So what’s it all mean?

If you’ve came to a point where you may be starting to believe in the things being revealed here or even if sarcastically are asking this question “so what’s it all mean” then, why would GOD be showing you this? This is how pistis works!

But to answer the question, (the way it was answered for me) when I asked this question from others standpoint the answer came like this. I can see clearly now the rain is gone, I can see all obstacles in my way. This is exactly what is going on with me daily (through pistis) as I stray away from sin. The same can happen for every one of us and my examples are just to show you that you too can have you’re very own experiences “daily” when you comprehend how pistis and hamartano work.

In my case, everything is based around the Harvest! This is the reason for such urgency on every individuals part to recognize the truth.

So today, 8-7-2019 here is what took place. A new song by Tool was played on the radio for the first time. Song is called “fear inoculum”. I believe I wrote on this site before about 46 and 2, another Tool song from way back. I’ll look for that writing and link it if I find it.

The first thing that happened this morning when this song started playing was the thought of 46 and 2 just ahead of me and I looked down at the date and just had a feeling it was going to reveal that 8-7-2019 would = 46 and 2. So hear is what I saw right away without thought:

8×7=56, 1+9=10, 56-10=46 with the 2 left over. Everything happened by using pairs of 2 numbers and was separated by the number 2 and multiplication, addition, subtraction and the remainder of the division was all involved. Now many most likely will think, oh that’s just a coincidence. That response would most likely be correct (if this was happening to anyone else in the world other than me)! Because of where I am at spiritually, connected through my involvement and interaction, this is how our FATHER is communicating messages to me through pistis and my recognition of the way he systematically designs all of this for me. I then relay the messages to anyone who chooses to believe. I realize, many won’t! That’s fine, to keep looking for and excuse to not believe, is harder than to see the truth and believe. These happenings are coming in at such an excelled rate since I have became alert to them that there is no way any man could or would chalk this up as mere coincidence. These are all demonstrations that cannot be disproven. And only sin/hamartano would want to!

So this date = 46 and 2 became a highlight all day and in a major way of recognizing multiple facets involved. The song came on again a few hours later and the DJ made his own highlight of how long its been since the last album and other DJ stuff. By this time I was driving down the road and it came on and I was still in amazement of the divine intervention of this song (that probably no one else in the world made recognition of) was released on a day that equates to 46 and 2 (which is a major recognition in my life since it came out) I explain that in my previous writing.

So by the time the second play of the song is on the radio and pistis is being recognized (thoroughly) connecting all aspects, the thought comes to me of how people view the things I reveal to them as they are being revealed to me. The question comes to me (from their perspective) “Even if its all true whats it all mean”. Then a span of contemplation of all aspects was being digested. So then again, So what’s it all mean? But this time right behind that question the answer… I can see clearly now the rain is gone, I can see all obstacles in my way. This all happened right after driving through a heavy rain storm and right into a clear blue sky the rest of the way out.

This is being recognized as a major big deal to me because the rain was a significant part of my out of body experience when I was 19 years old.

Still digesting (as always) many revealings taking place that absolutely are connected and in context spiritually with our FATHERS messages he is revealing to me. So I get home hours later and have to go look the song up, “I can see clearly now”. The first video that pops up at top of page has the exact picture I had saved years ago for this site. It was a man walking alone down a road into a horizon with a tree on it. This was the exclamation point of the subject! I don’t even know if I had ever used that picture on this site but I recognized it from years prior (like 10 years) and looked it up in my spiritual quest folders and there it was, the exact, nothing different picture!

To me, this is all absolute confirmation (not coincidence) as to what I am being shown. And there are no obstacles in my way (other than sin/hamartano) if I let it! But I have been on the path of pistis daily and comprehend all that GOD generates for me to help with seeing clearly and without doubt. This can be done by anyone who chooses to experience it of their own free will.

So I was searching for a writing on this site re: 46 and 2 and then realized I never wrote it on here, it was a writing more meant for me and 2 other people who have been on this quest with me for a lot of years. Here is that writing (done on 1-19-2019).

The answer to everything we’ve been searching for is found in 46 and 2

Remember when this song came out by Tool, we knew it was going to be revealed at a future time what exactly 46 and 2 could be. We didn’t have a clue, just some guesses. Well here is what unfolded:


Every time a spiritual growth was happening with me I was noticing 462 was involved in a confirming way. It would just randomly be brought to my attention and I would recognize the highlight of it in that specific moment. This increasingly strengthened until this recognition finally was shown.

As I continue on in the Spiritual Quest, floods of information have been (continually) pouring in as I am obviously being directed towards Christ’s Understanding. Then out of no where I was taken to Greek and Hebrew words (notice 2 words). As I increased further spiritually in growth, 2 words were shown to me, pistis and hamartano (another 2). As for the next year (approximately) I was really being enlightened with all the new being revealed through Greek and Hebrew languages. Both of which are associated to numbers that correspond to a word. Right away I realized the massive importance of the 2 words (pistis and hamartano). They are 2 words absolutely misunderstood by man and used completely out of context when converted to the english language by way of these 2 words (faith and sin).

So after I had been systematically processed with all that was spiritually being given to me (and still is), I started realizing I needed to pay attention to the fact that Hamartano is associated to the number 264 in Greek. The exact reverse of 462 and what do you know, it is all spelled out in that word alone in simple form. Everything done outside of pistis is a sin! You have to understand this FULLY! Pistis also has to be understood FULLY! But the fact that this song by Tool 46 and 2 just ahead of me (at a future date) was already part of the process of revealing at a later date is amazing. 46 in Greek is to be uncarded, undressed, new (cloth). This is the importance of the open mind (undressed from what you know to be reclothed in Christ’s Understanding) This is where pistis steps in and sin is walked away from. When I was told about the Harvest is the end of the world , it was by way of Amos 4:7. The very next word up from 46 and it means “purity, chastity, cleanliness). That is exactly what Christ’s Understanding is (purity by way of pistis, not hamartano). Hamartano misses the mark (Christ’s Understanding) and is always generated by man. Where pistis is always generated by GOD, and you will without doubt understand the difference.


Sin is everything (we as man) are involved in that helps us miss GODS goal/mark for us. That mark/goal is Christ’s Understanding! If it is distracting you from paying attention to Pistis, it is a sin. So its very interesting to note that 46 is part of the process that needs to happen to reach the very next number 47 to be purified. In perfect sequence and recognition all is being revealed in this process I speak of.

What the main point of this writing is, is to relay the message that relates to all mankind seeking for some sort of answer on a spiritual level but they don’t even know what that is they are seeking. This is just that.

Understanding what role each of these words play in our life by way of our involvement has an end result cause and effect on our soul / perspective. Either of the light or the dark, deception or the truth. The answer 46 and 2 brings us to is that the two words pistis and hamartano are every thing (in word form) that we need to comprehend/recognize/perceive that our lack of understanding them keeps us involved in hamartano by default, thus we are guilty by association and our ignorance that at the moment may appear blissful will destroy your soul for eternity. I believe the creators of the english language (out of their ulterior motives of controlling the masses) knew to eliminate key words from this new language to leave us in languish. You may have had a silent scream generated by pistis to get you to look our FATHERS direction for once, and in that moment you knew without a doubt he existed but then went right back to the worlds ways of hamartano and lost sight of the goal some how in this (not knowing how this works state) they have made for us.

Their main goal is control and money and if we knew what pistis and hamartano or faith and sin really were, we would never even involve our self in their mammon, worldly ways. Especially knowing it will pull the veil of deception over you and you will die in sin rather than in Christ’s Understanding.

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