Related to the tree of knowledge?

Word below looks like the exact opposite of GODS BREATH OF CONSCIOUSNESS. Brought to sight through the mystery post earlier today. Mysteriously tied to the Consciousness post prior to that (without that being planned). By taking all the vowels out of the mysterymueomusterionlatgelahgalah part of the name of the last post. That number added up to G105 in English Ordinal gematria (which led right to 109) basically explaining the other end of the spectrum of light and dark or truth and lie to give a more complete full image in the minds eye of the writings the other day. Or the H105 which can still fit into context with this writing in that the basket, dish or basin represent the human brain and the thing being fed to the brain is deception through the air we breath. This would still expand on another writing a couple days ago. Or G753 in English gematria produces the words Architeckton (a craftsman) in this instance the deceiver that built this structured system using us humans (temple) to maintain control for a H753 (orek) length of time. Then connecting its self to all that has been written here in the last few days to create an even more in depth picture (mysteriously but not) when you just stay focused on the task at hand and the context it all is coming to you in. In the end it all points to our false consciousness we live in as humans vs. GODS BREATH OF CONSCIOUSNESS which is unmistakable and the only way to his consciousness is through our individual desire.

You learn to read the signs (mysteries, miracles) by watching intuitively as what is meant to highlight in your quest will lead the way to what you are supposed to know. This is just the way this pattern unfolded to me today so I thought I’d share it.

ae’r, air

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