Example of the mis-translated word “by”

Just to give a quick example by using a simple word like “by” below you can find how deep the meaning actually was intended to go. This is basically the summation of our english language and mere assumptions can never fulfill what the spirit needs to shine out of deception and truly into the light of GOD/YAHWEH/FATHER.

Our literal interpretation are more times than not empty and controversial leaving plenty of room for misunderstanding and argument leading to absolute discord. Perfect for a deceiver to play on, in this case the deceiver is the master of deception and the same deceiver that beguiled Adam and Eve into death.

To get the full spectrum, click the number 1537 below.

1537 ek (a preposition, written eks before a vowel) – properly, “out from and to” (the outcome); out from within. 1537 /ek (“out of”) is one of the most under-translated (and therefore mis-translated) Greek propositions – often being confined to the meaning “by.” 1537 (ek) has a two-layered meaning (“out from and to“) which makes it out-come oriented (out of the depths of the source and extending to its impact on the object).


For 30 years now I have been breaking down the english dictionary dissecting words in search of truth metaphorically and literally. Truth seems to always be found in the metaphors. Talk about a very long process that only seems to leave the spirit wanting more in this quest for understanding. Just recently this was directed in my path as the answer why and the process in now sped up in fast motion and explaining all the unexplainable that I recognized before and even quite often mentioned out of recognition but could not pin point anything specific to verify. This process came to me once I was spiritually deemed ready to move onto the next level. There is way more than this going on at the same time, but I wanted to share this. All things are working for his good and confirmations are falling from the sky. Thank you FATHER!

The word sky- close your eyes what appears?

The word sun- the light of truth shining into deceptions moonlight.

The word Star- What the sun is as it burns brighter through your desire to want more truth. The consciousness we arrive at in nous/psuche as GOD breathes his breath of life into our Star/Sun/Consciousness and pistis.

Now take what the Bible says about the sun will be darkened in the last days. You can see the sun is down in almost all mankind because they choose to remain in aversion to GOD “by” being participants of this deceptive life willfully putting our choices before GOD, just like Adam and Eve did willfully eat of the tree of knowledge.

Some of the linked (yellow) words I added so you could see what I am talking about by clicking them. This is not even close to the extent of the full meaning and if you choose to follow their path, you just might decide to follow even further for your own growth to take in this breath of GODS CONSCIOUSNESS.

Actions always seem to speak louder than words. Our actions to seek truth to find it almost always ends up pointing us to a verb containing the truth and ultimately LIFE.

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