Everything is a metaphor

Everything is a metaphor meant to be seen. To move you from one perspective to the other, the perspective of sin or the perspective of faith. From physical, literal misunderstanding, to spiritual depths that sin does not allow us to comprehend. Sin creates the literal contradictions and misunderstandings that makes a man look like a fool. Faith literally removes the blindness, deafness, sickness, and death of sin that was placed on the mind of man and we all are to this day still operating from. A death that is and was a spiritual one that has taken its toll on the souls of men through its (sins) blindness, deafness, sickness and death that paralyzed all from having the ability to walk in and with Christ.

This is what FAITH is all about. To remove this state from our existence and to shift our mind from one place to the other. From sin to faith perception. In the process of receiving faith through the power of recognition, a purging takes place that is a being baptized in fire. As we will experience things so against the grain of what we thought to be truths that were really false indoctrinations polluting our brain. All these false beliefs have locked us into our own individual prison cells (mentally and spiritually) and our brain is fed and receives the lies of deception that sin sends to it for storage for the rest of our lives (deaths). We hold onto all other mans ways who have taught from the sin infected brain to ours and we retain all this false information as we walk in this life blindly from this state. This is the leaning on our own understanding that was mentioned “NOT TO” and the reason that the light shines in the darkness and the darkness comprehends it not.

Faith creates a moment in all of us to recognize a divine intervention happening that we DO NOT see with the eyes. When we follow the promptings of this moment and STAY THERE IN FULL RECOGNITION, our life grows as it comes back to us in a cleansing, purified way removing bit by bit the toxins of sin that are in and on our brain. These are the contaminants that keep us blind, deaf, sick and paralyzed so we cannot see to regain THE LIFE THAT CHRIST REPRESENTS! As we partake in FAITH now and NOT in sin anymore, our FATHER pours himself into us incrementally in his perfect way that only he can know how to fix the individual disaster or catastrophe that has taken place upon all mankind. It’s all in our brain and sin sees to it we will never see from the state of mind it used (sins death) to teach and raise us all from. This is why the FAITH of Christ is like no other. If we operate from his FAITH and not ours, we will rise from the dead like he did as he pours himself into us and heals us of all things.

A blind man can see Christ, a deaf man can hear Christ, a paralyzed man can walk with Christ and this sick man is healed in Christ. This is why he is the way, the truth and the life. WE ARE NOT! So for us to take wholeheartedly from other men that are obviously not operating from Christ’s understanding and run with it our entire life, this is committing suicide on our soul. This also has a cause and effect on our human body we all have to walk in. We will reflect what and who we are in him or in satan. We will reflect his light or satans darkness. When we reveal we are ignorant in what Christ really represented and spoke, this shows that we are still of sin. This sin will create the byproducts that follow. But mostly, this sin is designed to keep us ignorant of Christ’s truths that set us free from this state and put his understanding upon us through our involvement in FAITH. Faith is where we are meant to stay. This state of being is where the healing unfolds and it will reflect out in Christ fashion in all who are of it. You can easily SEE the blind leading the blind once you are moved from sin state of mind to FAITH state of mind. This is the TRUE rapture!

The more you recognize the truths being spoken here, the more you should see how we have been literally deceived by mans ways that come from satan. satan has professionalized everything to make everything appear right and proper. Everything we partake in of this system was designed to be distractions to keep you from the truths being spoken and to keep you from recognizing when FAITH is generated in your life to set you free. The only thing right and proper is the fact that we can see this now once we’ve stepped through the door of truth (the open mind) that Christ stands at and knocks. Will your free will reverse the effects of the original effects generated and set in motion at the tree? Or will you remain locked and shackled to the assumptions planted in your brain by sin that keeps you paralyzed from stepping through? The stepping through is the acceptance of Christ truths that lead the way to the LIFE he spoke of, Christ’s life. He is the life that gets poured upon our mind through FAITH as he generates the healing reversal effect we need to raise from the dead our selves. Without entering this door, we remain locked in a prison cell in our own body of misunderstanding and we limit his ability to take us higher in his understanding. We are willfully doing this ignorantly. Our willful ignorance is what is running the show and spreading the disease onto ALL MANKIND. What reflects in all of us is not OF Christ or Christ like and we all can see this clearly. This is why the world is what it is now and no one knows just why.

This is all the reason we need to come to Christ as a little child. Our little inner child is our saving grace if we just heed the call from its state.