Mark of the beast?

among the visions of the Apocalypse a glassy sea or sea of glass is spoken of; but what the writer symbolized by this is not quite clear: Revelation 4:6; Revelation 15:2.

What the sea of glass and fire symbolize to me is this: The sea of glass is our clear perception of life that GOD breathes into us when we have the pure desire (fire) to know the truth. Can be summed up with words like nous, eido’, chadad, theaomai. Chadad has to do with severing which ties to severing ties with deception to join together with truth. Which also in turn can connect back to the flaming sword that turned every way to keep the way to the tree of life. All of which allows re entrance by our desire (fire). If we don’t find this then we choose to remain living in the crib of deception within our own thoughts and the images it creates are all false. Basically a mirror reflection of Adam and Eve’s experience the day they chose to be deceived at the tree of knowledge and that knowledge has encapsulated (ebus) mankind. This word ebus is the outcome of adding 6+6+6 together.


Breakdown of the mark of the beast as it is being shown to me today (it was heavy and I wasn’t even in search of this but recognized it as the spirit lead me):

Hebrew words for glass:




Interesting that the 7200 leads right back to the word see or saw which starts the sentence below. To me this shows a disconnection from a physical meaning and a reconnection to the spiritual metaphor where nous becomes the breath of life GOD breathes in us. Kinda like a confirmation you’ve read the passage right. When all things connect back together as to complete the image in the mind, then has the fire served its purpose to burn away the deceit.

Rev. 15:2

And I saw as it were a sea of glass mingled with fire: and them that had gotten the victory over the beast, and over his image, and over his mark, and over the number (from G706) of his name, stand on the sea of glass, having the harps of God.

Nous is also part of the sea of glass and desire is the fire mingled. There are many words in Hebrew and Greek for desire, I chose a couple in the 2 words “fire” above to give and idea of some depth in understanding. If you look up desire in hebrew or greek you’ll see what I mean and this goes also for many of their words.

One way of looking at this is the beast is a language and also us as human living beings and when you look at when the english language was created it comes back as 5-7th century. Making the 666 fall right into the time frame. The image is what is created by the language in our minds eye of understanding (mark in the forehead brought out through the right hand from 5th to 15th century). You can see total deception undeniably throughout our english language starting with the word “free” or “freedom” (and the action that freedom creates is death that Americans are so proud of) and most all of it is backed by a facade. The beast also pertains to the image interesting enough and the word number leads to the word “good” (which is exactly what Adam and Eve were told about the tree of knowledge that they would know good and evil and at this point I want to bring up that Adam knew his wife and gave birth to a child just like we do with our languages or things that are good and evil) by adding 6+6+6 (which the word number tells us to do in greek) and looking at the greek word that is 18 (ebus) now meaning “good”. Coincidence? Now within the image of man through the eyes of deception the outcome is in. The mark/goal to aim at (by the deceiver is in their forehead and brought it out of their right hand. At this point it is interesting to note that during the medieval era from the 5th to 15th century you were considered evil or a witch if you wrote with your left hand. Another coincidence regarding a 1000 years of being bound? And what is a book but bound?

What better way to control the masses then through the very language they use and the cause and effect it has on their minds imagery ends up totaling deception?


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