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Okay, Here is a new Subject:

I just thought I’d add these extra’s in so people can get to know a little about me. If you happen to be someone I don’t personally know and for some I do know.

Here is another example of misunderstanding I’d like to share. It has to do with using the Lords name in vain and tithing.
To start with, many people believe that using the Lords name in vain has to do with saying G.D. or J.C.. I won’t use the full words here out of respect. I disagree with this. I feel in my heart and soul that it has to do with what many are doing in Church’s, whether a TV Church or just your basic Church. When these Church’s preach using Gods name or Jesus name and do it to benifit monetarily, this is using the Lords name in vain. The G.D and J.C. fall into the blasphamy category more than the using the Lords name in vain category.

Tithing: Many believe that it is necessary to tithe 10% of their monetary earnings to a Church or what ever they choose. Once again, I disagree. The tithing should be of our inner riches that we share with one another. My cup runneth over… When my cup runneth over with the knowledge, Love, Joy, Happiness or anything like this that the Lord gives us freely, I want to share these riches with the World. What good is it to have these riches if you are the only one that knows you have it? I compare it to, winking at someone in the dark. You know you winked, but they don’t. Now the big one to me is the fact that this is a gift from God, Christ and to not share it is like a slap in his face.

This leads me into the next subject, Sabbath.
Many believe the Sabbath is on a Sunday. The Sabbath is suppose to be the 7th day (the day of rest). When you look at our Calender Sunday is the First day of the week. When you look at our dictionaries Saturday is clearly defined as the 7th day of the week and Sunday is clearly defined as the 1st day of the week. The work we should be taking our rest from is the Lords work. In other words, we should be doing the Lords work all of the rest of the 6 days and resting the 7th.

All of these arguments are moot points that we waste so much of our lives worring about. Finding wrongs in each other and even trying to make ourselves look better. The fact is, in the eyes of the Lord a sin is a sin. Whether you kill someone, lie to someone, steal from someone or judge someone. It’s all the same to GOD so your guilty just the same. Say your watching TV and a news flash comes on and says someone like O.J. was just accused of killing someone. Well our human nature now days is already judging the person that we have never met before. So GOD see’s all things, he knows if the person is guilty or not, you don’t, but as soon as you pass judgment on this person you have never met, you are now guilty and you didn’t kill anyone.

It’s not our job in this life to go around judging anyone but instead help lead them to the light and share GODS Love (which is unconditional) so that GOD can work the miracles in each of our lives. The Spiritual boost we give each other and the uplifting the soul gets from each of us being in sycronicity, doing as Jesus did while he was here is what we all need to stay focused on. Not finding the bad in all, but instead, realizing that we all have the inner child that is completely innocent but was unfortunatly misguided somewhere along the way so we just offer the guidance. Sometimes this is done with out a word being uttered and just giving recognition to the fact. Most of us have a great gift of evaluation, observation and being able to perceive exactly when to act the way that is appropriate for every instance.

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