East of Eden (presence)

My thought on Eden is that Eden represents a More clear state of consciousness or higher understanding or in GODS presence of spiritual things than our current comprehension as man. When GOD set Adam and Eve East of Eden have you ever wondered about that? The choice they both made that day at the tree of knowledge Caused them to be set East (or in hebrew in front of) Eden. To me the representation is a new state of mind or consciousness took forefront in our mind and became priori/precedence to what was in GODS presence. Our recognition of what was became void and lost and the new sense or consciousness took over and began to build its self based on the deceitful tree of knowledge understandings we are now seeing through.

Now once again the Same thing happened again with Cain and Able. Cain was in the presence of GOD and then went to the land of Nod on the East of Eden. This to me represents an even deeper state of sleep in the consciousness of this man and all that would come from his seed. The world is now a representation of intermixed depths of consciousness much further from the truth that in those days. Completely out of the presence of GODS Breath of LIFE and understanding.

Jesus/Yeshua Was sent to be the way the truth and the life back into the presence of our FATHERS light by following the examples he set for us. His actions spoke louder than any words as should ours.

So now in context with east, is the words “in front” which when we all look at the over all picture of this life or realm what we see in front of GOD is our own vanity and choices to get what we can out of this life while we are here (mainly always pertaining to the almighty dollar). The literal god of many. Always in front of choosing to seek our true FATHER/GOD/YAHWEH because the state of mind we reside in is intermixed deception that has a hard time finding the true sorrow needed to be brought back into the presence of our FATHERS light/life/truth.

Many may get a true glimpse of this light through a very low time in their life where a silent scream of a sort may be what generated the cause and effect. But more times than not probably forgot about while subtly entering back into this realm of consciousness. Might have been a scream for the wrong reason in a more vain way? Might have felt GODS touch or breath long enough to feel healed then let go to fall back into the consciousness you were raised in? If we truly want EDEN back (which in my mind would be paradise to those of us who never knew it) then we need to show it in our actions and put our FATHERS RICHES FIRST IN FRONT OR EAST OF DECEPTIONS TREE OF KNOWLEDGE.

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