The Word

In the beginning was the word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us

This isn’t in the right order but there is the point.


 It doesn’t say “In the beginning was the Bible”

You say the Bible is the word but in that Bible it says he is the word and became flesh and dwelt among us.

So this points us to look within and learn how to read him from within our own flesh. We were taught to read literal words (literally) not intuitively or instinctually. This is because of the sin in the beginning. It became our knowledge and taught us and corrupted us through deception.

As it evolved it formed a veil of darkness in us through our minds eye. Corrupting our ability to see the TRUTH and perceive it, to set us free of the darkness.

This is the actual sin, to miss the mark because of being apart from PISTIS (FAITH).

You cannot just assume you know what FAITH and sin are.

You have to come to the light of truth and comprehend them “fully” and separate from what you think they mean. Otherwise you received tree of knowledge version and trapped yourself in darkness.

Because of these types of deceptive events taking place, you have learned to believe the exact way tree of knowledge intended for you to and it renders us dead (spiritually).

But our FATHER knows all of satan’s work and sends FAITH (PISTIS) to us from within and we are meant to fully recognize every truth he is trying to reveal to us to help us rise from the dead.

The world’s way of teaching came from tree of knowledge (darkness). It has caused us to rely on 5 senses, leaving out the 6th. It is in this 6th we learn to read our FATHER through PISTIS.

But everyone is leaning on the physical, trying to get to the spiritual and it is all contradiction. They are two different languages within one, even though the same words are used. We receive PISTIS to receive him and his truth but we have to let go of our understanding or we become prisoners shackled to it and the darkness that created it.

We’ve become so accustomed or conditioned to the ways of the world that it distracts us from ever finding these simple truths spoken here, meant to help us all rise from the dead together (rapture).

Know this also, rapture is not in the Bible but everyone says it’s the word harpazo. That word means to snatch or seize. This is like being arrested. Exactly what took place with Adam and Eve. Their first perception was arrested, seized and snatched away from them by satan and the new perception generated through tree of knowledge came from satan. We were all raised in and by it. No one (except Yeshua) escaped it. He brought the light of TRUTH because he was the TRUTH that no one wanted to agree with in the religious sect so they murdered him.

Every time we reject these truths, we are guilty of murdering him also. Over and over we reject him and turn our back on his truths we are crucifying him again because of the darkness in us that refuses to comprehend him through sin that manifested our way of thinking. This is the palsy that needs healed in everyone of us.

Behold, I stand at the door and knock. Look at the rest of what that verse says. I will not slam the door in his face. Will you? Satan is residing over our mind in tree of knowledge thinking. This mind is his throne that causes us to turn on our FATHER and slam the door in his face or the truths face from within. Those who receive his truths will sup with him and gain his understanding. FAITH is how it’s accomplished and now you can walk through that door out of darkness and into light. Our FATHER shares his throne with you as you sup with him here in absolute truth. This is his throne becoming your throne and unifying with your old man way of thinking to purge out all that sins way taught you. From a lower hemisphere of darkness satan ruled over, to an upper hemisphere of light that reveals all truth outside the realm of satans throne and into the realm of our FATHER. Those who do not comprehend this is the same as Christ speaking, the light shines in the darkness and the darkness comprehends it not. The darkness will even convince you that you fully understand but disagree with this truth which is actually showing you the way that religion doesn’t. This is slamming the door in our FATHER’S face.

This is all coming from the word (the true Bible) I found dwelling inside of me years ago through PISTIS and still generating daily through it.

569/apisteō (“refuse to be persuaded”) is sin committed by believers  (Mk 16:11; Lk 24:11,41) and unbelievers (Ac 28:24; Ro 3:3; 1 Pet 2:7).  569 (apistéō) reveals a person is  unconvinced when they should be persuaded  by what the Lord has done (offered). 4102 pístis (from 3982/peithô, “persuade, be persuaded”) – properly, persuasion (be persuaded, come to trust); faith.


Faith (4102/pistis) is always a gift from God, and never something that can be produced by people. In short, 4102/pistis (“faith”) for the believer is “God’s divine persuasion” – and therefore distinct from human belief (confidence), yet involving it. The Lord continuously births faith in the yielded believer so they can know what He prefers, i.e. the persuasion of His will (1 Jn 5:4). Had I not recognized and believed all of the things I share, then I am refusing To be persuaded by our FATHER which would be committed by me. Not a sin in The way the world is accustomed to Think they know but; hamartano, the true Sin that keeps us from our FATHER. Hamartano Usage: originally: I miss the mark, hence (a) I make a mistake, (b) I sin, commit a sin (against God); sometimes the idea of sinning against a fellow- creature is present. Cognate: 264 hamartánō (from 1 /A “not” and 3313 /méros, “a part, share”) – properly, having no share in; to sin, which always brings forfeiture – i.e. eternal loss due to missing God’s mark. Like 266 /hamartía264 (hamartánō) is regularly used in ancient times of an archer missing the target (Homer, Aesch., etc). Every decision (action) done apart from faith (4102 /pístis) is sin (Ro 14:23; cf. Heb 11:6). See 266 (hamartia).


[265 (hamártēma) emphasizes the consequences of making any decision (action) by self rather than of faith (“God’s inworked persuasion,” cf. Ro 14:23).]

Remember this also;

Faith is the organ which enables people to see the invisible order which leads us to nous, the organ of receiving God’s thoughts, through faith.

Look at 2 Timothy 3:16 in this new light. All being talked about there and above reflects all spoken of here. Understand, ALL SCRIPTURE (does not just pertain to the Bible you read and accept that only the words from it are scriptures). Scriptures can literally mean (learned) but mostly pertains to script as a whole. If our FATHER brings you to any scripture writing) his way in faith, it’s for our personal growth in him.

Now pay close attention to 2 Timothy 3:15 (the verse above) and how we have known of the holy scriptures from a child. This statement further solidifies GOD becoming flesh and dwelling among us. As a child we have an ability to receive our FATHER through faith (Christ’s FAITH) but as we grow further into adulthood the contaminants of sin settle in to our brain through the tree of knowledge teachings. This renders us blind when we could have been reading our inner Bible (holy scriptures) all along but no one taught us this. These are the very things Christ came to teach us and was crucified for by the religious sects. It went against the grain of their beliefs and threatened the darkness in them which would equate to it loosing its power. It will not ever hand over it’s power which is obtained through our ignorance of all being spoken in TRUTH then and now. We all have a battlefield to get through and land minds (mines) of destructive forces tactfully placed to ensure we never make it to the other side.

Fear will win right from the start if we let it convince us there is no other way other than what we hold onto as truth when it’s actually satan’s truth.

Look at the Folly’s concerning the faith and all being spoken there.


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