Left with the music

Since the time I had my out of body experience and felt like I was set back down to my original reality (this reality that most know), I have been making statements like the only thing I was left with was the memory of the experience and that I had left with the music.

Because I could still hear the spiritual meanings I was shown in the way they were revealed to me and the only thing really missing now was the emotional attachment I had experienced to the purity of being out of body. So clean and pure with clarity and no doubt that this reality I had the honor of experiencing was 100% real and that all mankind needed this to cure and rid all the sickness that is in the world. World peace can truly be had for all humanity if they were in this state I was experiencing. And remember, I lived in this state for around 6 months.

All these years later the music is still clear as day and now the years have sorted and organized all I have been experiencing since that time, to date. Digesting all that is coming in now in a absolutely clear and explainable way now like never before.

Part of the experience seems to have to do with a mindset that a normal American (english speaking person) doesn’t have because this english language leaves us shallow. But what I was being shown and what was and is still being digested is taken in more deeply (like Hebrew or Greek comprehending type people) and processing truths in a vivid manner all the way to the point of leading me directly to these languages (through pistis which I never knew was the word I needed to explain my experience until I was systematically led to it).

The english language leaves us assuming and lazily accepting that we think we know things that are being said. We are all experiencing a communication difficulty and lack of skillfulness in the way we communicate to each other which brings us to frustrating conversations that end up bad. Even when dealing with trying to raise our children or deal with a spouse. This is part of the experience of hamartano on our mind rather than pistis on our mind, completing it into nous (Christ’s understanding). The way he uptook or intook information was so much deeper that we can fathom.

So today it comes to me. Take the word I have been saying “left with the music” and look at all the different ways it can be taken other that just the obvious (that even I was overlooking up to this point). This will become a great example of depth! At the same time, It has taken me 30 plus years to see this.

When I tell my experience to people and say; “after I was set back down (meaning put back into my body not to see and feel the out of body experience anymore but can remember it clearly), but I was left with the music”. The way I was shown (once it came to light/life to me in this way) stayed with me all along. So the music and the way it was revealed to me to hear it has stayed with me all along. The reason for the name of this site/sight. A pistis moment today has me realize all the different ways this statement can be taken now “left with the music” and how they all can literally apply to the situation of this entire experience.

  • 1st way, the obvious way I meant it.
  • 2nd way, was it that I was set back down into my body or did I (my soul) truly leave with the music and I just think I was set back into my body?
  • 3rd way, the left can be a representation of east of eden. A statement mentioned in the Bible about Adam and Eve (which has revealed its self to me that there is very important value in this statement that we are missing). The Septuagint uses the words (over and above rather than east). This clearly changes the context and value of what is being said and makes it seemingly appear to be a new perspective or perception that was now given to man through Adam and Eves choice. This new perception (deception based) joined or became one with mankind and took precedence over the other pure state they had been experiencing up to that free will choice. So the new deception perception was set over and above the other pure perception and defaulted into all mankind a hamartano (not pistis) based perception. East of Eden is literally going away from the west (our FATHER). So it is us (mankind) literally walking away from GOD our FATHER by way of the sin/hamartano free will choice. Eden being the purest state of mind ever know or experienced by man and that was limited at Adam and Eve, the only two witnesses to ever experience Eden and what I am referring to, until Christ. Now, step back away from the compass and see the N,S,E,W. THE RISE AND FALL OF EVERYTHING I AM EXPLAINING IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. On the left side of the compass west (the representation of getting back to our FATHER instead of continually stepping away into the east we were directed by deception to keep us from getting back to our FATHER’S purity). Everything the world offers is of hamartano to distract us from pistis (which will lead us back to our FATHER). So now when I see or hear these words “left with the music” It makes total sense as to the name of this site at a much deeper level now than before. The music the way I have been shown to hear it has been taking me back this whole time to the west (the left side of the compass that represents a mistake) and reveals the way back to our FATHER (through pistis) takes us back away from the east/sin/hamartano and then once again we by free will choice regain an new perception (back to Eden, the purest perception ever to be experience by man) that is placed over and above the sin/deception/hamartano/eastward free will choice. So after this long explanation, I have been being taken back to the “left with the music” away from the east/sin to be give clarity once again by way of the free will choice to believe everything his is and has been revealing to me. Every experience along the way is for completion through pistis instead of remaining incomplete by hamartano. The entire reason for Christ being sent here to cleanse sin/hamartano must truly be understood. This at first might be hard because of what our current state/perception is based on is of the assumptions of sin that has raised us to (at all cost) keep us from our FATHER. Once you understand the reason he wanted to cleanse us from sin was so that we could see everything the way he did (Christ’s understanding) was accomplished through pistis/faith in a much deeper way that we have comprehended to date. Deception,dark and sin/hamartano are one and the same and the exact opposite of the light and truth pistis reveals in which deception can not exist. This is the reason it wants to keep us all in the dark, ignorant, not knowing and continually striving eastward (away from the light of our FATHER) BY DIRECTING US TO MORE DISTRACTING WORLDLY WAYS. We can all choose to remain possessed by this darkness or we can choose to take possession of the light out FATHER is continually revealing to us by way of pistis. Our choice to continue in our worldly distractions on a daily basis is limiting our FATHER from revealing to you because your free will was already set in motion by Adam and Eve, like I stated above. But your free will to believe the truths being revealed here, will in essence remove the veil of this deception/darkness that has taken possession of all by default because you chose to take hold of the light of truth that pistis has been generating/revealing on this site from day one.
  • 4th way, my mind “left with the music” from my old man of sin/hamartano to achieve nous/Christ’s Understanding through pistis and all that has been being generated for me to recognize that our FATHER has wanted me to.

27 For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

This is all happening, within.

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