38 special

Here is something else I want to share that came to me this morning as a highlight. This song Hold on loosely by 38 special has been around during my whole spiritual experience and before. During my beginning stages of my quest after experiencing the out of body seeing through the eyes of GOD through the inner eyes of a young man that could in no way find words to explain my experience I remember this song but didn’t quite grasp its spiritual meaning. Even though I felt like I was being told that this is what I needed to do after feeling like I was set back down to this earths reality, I was lost and only really left with the memory of the experience and the music. Feeling like I did something wrong that caused GOD to set me back down, I had guilt to deal with as well as questioning why. Even though I remember hearing this song in the higher state of consciousness knowing what it was telling me, that slipped away as well because I was holding on so tightly to doing what ever it took to get back to that state of consciousness I remember clearly and wanted for the whole world. The girl in the song is LOVE at a young age. Anytime she or her or a woman or girls name is mentioned I was shown to recognize that as LOVE. It brings the meanings together the way they are meant to be.

So this morning highlighted in my consciousness as I am waking up I hear the song and start to understand exactly what it was telling me and why I was missing some things in this last 30 years because of holding on to tight to the wrong thing. That feeling! Missing what it was that caused the out of body in the first place and that was being told about a harvest and experiencing through the consciousness of a young man how it unfolded itself to me spiritually was the true meaning of miracle. The looser I started to hold on to the guilt and trying to get back to the feelings and experiences spiritually that were so strong and intense and unmistakable of what was going on that I just wanted it back for me and the rest of the world to have and to hold forever. As I started to let go clarity and explanation started to fill this void. Recognition of the harvest came back and an understanding through a 30 year experience started to come over me with absolute clarity and daily is getting more vivid as everything is playing into the equation now.

The recognition of just the words “hold on loosely but don’t let go” highlighted now look up 38 in greek and hebrew and watch how it will fit or fall into place with this whole thing and see how 38 special (as a gun) looses its value to a higher value of understanding, so I did and now I will get to that.

G38 hagiasmos

the process of making or becoming holy, set apart, sanctification, holiness, consecration.

Which leads to this: 40 hagios

40 hágios – properly, different (unlike), other (“otherness“), holy; for the believer, 40 (hágios) means “likeness of nature with the Lord” because “different from the world.” set apart by (or for) God, holy, sacred.

Also leading to G37 hagiazó

Now keep in mind why I am even looking at this word is due to 38 special. The word 38 hagiasmos truly led to something special. GET IT?

I hope you can see where this is leading, this is for all mankind, not just me. But we must have desire to allow GOD to breathe his breath of life back into us.

I want to mention at this point that the way he brought the understanding of music into my life all now makes perfect sense and connects exactly to the things I am showing you here through greek and hebrew and a contextual thought process generated by GOD and not by me, but as a student or child I must listen and pay close attention. I will or would never deny what I am being shown and if mankind truly wanted the cure for the world, this is the only way it will be found.

 Also a couple days ago I was shown about the sea of glass and wrote about it on here. The HEBREW H38 Abijam . This may not have much meaning to many that read it but to me it explains everything I am explaining right now through all my writings given to me by GOD and it connects the dots back to the sea of glass and at the same time to the father of the sea. Note the lower case father. To me this points to the writing I was on yesterday called “seeking GOD through the eyes of deception” but at the same time on the other side of the spectrum in the sea of glass side of things you can see where we are supposed to be consciously through our FATHERS BREATH not the false father.

The moral of this conversation is to show a series of patterns spiritually coming together by spiritually paying attention. Understanding the ways the spiritual lessons work and how they speak to us through our 6th sense or intuitive abilities or in other words (GODS BREATH).

Last thing to point out, special:

Look at all the words and kinda glance through the meanings on this page like I did and you can see special meaning and placement for all of them. But the one word that stood out to me the most was “sorcerer” and what a trippy word you should look at. It to me represents our society.

part of the meaning: that manipulate the Lord into granting more temporal gifts (especially “invincible health and wealth”.

This to me is obviously not the true GOD but the deceiver god granting these powers to gain power and momentum through man for his distracting deceiving purpose (madness) by our intimate participation. Any one in a high office of power might be granted things of this nature as well as the lower cronies following suit to act as a big statement to the rest of the world to create false desires that lead us further from the true GOD/FATHER. Look also at how english language here is missing expression or understanding of an idea. Still tied to the word madness. All of which in the end ultimately becomes the 38 special or (the gun that shoots you in the head).

Also, the enchanting lifestyle we desire shows more of what I am getting at as this being the true distraction on a physical/temporal level.

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