The axiom of pistis

This morning when I woke up, the word “axiom” was given to me. I didn’t know what the word meant (just like many words) so I had to see where I was being led through pistis. Here is what happened. After starting to read the meaning from the english dictionary it became 1212 self evident what I was being shown. Then a poem came to me and poured out of me. Here is that poem:

The axiom of pistis


One law, one structure all comes down to one word

The teachings to man we should have taught and always heard

One life, one form a unity of the masses

All could have been obtained, through pistis classes

Teach a child this one way and watch life change

But where’s the teacher now, that can rearrange

Structural damage to the hull, the ship is almost sunk

The earth the ark that carries them, completely left unthunk

Damage done in unspeakable ways, never to be the same

The reason for this is the way we were taught and its the one to blame

The one word, one force that has lead the way

It was all the actions of what sin taught, day after day

A misguided instinct designed to distract

Making sure the whole would never be intact

Totally divided masses by way of ignorant arrogance

A self destruct methodology of mans inheritance

Set in motion by one bad choice and then came another

Now we live on this ark, where man kills his own brother

We all know something is wrong and its found within this truth

The axiom of pistis, should have started in the beginning of mans youth

Anthropos in general should have been taught, back at day one

Never to stray from this path because in this day, sin will have begun

To have this general comprehension in every single man

Right back starting at day one, this is how we should have ran

To run a country to run a world, everything would fall in place

To serve one GOD in his way, without one sin trace

Every single soul would comprehend how to hear

The FATHERS message meant to be heard as he whispers in our ear

After the writing I noticed there were 299 words used to create all that was being revealed. So I looked that number up in greek.

299- amomos: blameless

Original Word: ἄμωμος, ον
Part of Speech: Adjective
Transliteration: amomos
Phonetic Spelling: (am’-o-mos)
Definition: amomum (a fragrant plant of India)
Usage: blameless, without blemish, unblemished, faultless.

299 ámōmos (an adjective, derived from 1 /A “not” and 3470 /mṓmos, “blemish”) – properly, unblemished, without spot or blot (blight); (figuratively) morally, spiritually blameless, unblemished from the marring effects of sin.

This is the exact thing being said in the moral of the poem. 299 I see as what the outcome of “the axiom of pistis” would have been for humanity if we had taught this from the beginning.

Like our FATHER just put his fingerprint of approval on that poem and all it is saying!

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