mind clutter of the indoctrinations of sin

Mind clutter of the indoctrinations of sin

Caged by beliefs that never set you free

Without any preponderance of the way its supposed to be

Psychological warfare clouding your minds eye

To ensure you never want out, or ever even try

Like a bird locked in a cage with clipped wings

Anthropos has become the puppets on the strings

Raised to believe that its all a certain way

The mind clutter of the indoctrinations of sin made us stray

In a single file line we have been shown a path

But its the path to destruction which will soon face GODS wrath

But because everyone is following we just assume

That this must be whats right as we enter into doom

With numb and blind instincts, obliviously we follow

Just the natural flow of every lie we swallow

Taken in day by day right from the start

Until the false calamity, obliterates the heart

Now locked within the abyss of abandonment, did you look for the key

Part of the key involves effort if you’re ever to be free

You have to search through the mind clutters of the indoctrinations of sin

But there is a certain way and a place to begin

You can’t seek the answers from inside the cage

The answers are on the outside and pistis sets the stage

A light of curiosity that makes you want to seek

It shows you the way to the freedom that I speak

Burning away the mind clutter of the indoctrinations of sin

Its all in the way we recognize and let these truths in

As we do we will see the cage is made of traps

Intertwined with our involvement and separation gaps

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