Seeking GOD through the eyes of deception

Tree of knowledge end result in man. astocheó

The question is: what is needed to truly find GOD when we are still living through the eyes of deception? And how are we reading The Bible right if we are reading it through the eyes of deception (which creates a misconception)? Same concept might hold true as these words are read if the reader is not open and willing to grow and let the light of truth guide them into GODS BREATH OF LIFE.

My answer: The true desire to want to know what GOD wants us to know many times found within a silent scream that is felt so deep that it registers with GOD on a level he undeniably knows you are without a doubt sincere and true. Not really sure in our language how to try to wrap that up to express the true depth but this is what I use.


This word is the first word I was taken to looking in greek or hebrew for words that describe ley-lines with the context of the reason I am there is to compare to our english language what I have been shown about ley-lines (spiritually) and how we are basically puppets hanging from the strings (fabric) of the energy of deception that creates it. It all ties to magnetic fields and this is the way the spirit led me to know about this subject without ever reading about it in a book but rather by truly experiencing it.

Now in Hebrew: line (qav) 

This word will show more of what I mention about the unseen ley-lines and how the energy tied to them is powerful, even to the point of deceiving the most brilliant person. Looking at all of what I am showing and keeping in context and perception of the light of truth you will see exactly what I am talking about even if the words do not spell it out directly. That is the purpose of my interaction, to help others understand in a way they may have never knew before through the interpretation of the spiritual quest I follow back to our FATHER.

If you have read any of the testimony of mine when I was around 18 you might remember a mention of a harvest. The next word from line (qav) is qavah in a round about way leads back to what this is all about. At the same time it is explaining physical trials I have been through to get to this point of the quest. Twists, turns, extreme tension and enduring as well as the waiting that has been extreme in its own way. I have been awaiting my que to know when and what it was I was supposed to accomplish for 30 years now as well as waiting on the harvest. I knew it would be in GODS time when I would be shown, not my time. Also a cord (as mentioned earlier) this is the cord that we need to cut ties with to get back to the light. Assyrian ‡ûû II, I. wait, ‡û, cord; Arabic be strong, strength, also strand of rope; Syriac endure, remain, await, threads, so ᵑ7 קַוִּין spider’s threads, web)

The rope needs to be untwisted. In this case the rope is the truth and lie being intertwined until you take the time to straighten it out and separate. Remember, actions speak louder than words.

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