This writing is based on the word inkling. Have you ever had a thought pass through your mind about something that might be true that you some how know it is without proof? My example of that is the knowing that there is something corrupt with governments and people in power. But never having the proof is another obstacle. When I was just starting School in Kindergarten the pledging allegiance to a flag never seemed right to me. Why were we not pledging allegiance to GOD? Isn’t the flag an idol (this question of course came later)? So at a very young age on my own recognition within, this inkling started. Another inkling I had very young was that there was a reason I am here and a purpose to accomplish before I go that was spiritual, not of the worldly ways. Seeing as I grew up that religion creates argument and the way people come to their belief is basically at the hands of another mans teachings. Even if not, if you happened to be spiritually driven from within, we still have the hurdle of getting past our own words that are in our way and limit what truths we are receiving. The point is years later now at 48 years old the chimbonic check process revealed this truth to complete what was incomplete within me.

Using many chain of events and patterns through my own recognition and perfect placement by our FATHER and years of experience in the way our FATHER works through a sense that we as humans have limited. The more in tune we become with this sense, the more we understand its inner workings with our connection to our FATHER.

So as the years passed by me and the tuning dialed in we arrive to the word chimbonic by way of these inner workings being polished. Around the same time I was taken to GREEK and HEBREW words that revealed to another inkling I have had since a very young age (that our language was limited in understanding on purpose). All has been revealed (and then some) in the chimbonic check process.

Learning to process the inkling’s by using the chimbonic check process will reveal truths and generate a more full picture of understanding as we follow pistis. When you have an inkling, this is the context you will keep at the front of your mind while the revealing takes place. This inkling is the whole reason you are doing the chimbonic check process so it will keep the process organized by remembering that.

Our FATHER has a way of using everything to accomplish his will through our  recognition. Inklings are most likely the result of what GOD has generated for us to recognize so he can rise us to his Understanding he intends for us to gain.

This writing here is a good example MDCCLXXVI

It has some cool things to pay attention to as the process unfolds. Recognition in its process might help you understand (as an example) the way the chimbonic check process works. There are plenty more on this site that do the same if you are interested in finding them you’ll be led to them in the order your soul needs to be. The one above I use as an example will show the process of inklings that are generated along the way by following the process to a tee.

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