Societal indoctrination

Societal indoctrination has to be recognized for what it is. It is the product of the end result of Adam and Eve entering us (as a human) race into sin. We see everything through this sin now and it misses GODS mark. We need to fully comprehend pistis/faith and sin/hamartano so we can straighten this out on an individual soul level. A purging needs to happen within your soul to see clearly through Christ’s Understanding.

The Bible could have been written in a complete lie. Designed to mislead and deceive but then pistis came along (was generated) and our FATHER took us to one of the verses (because he knows where everything is) in it at the perfect appropriate time of your life to move you spiritually higher. So he even uses bad to get to us and its all in the way he does this with everything that we are also reading into as we receive his messages through pistis.

I am not claiming the Bible is a lie in any way, just using this example to get the point across what faith/pistis really is and how it is meant to be recognized to work for us in our lives. Most people’s version of faith leaves them incomplete and incompletable (as to being able to be led to Christ’s understanding/purity). Misconceptions are a product of satans deception through sin/hamartano (the other word that fully needs understood). When understanding it the way pistis and our FATHER wants us to (which just happens to be the bad side of the subject but causes a completion) we then within comprehension are risen gradually higher to that place Christ was and is.

In simplicity:

pistis equates to the path to Christs understanding and sin/hamartano of the worlds or satans understanding that he wants you to have because he knows it misses the mark, its on.

pistis purges sin, in sin satan exists. He knows the wave of TRUTH/LIGHT and all that is happening is designed to purge him out of you. His fear is so connected to us as if its our own, its because we’ve allowed him (unknowingly) To use our mind as his throne. He has so much power in this within the entire human race. But this is why fear will happen when our FATHER is purging through pistis.

All of the societal indoctrination is spelled out as to why in the above. How we as a society of anthropos living together are missing GODS mark (Christs Understanding) through the sin that was set in motion at Adam and Eve.

His entire canvass in us needs rewritten on our mind

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