Parallels of music with the Bible once both are understood through pistis.

Systematically synchronized events are all around us. Its hard to see them when we are continuously involving ourselves in the distractions of the world. If what has been taught to your mind came from hamartano, then the deception of hamartano will deceive completely, within the human it has possessed. If what is in your mind is not of pistis, then all that is left that it can be from is, hamartano.

From the perspective of hamartano, it does not want you to comprehend anything more than what it has to offer you to keep you in it dark shadow world. This is how it exists and survives within us. As we lock ourselves onto our own understanding (or what we think our own understanding), we limit not only our self but GOD and what his intentions for us to achieve are. Christ’s Understanding is his goal for us to achieve and when we doubt things by way of hamartano, then the sin/hamartano has won within that person until they choose by free will to see the truth.

There are parallels everywhere but we only notice those of this realm and sense those of the other. It is within this sense that pistis reveals exactly what we are meant to receive/recognize. When in sync with our FATHER, he uses everything, not just music and not just the Bible, but he brings about a completeness of comprehension by way of anything he uses that we recognize. I just happened to be shown about the music at a young age (without ever knowing of a word called pistis) but was in its flow the whole time. The parallel of the shallow shadow message in hamartano is what is clouding most human perspective that awaits us in pistis when we free will believe and seek the truth. If you decided for yourself that all I am claiming is false right from the start, you slam the door in your own face to the truth that is reaching through me to touch/enlighten you.

When you are shown something so powerful (that the world has never been able to show or reveal to you), then you want the whole world to know when that treasure has been found. What good is any treasure if you can’t share it with anyone? And if people don’t understand the value of that treasure does that take away the value of that treasure? If 99 out of 100 people didn’t know the value of the treasure and just shrugged it, the last one that recognized its value reaps the benefits of the treasure and then all the money that came from that treasure is all of the sudden what the other 99 people recognize, where is the value in that.

The treasure I always speak of has riches at the value of a soul level by way of seeking truth to achieve Christ’s Understanding. The seeking is the work, the reward is the enlightenment of our FATHER through pistis that is the only riches that can buy your way into heaven. No amount of money from any worldly treasure can do this!

The music is just one of the treasures, I share with you. But really its more the whole of everything being brought to me started by my recognition of all GOD has been generating for me all along. To accomplish, his completeness within me and my cup runneth over to others needing a drink of the truth.

1615. ekteleó

ekteleó: to complete fully

Original Word: ἐκτελέω
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: ekteleó
Phonetic Spelling: (ek-tel-eh’-o)
Definition: to complete fully
Usage: I complete, bring to completion, carry out, perform.

1615 ekteléō (from 1537 /ek, “wholly out,” intensifying 5055 /teléō, “to complete, finish”) – properly, finish out, i.e. completely, to the end(outcome).


From ek and teleo; to complete fully — finish.

see GREEK ek

see GREEK teleo

That which needs completed by way of our own actions is to achieve Christ’s Understanding. Hamartano leaves us disconnected/incomplete but pistis lets us see all of this and more.

1782. enteuthen

enteuthen: from here, on each side, thereupon

Original Word: ἐντεῦθεν
Part of Speech: Adverb
Transliteration: enteuthen
Phonetic Spelling: (ent-yoo’-then)
Definition: from here, on each side, thereupon
Usage: hence, from this place, on this side and on that.

akin to enthen
from here, on each side, thereupon
NASB Translation
either side (2), here (4), source (1), this realm (1).

from hence, on either side.

From the same as enthade; hence (literally or figuratively); (repeated) on both sides — (from) hence, on either side.

see GREEK enthade

Pistis completely lets you see all sides as it completely completes you within.

A good example with the music is, I can see the obvious side of the music just like you can, but with pistis I see the other as well. Giving even more value to both sides and appreciation to the pistis side in a way that can never been seen if you remain in hamartano. These are all actions that have an end result cause and effect on every individual soul out there. Now this ends up giving a broader spectrum/perspective to the souls that recognized it. There are two sides to every story and hamartano has been telling its side to all of us all along and we’ve been eating it up because we didn’t know any better. Ignorance is no excuse, (it may seem blissful). Its time to let pistis speak its side!

For every wrong there is a right, for every bad there is a good, for every down there is an up, for every sad there is a happy, for every hate there is a love and the parallel of both their existence and the fact that it takes both sides for a completeness to fully be developed to see everything from all angles of all sides in the cause and effect unseen realm of it all. Without one, there is no appreciation for the other! Once you’ve experienced them both, you know the complete value of the one over the other! That is the importance of pistis and to choose to live through what is revealed through it rather than through what is not revealed through hamartano….


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