ‘come to realize’. universally: absolutely, to increase one’s knowledge. learn, understand.

Prolongation from a primary verb, another form of which, matheo, is used as an alternate in certain tenses; to learn (in any way) — learn, understand.

Remember, GODS RICHES will not be that of this tree of knowledge, it is an absolute truth recognized by us as his LIGHT shines on the truth for us.

Very interesting how you can see the exact similarity in both words. They started out at ignorant and head right into GODS RICHES pertaining to no longer being ignorant and helping us to not make an ignorant choice, as mentioned above about a choice. The wrong choice will be the result of ignorance. Once again, look at the overall picture at how much revealing and understanding was generated by this process off of one thing that started it. Recognition of MDCCLXXVI. and now this post is pouring out and over the edges just like some of the others. Like mentioned before, the chimbonic check process is continual.


I had to come back to this one because of this. I keep waking up at 8:30am. This time I thought there is something to this, but I already did the number 830 in the chimbonic check sense. Then I get, but you didn’t do 83, just drop the zero. So now I am curious and here I am perfectly fitting. Not only to this writing but all the chimbonic check writings.

83 (adélotés) the quality of being unseen (of disappearing), indefiniteness, uncertainty.

First thing that comes to me is the uncertainty of anyone reading this (or any of these chimbonic check writings) because of the being unseen and how human nature is, we are just that way in this society looking for any reason to dismiss rather than believe. Then as I read further:

Cognate: 83 adēlótēs– properly, uncertainty (indefinite, unperceived). 83 /adēlótēs (“unrecognized”), used only in 1 Tim 6:17. Here it shows earthly riches will be utterly unrecognized in heaven – i.e. lacking any real value at the judgment-bar of God. See 82 (adēlos).

An exclamation mark for this entire chimbonic check process GODS revealing here. Absolute verification backing up this process he unfolded to my recognition. All day yesterday I was still being shown connections to this through Latin words and their generated numbers. The reason I am looking in Latin now is because this english language was deprived (left incomplete) somewhere along the way (intentionally) and I (the man part of me) wants to pin point its origins. Then I was taken to the very first words (in Latin) found on a pin. Earliest known Latin inscription, on a pin, which says “Manios me fhefhaked Numasioi”, meaning “Manius made me for Numerius”. I did the first and the last word in that sentence on both sentences. All pertained to this writing. Not trying to say this is the origins of the english language but there are a lot of borrowed or lended words we use from Latin and the number that started this process is Latin. So it’s like this, even though it was the man part of me seeking a little different path, that path was used to produce all the rest of the connections that were generated and tie or connect back to this path in this writing.

Now to make things even more clear from the number 83 is the number 82.

82 (adélos) unseen, not obvious, inconspicuous, indistinct. 82 ádēlos (from 1 /A “not” and 1212 /dḗlos, “self-evident”) – properly, unclear, indistinct, not immediately obvious (evident); (figuratively) indefinite, uncertain; not evident (perceived), unrecognized.

1212 (délos) clear, manifest, evident. 1212 dḗlos (an adjective) – properly, what is fully clear (“manifest”); plainly evident because of “inner perception” (J. Thayer), i.e. grasping what is unmistakable (self-evident).

And if that doesn’t sum it all up for anyone that would have started reading and doubting this or any of these chimbonic check processes, then I don’t know what it would ever take to reach your soul other than a horrible event in your life that might have to be used to generate that silent scream or leave you cursing GOD. I hope/pray for anyone reading this that you receive the blessings I am throughout these processes. If you are, you are bridging the gap, between the Light and the dark in so many ways and your efforts alone to have read this far are being rewarded likewise. Gaining GODS RICHES.

Have to throw this one in there now.

fhefhaked = 324, from the Latin sentence above.

324 (anadechomai) I welcome, receive kindly; I undertake, assume the responsibility of.

324 anadéxomai (from 303 /aná, “up, completing a process” intensifying 1209 /déxomai, “to welcome/receive”) – properly, receive up to the limit (maximum); (figuratively) to welcome with gladness (openness), i.e. full, personal interest (open-heartedly, enthusiastically).

[The high self-involvement (personal interest) motivating 324 (anadéxomai)

Once again as you can see 303 (aná) appropriately arises at the end of another process or gap that has been bridged.

Then 1209 (déxomai) I take, receive, accept, welcome.

1209 déxomai – properly, to receive in a welcoming (receptive) way. 1209 (déxomai) is used of people welcoming God (His offers), like receiving and sharing in His salvation (1 Thes 2:13) and thoughts (Eph 6:17).

1209/dexomai (“warmly receptive, welcoming”) means receive with “ready reception what is offered” (Vine, Unger, White, NT, 7), i.e. “welcome with appropriate reception” (Thayer).

[The personal element is emphasized with 1209 (déxomai) which accounts for it always being in the Greek middle voice. This stresses the high level of self-involvement (interest) involved with the “welcoming-receiving.” 1209 (déxomai)

Back to our self involvement (interest) we invest into GODS RICHES where the time involved in watching this whole process unfold leads to GODS RICHES or self doubt (or an excuse to not have to pay attention to what is being said here to justify anyone thinking they can dismiss and not be expected to choose) if it is not “welcome with appropriate reception”.