This must sound crazy!

What Has been shared with me was not by a man, but was in the same way Jesus told us where his knowledge came from. His Father within him. By staying in tune within yourself and asking the right questions the truth flows out like a river. Doubting anything without first researching the possibility will only keep a person from ever expanding.


Music opens doorways in your mind harmoniously that were not open before and the truths in the words (when listened to through this interpretation) expands your knowledge almost like waking you up to a rememberance of something you’ve always known.


What if I can’t grasp this concept?

As long as you keep trying to hear the music and know that it is Christ singing to you. The more intent you listen, the more your inner Spirit connects and starts rewarding your efforts.

How do I know when it is Christ singing to me or I am singing to him?

Your Spirit knows. Even if at first you thought is was Christ singing to you, change the roll and see how it fits. Sometimes we forget to realize that when you thought it was you singing that part, it was really him. When you connect to this your heart moves greatly because you actually can feel his pain on his level of how easy we have all forgotten him. A lot of times we feel sorry for ourself, but remember if you were hurt emotionally, he was hurt first. This is because he is in you and knows more about you than anyone could ever know.

How can the dictionary help me on my Quest?

Here is an example:
Take the word “intent” I used above for example. You have a pretty good idea what it means but that doesn’t mean you have the full true meaning for the context it was used in. So in the word intent arises a few more key words that need looked up. 1 is, “meaning”, 2 is “significance”, 3 is “intend”. Now the thing you see about these being key words is, they are all connected (by way of similar meaning) to the originating word that started your Quest. Now when you look up the 3 words I just showed you above, the same thing will happen again in those words. Sometimes the cycle ends quickly and drops you back off at the originating word and other times you won’t have enough fingers to mark the pages. This is part of the game and the fun of our Quest.
Have you heard the saying “when you assume something you make an ass out of u and an ass out of me?” Now that you have been enlightened to this concept, your Soul, Spirit and everything about you (if you are feeling the transformation) is now like a baby thirsting for more milk. So due to this your Spirit wants to be taught in the Truth and to get the full spectrum of the Truth the dictionary reteaches you now from a Spiritual point of view rather than the literal way of the World.

What is the best way to go about what you are talking about? Can you recommend a strategy?
What I recommend may not be possible for many. I compare this to waxing a floor. You have to strip the floor down to the bare tile and then start from scratch with your wax and cleaners to get the full shine. The same holds true here. You basically need to somehow try to forget (or at least put aside) what you have already had contaminate you. If you don’t do this, you will never know what the music holds for you. If you do this, you will end up like the shiny new wax floor and will glow to all others. The best way to accomplish this is to KEEP AN OPEN MIND.

What about this Love you talk of?

The Love I speak of is unique. Unfortunatly there are many different forms of the word and many different emotions that come with each. The Closest form I can give you is, if you come from a good family that gave you all the Love they had to offer when you were young, it is this type of nurturing and remembering that you want to bring with you on your Quest. This Love is meant to be shared with all and should never be limited to just your family. Out of this Love grows an even stronger Love for all Mankind. The same Love that Christ died for. This is the unconditional Love I speak of.

As I said before, some people were not brought up like this (with a good family background) and have been deprived of ever even knowing or understanding this feeling. So for these people it takes the ones that are in tune to bring them up as a child of their own. These situations (to me) are the most rewarding because you have to systematically feel your way through the individuals life and let the Spirit guide the way (most of the time without them even knowing, in the beginning stages). This is some of the silence I have spoke of. When you see a person like this (that has never felt Love before) connect to the Spirit that you let work freely through you and you watch the Love come alive in that person. This is a very rewarding feeling and uplifting to your Spirit and the individual that you just helped nurture. I myself never go into this looking for any reward. It’s just part of who I am naturally and I know from experience that there is a reward.

What is the best time to try to get in tune?

All the time… But the absolute best when your just starting out and for me to this day is, when I’m by myself with no other interference around. For me this place is in my car by myself , just me and the Lord, driving. This is also one of the examples I mention that Christ set for us. He use to go to the desert by himself and get out of the rat race so to speak. When he did this it was kind of like recharging a battery but instead replenishing his Spirit with his Father. I feel that he was going to his classroom and able to absorb everything his Father was giving him and when he went back to the crowd he was remotivated by the Spirit to Share all of this Love and understanding.
If we all followed this example now and then it would give us a chance to center within ourselves and really get in tune the way Jesus did. If your always in the middle of the crowd, you never get the full perspective of life. The other part of this is, we all put off an energy. When we are in the middle of all of this energy of different people, (whether you know them or not) they are all around you and this chaotic energy interferes with ours. Too many people out of tune, too many people on different wave lengths, too many people negative. All of this unconsciously drains us. If you have ever noticed, it is very easy to get sucked into the trap of a negative person. This negativity tries to grab you and suck you in so that you are now in a bad mood also. This is easily defeated with positivity and evaluating, observing and understanding the persons needs at the time. Rather than opening your mouth without thinking (which just ads fuel to the fire), you evaluate what you can get away with saying while giving your Loving energy to them but not ignoring and maybe even biting your tongue. Before you know it you controlled the entire episode and caused a positive outcome rather than negative one.

Remember This

A Rule Of Thumb I have learned to live by

Many People are very skeptical, judgmental, close minded, negative, naive, have fear, are unwilling to expand their Knowledge and put others down. The list could go on, what my point is:

This only hurts a person like this, growth process. A simple scenario I use is this. If you want to stay at the education level of a Kindergartner then that’s fine. But while others feel like expanding their horizons to see broader realities, who are any of us to keep them down with our unbelieving ways?

I have seen through my experiences with all religious type people that they are very closed minded and set in their ways of their belief structure. While I stay completely neutral in the topic and try to add other possibilities that may exist, they get very offensive and shut down to what you have to say. Basically becoming a waste of breath and time for both sides, when now one is right and no one is wrong. There is truth in both sides but one side never wants to agree with it.

I have dedicated my self to always search the truth, but it gets very frustrating when others refuse to acknowledge what may be true and shrug it off as wrong. Here is the problem in my eyes:

  1. If you are a Kindergartner or first grader (Spiritually) you only know so much. When you are dealing with someone that has expanded and excepted there is more to life than this narrow path, (say maybe a 10th grader). There is no possible way the lower level will be able to digest what the elder has to say. And unfortunately, I have seen the elders in these scenarios be younger than the Close minded Kindergartner but yet more advanced due to being open minded.
  2. In other words, a 20 year old open minded person can be so much more advanced than a 60 year old that closed off at 20 and lived a very stagnant life of believing the same way even to his or her grave.
  3. The more advanced person will know that the conversation is going no where and find a way out of a potentially detrimental argument that could shut a person down to them forever.
  4. There is always another day that a simple mood swing can change the outcome of the same conversation that was leading to an argument during the one day, but now the heart, mind and soul of the person who was then shutting down is ready to feed on what you have to offer.
  5. Compassion, sympathy, Love and Being un-judgmental are very important as well as being observant and in tune within yourself to know that the time is now to speak. Being in tune will show you exactly how to approach the situation.

Remember this

Just because many other people in the World may be “on paper” more educated than you, doesn’t necessarily mean they are as awake spiritually as you are. After all, their education “on paper” in only granted by man, while staying alert and open to grow spiritually within yourself is granted by your Father, The same Father Jesus taught us about, in which his knowledge astonished many. Therefore, many times you may find the Kindergartner is the educated one on paper.

Jesus told us :

John 14:12

Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.


Note: The easiest way to see who is on the right page. Look at which side of the conversation is offering negativity and which side is staying positive, but don’t confuse negativity, with reality or facts.

If you are the start of negativity in a conversation, then check yourself, because you are in the wrong!

And a Bit more

Okay, Here is a new Subject:

I just thought I’d add these extra’s in so people can get to know a little about me. If you happen to be someone I don’t personally know and for some I do know.

Here is another example of misunderstanding I’d like to share. It has to do with using the Lords name in vain and tithing.
To start with, many people believe that using the Lords name in vain has to do with saying G.D. or J.C.. I won’t use the full words here out of respect. I disagree with this. I feel in my heart and soul that it has to do with what many are doing in Church’s, whether a TV Church or just your basic Church. When these Church’s preach using Gods name or Jesus name and do it to benifit monetarily, this is using the Lords name in vain. The G.D and J.C. fall into the blasphamy category more than the using the Lords name in vain category.

Tithing: Many believe that it is necessary to tithe 10% of their monetary earnings to a Church or what ever they choose. Once again, I disagree. The tithing should be of our inner riches that we share with one another. My cup runneth over… When my cup runneth over with the knowledge, Love, Joy, Happiness or anything like this that the Lord gives us freely, I want to share these riches with the World. What good is it to have these riches if you are the only one that knows you have it? I compare it to, winking at someone in the dark. You know you winked, but they don’t. Now the big one to me is the fact that this is a gift from God, Christ and to not share it is like a slap in his face.

This leads me into the next subject, Sabbath.
Many believe the Sabbath is on a Sunday. The Sabbath is suppose to be the 7th day (the day of rest). When you look at our Calender Sunday is the First day of the week. When you look at our dictionaries Saturday is clearly defined as the 7th day of the week and Sunday is clearly defined as the 1st day of the week. The work we should be taking our rest from is the Lords work. In other words, we should be doing the Lords work all of the rest of the 6 days and resting the 7th.

All of these arguments are moot points that we waste so much of our lives worring about. Finding wrongs in each other and even trying to make ourselves look better. The fact is, in the eyes of the Lord a sin is a sin. Whether you kill someone, lie to someone, steal from someone or judge someone. It’s all the same to GOD so your guilty just the same. Say your watching TV and a news flash comes on and says someone like O.J. was just accused of killing someone. Well our human nature now days is already judging the person that we have never met before. So GOD see’s all things, he knows if the person is guilty or not, you don’t, but as soon as you pass judgment on this person you have never met, you are now guilty and you didn’t kill anyone.

It’s not our job in this life to go around judging anyone but instead help lead them to the light and share GODS Love (which is unconditional) so that GOD can work the miracles in each of our lives. The Spiritual boost we give each other and the uplifting the soul gets from each of us being in sycronicity, doing as Jesus did while he was here is what we all need to stay focused on. Not finding the bad in all, but instead, realizing that we all have the inner child that is completely innocent but was unfortunatly misguided somewhere along the way so we just offer the guidance. Sometimes this is done with out a word being uttered and just giving recognition to the fact. Most of us have a great gift of evaluation, observation and being able to perceive exactly when to act the way that is appropriate for every instance.

Extra Reading

Just to give people a little understanding of me, Here are some concepts that I have been living by which basically is all common sense.

When it comes to religion, I don’t particularlly care for the word. It segragates us all and causes us to enter into arguments and on a larger spectrum, WARS. I am not a religious man but a Spiritual man. I stay in tune within and focus on what my Father has to offer just as Jesus told us he did.

When I look at the over all picture the Bible has painted for us, the main thing I focus on is the examples Jesus gave us through his actions. If you walk life as close to the path he walked, how can you go wrong? He told us, “you can do what I do, and more”. I am not Jesus Christ, I am Ben deGrise, and all I want to do is walk in Christ’s footsteps. Loving mankind the way he did, sharing this Love with all mankind and teaching this Love to many.

The Bible has been taken to literal by many and people forget that when most of the Bible was written, the man that wrote his portion did it from a very Spiritual state of consciousness which cannot be interpreted into the literal. From a literal stand point, you will never get the message you were suppose to and this is where all the contradictions come from.

Ronnie James DIO wrote a song called Holy Diver. In this song there is a verse that say’s “between the velvet lies, there’s a truth as hard as steel”. In that statement alone you can find what has happend to our Spiritual belief system. Our system around us, way back into our Ansestry has been a velvet lie. Whether intentionally or unconsciously it don’t really matter because it has been handed down generation to generation until the velvet lies have covered the Truth. But the Truth has not gone away from us, we just need to look for it within ourselves and then all the answers come. Once you show your Father within you that you are willing to take that step, it is all provided to you after that.

My point here is, The Bible has Truths all through out it but they are intermingled with some velvet lies. Remember, who had their hands on the Bible to begin with? Church’s. The same type of Church’s that killed Christ and then this Bible, (by the way, you never seen Jesus with a Bible) was kept away from all of the public for over a 1000 years and only taught by a Church Master. This is where the ansestors come in. All of the generations that existed through this whole time in life were only given what the Church Master offered (right or wrong) and to this day has unfortunatly limited all religions. I am not trying to put the Bible down in any way, just simply stating that, just as Jesus looked for his answers (from within) the same hold true for all of us.

By setting a narrow path of understanding that is very limited by many because of a book that most choose to live their life by, this limits the possiblities of the Truths and Understanding that you will ever have. I Compare the difference of a kindergartner in School as compared to a College Graduate. Why, if there is more to life would you limit yourself for an entire lifetime to just die a kindergartner? There are Universes of understanding out there that Jesus was in tune with through his Father, not a Bible.

I see So many religions Preach one thing and do another or even talk down on others, judge others and totally go against the grain of the very Bible they believe in and because of this, very devastating damage is done to many. The damage I am speaking of is, many people are turned away from GOD, Christ or any Spiritual happenings because they have seen these people I speak of and don’t want anything to do with the God they speak of. Common sense; Jesus didn’t do this, so why would you?

Enough on that subject…

I would Love to get deeper into these subjects but I know people loose interest easy. So if you want to talk to me personally about any subject feel free to call me or email. I’d Love to go over it with you.

Detailed Explanation

Keep an Open Mind

To Start with, I listen to Rock music. Always have. But I have opened up to other music and listened to it in the way I am going to explain and it all has a value. It’s just up to you to find it. Remember, we’re looking for Truth. When your soul connects to the Truth in what you are listening to, it definately lets you know. Whether a negative Truth or a positive, connect to it and you will find that the negative isn’t really negative at all. Instead, it becomes knowledge to an overall picture and helps you except Truth unconditionally and unjudgmentally. We need to learn to not be offended by Truth’s and except them so we can grow.

Some people don’t understand the way of the street. Those that do, will probably grasp this concept a lot quicker. Not to put anyone down but higher class people (from my experience) have a certain vanity about them and feel they are better than others or just won’t even give the time of day to someone they prejudge. It is important for all reading this to not be offended by this statement, but find the Truth in it and connect within yourself to this Truth and how it fits you. We are all equal in GODS eyes and we must remember this. I am in no way perfect and have to check myself according to every situation that arises. We should all do the same. With the key question being, how would Jesus have handled this situation?

Some music as we know has cuss words in it. Don’t judge this but except it as a way of expressing frustration, for many resort to this when trying to get a point across and when this point is not being heard in their other methods of explaining. Not all of use are very good at communicating and not all of us are good at listening. So being adult about profanity and knowing if someone has resorted to use it, it is all out of frustration (most of the time) and you being the adult and accepting it instead of giving into it with more negative actions helps the situation more than you might ever know.

Now for the Music

Most music you have probably been able to relate to on this level. When a man or woman is singing the song, a lot of times they are singing about the opposite sex or their relationship with. When you here it, you are able to connect on that level because you have been in a similar situation and have similar feelings. A lot of music is just about everyday life and we connect to it on this level. Some of the music just moves you and makes you feel good but you don’t even know why. I have shared this understanding with many in person and have had awesome results, but this is the first time trying to explain like this. When in person, the Spirit works and moves you in an undeniable way. So just know, I have poured the Spirit into this whole message. All though not quite the same, you should be moved inwardly if you’re Truly wanting this understanding. And like I said before, contact me any time.

Try this:
Any time a song comes on, first try to erase the way you are accustomed to hearing it. Listen to it knowing that it is Christ himself that has reached out from the inside of all of us and is singing it to you. With this mind set, you will start to grab hold fast. You may not make complete sense of all of the whole song right away, but you will start seeing the Truth and most likely get uplifted Spiritually like you never have before. Be like a child, remember back if you have to. We are all innocent when we go back to that innocent child.

When you get to a point where the song starts to make you feel like your off track, try switching the rolls of who is really singing now. Christ, or you? There are a lot of songs with a switch like this and when you make the connection in stride, you will be uplifted Spiritually and your mind will start coming up with questions that you may have never had before. This is where your knowledge starts to increase greatly.

When you really are in the flow and start feeling like a funnel of information in filling you up, you will start to notice that when you’re listening to the radio the next song that plays will answer all of the previous questions. Now lifting you even higher. I prefer listening to the radio because I have no control over what will be played next, but Christ does… And when you see him work this magic, you’ll know it’s undeniably True.

Albums are cool when the radio isn’t available or it hits a flat spot. I use the albums when a topic may arise about something Spiritual (or even just everyday life) and all of a sudden a song pops in your head that you remember that totally relates to the subject. I really break these songs down, inside and out like disecting a science experiment. While listening to the one song it triggers another song you remember and now you go disect it for the Truth. Remember, just because you know a song all ready, doesn’t mean you really know the song. Never take any music or words for granted. I wrote a song called “Grab onto a Dictionary” and I’ll list a few of these songs I wrote on this site.

“Words that explain words that come from one word”, this is one of the verse’s in that song and when you disect words like this (just as you do with the music) WOW! So never assume you already know anything. Especially when you are in the flow. As I said above, sometimes you may come to a point in a song that you feel you were not able to make sense of it. By using the dictionary a lot of times in this situation (with any key word in question), look it up and look up other words that your not quite sure what it means (even if you think you do) within that word. Before you know it, your fingers are all over the place saving pages. This is part of the Quest. It’s all fun like a game, especially when you start feeling the feelings I have explained.

Pink Floyd wrote a song called “Have a Cigar” in that song it says “And did we tell you the name of the game, boy, we call it riding the gravy train”. Then years later the Scorpions came out with a song called “The Rhythm of Love” in this song it says “The Rhythm of Love, it’s the game I’m looking for”. These are just a couple of examples of what we are doing on this Quest. We are using the Rhythm of Love to get us on the gravy train. Once you’re on board it all becomes easy. Remember on the Beginning the Quest page I told you a couple of keys to remember, staying open and unconditional Love. I suggest listening to this song By the Scorpions first off.

Now you’ll notice in a lot of the songs that the word “she” or “her” or even any women’s name is used quite often. These words represent the word Love. So basically try replacing these words with the word “Love” and see how the rest of the message is filled in after that. Some songs talk about a gun, the gun is represented by the word “mouth”. We all know how much damage our mouth can do. There is a lot of this in the music and your soul on your Quest will show you what these words are along the way through your inner questioning.

Remember, that no one knows you better than the Christ, (GOD) in you and once you’ve awoken this part of yourself in the music or any other way, then the Spirit makes the connections for you because it is connecting to itself. GOD is all things… When I use the word he for GOD, I don’t really mean “he”. This is just another word that represents. God Is everything from the smallest, farthest molecule in any of the Universe’s to the smallest deepest molecule within each of us. But at the same time, the largest of everything and we all just exist within this.

We’ve all heard,”The Lord works in mysterious ways”. Well, the music is one of the most mysterious but yet one of the most powerful tools GOD has given us. What better way to reach the masses? Music soothes the savage beast.

To start getting the most understanding at the fastest rate you’ll want to start listening to a lot of the 80’s Love songs that the long hair Bands did. Once you feel you’ve got the concept, you can start with anything you want. Heavy Metal,, Grunge, Modern Rock whatever. Some of the Thrash metal is hard to even understand but once the Spirit is alive inside you, you hear it effortlessly. You won’t believe that music that sounds the way it does can carry such a message. There will be those of you out there that already listen to this type of music and can relate to it better than the Love songs and vise versa. This all depends on our upbringing and what kind of childhood we had. Some kids need Love and nurturing and other kids push it away. This is where your connection is in the music. I Love all the music but really like a challenge and Bands like TOOL, KORN, DISTURBED and the like are great on this Quest. They keep you on your toes when it comes to paying close attention to what it was you just heard.

I feel that this day and age because of so many broken homes where one parent raises a child or children. The missing ingredient (the other parent) is what causes this in us. It leaves us incomplete emotionally and Spiritually. A lot of times this may not be the case but if you break it down, we all end up in the School system together and because of this are exposed to each others habits at young and impressionable ages. We need to remember, we are all reachable, if a person seems unreachable, it is not their fault, rather we have just not found the right avenue to reach them yet. The music does just this on all avenues. A couple of good songs to listen to about this is Papa Roach “Broken Home” and Disturbed “Sickness”. This one by Disturbed, disturbes a lot of people because they are not open. But When listened to the right way educates us to the fact that there are people out there that feel exactly this way and we can’t right them off. As I stated earlier, I Love a challenge and people that have put themselves in the frame of mind like this song explains makes me rise to another level in trying to reach them. But it’s not me at all, It’s the Spirit (Christ) in me. With people like this your gift of evaluation, observation and not being judgmental really come into play and when used right, the final outcome you see in this type of person is awesome. You watch a transformation of hate into Love happen right before your eyes. We need to learn how to relate to everyone, not just pick and choose from a prejudgmental view.

This explanation above is meant to help you see how all of the music works for the good. No matter how far out there a song may sound to you, you know someone is hearing it and by accepting the features these type of songs bring only opens our view point more and allows our knowledge to grow. In the end helping us understand how to communicate on all levels with everyone. Even if it means a silent communication with the Spirit making the connection.

Hopefully you have a pretty good grasp on the subject by now. There’s so much to share I know I have barley scratched the surface and I worry about loosing your interest. But everything I have put in so far all works together in this Quest.

Here are a few recommended songs to start out with:

Triumph- Magic Power, Hold On

Creed- One