breath vs breath

The reason I point this out is there is a very distinct difference in the depth of the word that the english language will never supply. Therefore missing out on the true meaning of LIFE its self due to deception. We assume to breathe in air we need to live in this realm is what it is referring to. That is only one aspect and when you put 2 and 2 together with at the beginning we were told surely we’d die if we eat from the tree of knowledge, then surely the breath of air going in our lungs is not going to make us live when the devil and his demons live in the air we breathe.  The true breath needed is found in the Tree of LIFE and the flaming sword that turned every way would be found in our desire to want the truth (GODS BREATH OF LIFE). The same desire that caused us to leave GODS CONSCIOUSNESS is the same desire needed to get back to him again.


English breath meaning

Now look at the many deeper meanings in Hebrew and Greek

tree of knowledge (psuchó)

Tree of LIFE (psuché)

Interesting to note here that the next word up off of psuché (5590) is the word psuchikos (5591) and in the separation of the two words you can see a transitioning out of one consciousness into another until we end up at  psuchó. Its like the beginning of the falling away from GOD being mapped out in words strategically showing the fall of man down to this level of consciousness of deception.

Another good one in case you were not taken to it through your quest while clicking these links is, pneuma.

Then the next word is pneumatikos which in this word you can see how it can lean either way in a spiritual or human sense in which an effect is generated regardless.

Divine LOVE (hyperpleonázō) and Insight (phrónēsis)

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