what is the goal?

What is the goal and how do we get there?

The goal or the Mark we should be aiming at is Christ’s Understanding. To get to this goal we first understand pistis. Next we understand that we are to follow the paths generated by GOD, not by us to achieve this. If the path is generated by us, we will miss the mark. Our FATHER has a perfectly designed process that when we learn to read it the way he intended, everything flows and falls into place perfectly and misunderstanding will fall out of place.

One of the first things that might come to mind is; If this is true then why were we never told/taught something so simple? The answer was not intended to be found in our english language. The power of deception has done nothing but expand and grow since the first step away from our FATHER the day at the tree of knowledge. Every day since then has been another step further away from him into the light deception offers. NOT GODS LIGHT! We have been aimed at goals that will never achieve Christ’s Understanding. By the time the 5th-7th century came around, powerful men in high places had new motives and incentive to develop a new language that was geared towards commercial activities for masses. By leaving out (or in some cases not even having words that translate over to the english language) key facts that pertain to GOD and his will and how we should be doing his work, these men basically removed the truths they wanted removed so they could achieve the power and control they were seeking. Its a sort of Machiavellianism, even back then.

By leaving key points out of the english language religion becomes mysterious and blind faith becomes hard to believe in. This is when doubt starts to cover our soul. All the while we have been perfectly fit into a commercialized system (like slaves) that never take their eyes off what they are intended to do. Just keep working. This is not what GOD GENERATED. Man did this. And it was not just man, the same deceiver that deceived Adam and Eve at the tree of knowledge is still running this show. He is pulling the strings of the higher man that has the highest amounts of his tree of knowledge to use them to get to the lower man and keep them blind or looking in another direction other than GODS.

Had these key words and definitions not been removed or if we still had spoke a more precise language, the religions we know now would not have developed into what we see now. What religion out there tells us to just stay focused on what GOD generates (and not what we generate) for us to pay attention to and you will stay away from sin? What religion even teaches us how? They all seem to have complicated and push people away from GOD even further.

All we need to do is get back to basics. Know the goal is Christ’s Understanding and that GOD is the only one that can lead us there individually. We just need to pay attention to what he generates for us and like the chimbonic check explains, if anyone tried it for them selves they might find a perfect system to help this expansion into GODS LIGHT in fast motion.

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