Sin is an acronym

Sin is an acronym for (satan’s internal network). This network extends beyond man into the cosmos of energy tied (connected) to all things. Overlayments through constellations that connect to our mind. Energies known as gods that are designed to keep man blind. Servants to its structure as the empire we build devours our souls. This new perspective was gained by free will of Adam and Eve. None would understand any of this from this perceptional shift into mankind’s brain. The cause and effect created, jaded what should have been gained.

Control given over to a new world that would now form. We are all the end result byproducts of the epitome of sin. As satan’s internal network takes hold through the mind, it’s energy is one dimensional as far as a one track mind and keeping us servants to it. If we were ever able to come to know its magic tricks, then the magic tricks would no longer be able to work and control the outcome of mankind. This deception on the willfully ignorant by way of tree of knowledge has grown very strong in a professionalized structure and made its self appear to be absolutely on point to all that never know the truth.

To fully understand the depths of the word SIN, You must be awoken first by FAITH. Faith is like a reverse osmosis to purify the contaminating effects sin has had on our brain through the structure of our sin guided mind which is satans throne. All the gods in charge of their individual positions through energy and thought reside in here and out there and work perfectly for this system to work by way of us not knowing it. If we don’t believe these things, this is the same as not knowing and the puppet master still wins.


The power of recognition can only be obtained through FAITH (pistis). This is the key to unlocking the cell doors created around us in our mind/brain prison cells. WITHOUT AN OPEN MIND you will never come to see the light of truth in the way Christ did. Faith is what delivers us to Christ’s understanding as it purges sin from our being in fullness and delivers us unto him with completeness of FULL COMPREHENSION. We can never come to know the TRUTH through the same dynamic that taught us the way we perceive its structure of sin and created the physical ties and attributes to accommodate the entire cause and effect we are all experiencing.

Until we perceive these truths through TRUE (Christ FAITH), We can never rise from the death of all being explained here. This death is the death foretold at the beginning where “For in the day you partake (eat) of the tree of knowledge, surely you will die”. We have no way to perceive this truth through the eyes of sin to help us comprehend fully what took place. It is not literal on any level. Literal actually is part of the death. To comprehend literally, literally kills our souls. But FAITH has its specific purpose as does sin and its the opposing effect and result of sin. As you know, GOD and satan are opposing forces, like love and hate, good and bad, positive and negative and truth and lie. This is the exact case for faith and sin. Faith is of our FATHER and sin is of satan, (which means adversary and in adversary we find opposing force). There will always be an opposing force, just like in many who read this writing. The opposing force of satan will rise up to keep this truth from hitting the mark within many so they can never come to the light of the truth. But those who have an open mind and get it, will find that incrementally they will start to be set free from the shackles of thought that will never let you rise higher as an unbeliever. The very rapture many are waiting on, they are missing for lack of knowledge (Christ understanding). Literal meanings are not meant for spiritual growth. They are meant to be tools of satan to keep you in sin and missing the mark (which is to achieve Christ’s understanding). This is the only goal for humanity (or at least it should be), but we can see the verdict is in on that through the actions of man that speak louder than words.

S.I.N, (satan’s internal network) may want to go to war within many who read this and it will come in many different forces. Emotions are major tools of satan to provoke us to anger, fear, hate and fake love. Christ’s love is unconditional and is always reaching for TRUTH in all ways to set us free. These truths here come from Christ’s LOVE. I DON’T KNOW ANY OF YOU WHO READ THIS ON THE INTERNET BUT HE DOES. This is his love reaching through me to help all ready to awake see (healing the blind and sick) the way he wants all of us to. I have nothing to gain from spending my time in a field I know is already most likely going to be for a moot point. But I have hope that his truths reach many so we can all find the true rapture. Rise from the death of sin and be with Christ in mind body and soul and you’ll find the cure for humanity. Never leave this place of pure mind he wants us all to achieve and keep striving daily in him to come to know him deeper (which equates to higher). Unto his perspective without judgement, with compassion and full blown understanding we’ll find we are in his presence and he in ours at all times as long as we never look away back to the old man we came to know our entire life, that man of S.I.N.

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