Faith is a key element

Faith is the key element


Faith is the key element to my growth. Before ever knowing what Faith was and is, it started working within me and I was recognizing a valuable life changing guidance no one ever taught me about or revealed to me. Intuitive instincts awoken on a level no man can explain. As an out of body experience arose from my intent, close paying attention to the divine intervention that was beginning to align in me with out me ever knowing until the end result of it happened.


In this event, besides coming out of body and experiencing everything from a whole new perspective of absolute clarity and knowing as to where it was coming from energetically (GODLY) and the way it worked and aligned within me to bring all things of truth I’d later come to know in a way of absolute completion of the process that generated it into my existence. The power of this recognition is exactly what is intended when Faith is generated for us to SEE what and how we are supposed to see and align with, within our FATHER from within.


No one ever taught me any of this, our FATHER brought me to this HIS WAY. In this he revealed many things and one of them was the way music came alive through the events of this power of recognition in and through the man I am. Leading me deeper into this man to the soul level of alertness no man can teach us about. Only our FATHER can take us there by our own free will interaction and desire. So as the music started to reveal to me that there are words beneath the obvious words that carry the truth we seek in a metaphorical sense, all of a sudden, new life was added by way of the music. Like our FATHER opened the door or flood gates to his truths on all levels through this clarity of Faith he poured upon me. Like I said, I had no idea this was Faith taking place because the world has never taught this in this way I am trying to explain.


What was happening was everything was becoming more and more intensified by way of these powerful recognition’s and I was actually (literally) being translated from sin (which I had no idea of at the time either. I could just tell everything was aligned in our FATHERS purity he was bringing me to. In this, coming to know HIS LIFE he intended us all to come to know (properly) was starting to take its toll on my soul, mind body and brain levels as the alignment continued while my soul was literally out of body. None of this happens if I never took his guiding hand through the belief and power of recognition that this was all of our FATHER and his doing to reveal to me what he wanted me to have. The end result of what he wanted me to have is the same he wants us all to have, Christ’s understanding! Without it, we’ll never rise higher where we belong in him and this is the exact reason Faith is generated in our lives to pull us from the sin knowledge of the world which misses this mark/goal, Christ’s understanding. You cannot achieve this goal through the thoughts of sin. They are in opposition to Faith and render different effects on our being and we partake in them based on the way the world has raised us to be worldly. This all comes from tree of knowledge death perception that took place on and in man.


There is so much to try to explain but bridging gaps to men who have yet to experience on their own is not and easy task. To shine the light into the darkness of sin, is like going to war with satan within. The battle inside is all about the mind control of the step father and father of this sin I speak. As he laid upon humanity this death perception of sin, all born into it would never put their finger on the exact deception used to alter or trick the mind so its cunning ways could work. This is the power of ignorance.


What you don’t know, is the darkness and within that darkness we believe lies and deceit. But come to know the truth through Faith through the power of recognition and take its hand, your life will become life in a new way that is not the death we were told would happen at the tree. All of this I do my best to explain to you to help you see what needs seen for your own personal growth and experiences in this way. The power of recognition plays a major role. Like comprehending inner promptings that we read into, numbers that may come at us in a specific unexplainable way but a sense of importance comes with it. A song that all of a sudden catches your souls attention at a deeper level, all of these things are designed to help you understand ALL the things involved and how to read into them properly for soul directional growth. But if no one ever taught us about these things, how an we truly grow?


Understanding how Faith is the key element that leads you to the next growth event and in my case was music coming alive through the eyes of pistis in which I did not know that this is exactly what Faith is and how it works to guide us higher from within. Revealing all things necessary for our individual growth. Now music and Faith together for me equate to a very concise and clear message everytime our FATHER speaks through it (in his way) that he wants me to receive to come higher in Christ’s understanding. This is why I share the beauty of the events with all the world who choose to see even knowing the cost it may have on me for speaking in such a way. It’s very self evident what most people would say or think of someone making these claims, but until you try for your self to disprove it, how will you know? And for those who believe it, watch how they’ll grow. Its too easy to continually take the easy way out and not do your own work to seek out a thing further to find the truth. This is the work we all need to be doing to realign our soul….. Not the work of the world/sin that becomes the souls destruction through wrongful prioritization in a temporal state of consciousness that could have lead you to an eternal state of being forever.


Remember, what I am telling you when it comes to music, these bands in most cases do not know their own involvement beyond the sin side message they are singing to you about. Some are more awake than others and this will be evident. But your message is YOUR message and when heard through pistis is OUR message we are all supposed to receive to grow into the unity of Christ’s understanding through the very Faith he used to get us there. Step out of the way of yourself by stepping away from all that has sin manifested beliefs within your brain by using an open mind, this is the door he stands and knocks at, will you open it?


Remember, Faith gives you eyes and ears to hear the calling of the truth from within. Our FATHER WILL and does use it to teach us and guide by using all things relevant in our lives. Learn to read his inner work and you’ll learn to read the world without their words. Then the words may actually find a way to spell out the actual truth you seek. Understand all of the order of events first that might have led you to some words or numbers used to get you to the words, and find yourself experiencing a completeness within yourself that never was before. I am always open to help anyone willing to grow in Christ’s understanding. You can knock on my door anytime as well and I will open it to and for you.

Are you willing to limit our FATHERS abilities by thinking that he is not capable of reaching us in a much more broad spectrum or variety of ways (even in your so called devil music) than just the Bible and are you willing to accept your fault for being wrong when you have to answer to him. This is more about Faith than music but still with all elements of his inner works aligned and working in perfect synchronicity and part of those elements are the music. Why would you want to leave anything out that would help and was designed for your personal expansion as you learn to read the TRUE inner Bible that comes to life through our involvement?

Faith is what allows us to see and read all that I am sharing through my own experiential knowing in which I was given authority to further expound on, in the way he has me. Remember, He didn’t even bring me to the word Faith until about 30 years into my quest. I’ve always known the word just like everyone else but I never really truly knew the word how I needed to. Once he revealed it was the cause and effect of all I couldn’t explain before (as to why the out of body and the music being shown), the real clarity really set in and took hold after this and that is when he introduced me to the Greek and Hebrew words. The magic and the power comes from the absolute perfection of his design and the way he causes us to read into his movement for our own growth. As this rests on our soul and digests into our being, we learn to read all things and apply them in the exact proper way he intended without skipping a beat. Same thing took place as he revealed it is the sin that blinds us from all I speak of.

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