satan uses people to pull us further from our self and our FATHER.

Keeping us in a state of bewilderment due to our own involvement in sin/hamartano that we have “tree of knowledge” misunderstood. People become so dependent on others that they lose sight of their own destiny/path which is to align with our FATHER on all levels in his true marriage/union through FAITH/PISTIS. This is the only way to comprehend what his SON did and achieve CHRIST’S UNDERSTANDING. We amount to distractions to each other and become tools of satan that wedge us apart from our FATHER.

Ask yourself this, can Christ be deceived? He knows the light of his FATHER he tried to share with us was being shown in the darkness of our mind due to the cause and effect of sin/hamartano and the mind/darkness comprehended him NOT. This darkness is the end result of the sin at the tree of knowledge (surely you’ll die) episode. It is manifested in humanity and Christ was sent as the only one to bring LIFE back through this LIGHT his FATHER sent him with for us all to attain.

Our ignorance of how it all works is what allows satan his power to deceive in this darkness. Pistis is what allows us to see it all clearly 1212 within and allows us to strategically follow Christ’s footsteps home to the LIGHT OF OUR FATHER where deception and satan no longer exist. The power of recognition through pistis/FAITH (the true FAITH) will set us free. The misunderstood faith is of sin and exactly what satan wants from us, to be deceived or deceivable. Understand these truths and get past your own misunderstanding and fears planted by satan in them and you’ll find yourself entering our FATHERS light just like Yeshua/Christ was. This is the second coming through the clouds of your mind’s eye and all will be revealed as you stay here in pistis, you are being taken into Christ’s understanding and murdering the darkness of satan in your brain. satan needs purged from all of us and our FATHER NEEDS US TO DO HIS WORK WITH OUR SELVES individually to become one with all being spoken or ever was spoken by his SON.

When we put people in front of our FATHER the work you need done within cannot be accomplished because our FATHER ends up on back burner to your choices of you put first. We reflect those choices into this world and all becomes 1212 to anyone who can see through pistis or the eyes of Christ.

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