Falling back to familiarity

Falling back to familiarity

Afraid to seek and expand the unknown

To achieve new understanding that will be shown

Indoctrinations of life have blinded our intuition

Leaving us stranded on sins ambition

Not knowing the cost or consequence

That sin will always give you the false pretense

In a rise to a rapture there is a fall

Falling back to familiarity and its beckoning call

Throwing the blinders back into place

So that the enlightening moment, is gone without a trace

Rapture stops and GOD becomes limited

By free will involvement and all we’ve exhibited

Actions that speak loud and clear only he can read

Our involvement in pistis, is all that we need

All we are taught from the wrong source that pulls

Is that of dark deception and all of its tools

Until we live fully within pistis and learn

There is no other way to comprehend Christ’s return

The moment you see the light, never let go

This is pistis, and all it will show

But returning to the ways of daily routine

Will bring you back to a sinful regime

Clouding all your ability to rise and expand

As you learn in this rapture, how to take our FATHERS hand

But the unseen momentum shift that will blind clarity

Is the unrecognized event of falling back to familiarity

Where all the locks and prevention exist to keep trapped

The soul that’s within you, but is hamartano mapped

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