paradoxos: contrary to opinion or expectation

Original Word: παράδοξος, ον
Part of Speech: Adjective
Transliteration: paradoxos
Phonetic Spelling: (par-ad’-ox-os)
Definition: contrary to opinion or expectation
Usage: unexpected, strange, wonderful, astonishing.

In this example, we are going to see the reason for the cause and effect you keep seeing me mention.

Sin is contrary to FAITH…. it produces the exact opposite (opposing) effect and one is right and the other is wrong. This is all taking place on an individual energy level from within us and it has to do with a closed mind that when opened, it will set us free to the right side away from the paradoxos effect of sin. Sin would make sure that when he knocks on our door to open to him, we are sure to keep it locked shut so we will never receive him in the way he has been intending for us to. This will take place by way of false beliefs and indoctrinations and then to further worsen matters for us, satan uses his energy through fear, anger, pride, disgust and wrongful judgement. But to a man that does, he unites and joins in the astonishment of the truths he never comprehended before. The exact opposite effects of happiness and love and desire of more with open mind and open arm fully embraces every event from there on out as they learn to know or (come to know) how our FATHER has always meant to work within us. The new paradoxos  of Christ  FAITH is now accessible to him because he has opened that door (the mind). You must recognize this is where the FAITH that was set it in motion within you (by our FATHER) to fully recognize the call and stay there at all time from there on out. A new world is revealed and all of the old mans ways become baptized through the fire of Christ (which will be experienced by way of the old man warring with himself and old beliefs) and the new man will be formed (if he opens the door and keeps it open).


From para and doxa (in the sense of seeming); contrary to expectation, i.e. Extraordinary (“paradox”) — strange.

see GREEK para

see GREEK doxa

para: from beside, by the side of, by, beside

Original Word: παρά
Part of Speech: Preposition
Transliteration: para
Phonetic Spelling: (par-ah’)
Definition: from beside, by the side of, by, beside
Usage: gen: from; dat: beside, in the presence of; acc: alongside of.

3844 pará (a preposition) – properly, close beside. 3844 /pará (“from closely alongside“) introduces someone (something) as very “close beside.”

3844 (pará) an emphatic “from,” means “from close beside” (“alongside”). It stresses nearness (closeness) which is often not conveyed in translation. 3844 (pará) is typically theologically significant, even when used as a prefix (i.e. in composition). 3844 (pará) usually adds the overtone, “from close beside” (implying intimate participation) and can be followed by the genitive, dative, or accusative case – each one conveying a distinct nuance.

We must understand that sin tries to mimic FAITH. It has created its own world of beliefs to man through our personal ignorant involvement. It’s all about energy, then it reflects what and who we are through the human end result. We are all, NOT ALRIGHT! We are mistaken on all levels due to sin and the shackles it has put upon us to keep us from opening this door that Christ stands at and knocks. Sin/satan knows it loses control of its power once you become aware of how all things work. The power of recognition will unify with all he brings to you forever. Our involvement is intimate which ever side it is we choose to operate from. If all is done for worldly gain, we operate from sin and this is the fornication and adultery that you do not want to accept as true because of the energy satan uses to ensure you won’t. He doesn’t want to see any of us set free to the degree Christ intended. He is trying to pull us through (into mind purity with no misunderstanding) to his perspective and away from ours which is the products of sin.


Paradox of the unknown


Something has a grip on our soul

Reflecting in the separation of the human toll


Where the actions speak louder than words

Inexplicably, we’ve watched it unfold in the herds


Something has taken place beneath the surface of the brain

Where mind meets matter and we can’t explain


What runs the show for all humanity at this level

Bet you never thought, this was the work of the devil


Where the puppet master pulling the strings directs

Cause and effecting our actions in many dialects


Dialects with nothing to do with words but instead

Its all in the actions we play our in our head


Bringing to fruition every last exposure you read

But who is awake enough to ever heed


Every worldly involvement, we build it up

While it tears us down and leaves us an empty cup


Nothing runneth over but the riches of this worldly gain

And here is the reason for the paradox of the unknown on the brain


Our ignorance is what it feeds on and keeps it alive

Making us the perfect host in which it can thrive


With our inability to see what cannot be explained

This is what causes us to never receive what needs gained


The true freedom most seek but gets twisted in the physical plane

As all of the world would rest in ignorance, they think is sane


Unexplainable comprehension generated from this phase

That no one would ever see, created our gaze


Directing what we see and put our mind into play

As all we’d ever seek are its lies to our dieing day


The para of hamartano and pistis


Ignorantly we’ve become intimate with sin

A fornication apart from FAITH, right where we begin


Nuances shown by cause and effect we radiate out

As a human is diseased and left with doubt


The para of hamartano and pistis under the skin

Radiates out, we are all different levels of sin


Caged from the start and shackled to its elements

None of what we are, is of FAITH developments


The para to FAITH in which sin has mimicing effects

Anyone of this FAITH, can read into these defects


Christ Awareness and consciousness would be upon you

But it is obvious when you looking into the world, there is very few


Not in the Church or the politics or those taught there of

The only way to it comes from above


The higher hemisphere of self that connects through FAITH to learn

It is only those, of Christ’s understanding who would learn to discern


There is a world right in front of us you can read into the results

This is the cause and effect of all sin raised adults


Who would have known the para of hamartano and pistis

Was a parallel mind universe designed so we’d miss this


By an initiated action from a story we all know

But if you are not of pistis, it never would show


Christ’s FAITH gives us proper mental eyes

You begin to see all the worldly lies


On every level from start to finish

You can see how sin will completely diminish


From this new perspective gained by our involvement

A new marriage arises that destroys the devolvement

1235 words above this point:

diagrégoreó: to keep awake, to be fully awake

Original Word: διαγρηγορέω
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: diagrégoreó
Phonetic Spelling: (dee-ag-ray-gor-eh’-o)
Definition: to keep awake, to be fully awake
Usage: I awake out of sleep, am thoroughly awake.

1235 diagrēgoréō (from 1223 /diá, “thoroughly” which intensifies 1127 /grēgoreúō, “awaken”) – properly, thoroughly, fully (totally) awakened (note the force of the prefix, dia) and used only in Lk 9:32. It emphatically expresses how the sleeping apostles were utterly shocked into full-alertness by the manifestation of Christ’s glory.

looks like a bridging a gap from sleep to awake


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