bouleuó-to take counsel-deliberate

Wanted to share this cool conversation with my brother that took place this morning and how the final number generated after a heavy conversation acted as a confirmation. Like it was structured by or FATHER BY HIS WILL AND DESIGN for us to deliberate. At the very end of the conversation, I knew it was complete and was shown/highlighted/prompted to look at the time. It was 10:11. Now to follow this recognition I was also given the thought to see how it pertains to the entire conversation.

When I looked the number up it is so fitting that you can’t deny the conversation, counsel, deliberating was generated by GOD our FATHER like he was the one who appointed it.

My brother and I very rarely talk any more but we have both witnessed some very real events happen in our life. One of the events was during a heavy conversation where we were having our conversation about our FATHER driving in a car. The radio was playing and the conversation was very spiritually heavy and all of a sudden the radio changed stations our of no where right to the point of the song where it says “I just want to stop and thank you baby, how sweet it is to be loved by you” then went back to the other station. We both knew right at that moment that he was sitting right there in the car with us involved in the conversation and the air was so spirit filled it was like he was touching both of us and confirmed it by this divine intervention.

I know many will say that it was just a coincidence and that’s fine because we (all 3 of us) know the truth.

So this morning this brother gets a hold of me and has information I was taken to about 3 years ago so he wants to share it which led into an even deeper conversation. By the end of the conversation this highlight I spoke of at 10:11 was just like before (on my end) where the 3rd party (our FATHER) revealed the time in a highlight to show that he caused this conversation. As if it was a structured part of his plan for us to assemble.

1011bouleuó: to take counsel, deliberate

Original Word: βουλεύω
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: bouleuó
Phonetic Spelling: (bool-yoo’-o)
Short Definition: I deliberate, take counsel
Definition: I deliberate, take counsel, determine.

consult, take counsel, determine, purpose.

From boule; to advise, i.e. (reflexively) deliberate, or (by implication) resolve — consult, take counsel, determine, be minded, purpose.

see GREEK boule

What I can see right away from this is absolute confirmation to our conversation. Everything we were talking about was revealing to us how the spirit over the years has been moving within us and guiding us both basically in the same direction. I determined this was one of the purposes once the number was recognized and revealed our FATHERS 3rd party interaction through the number. But there is more to it than that. The power of recognition generates frequencies we can’t see, a cause and effect in this moment that will produce even more epiphanies in time that will be related and recognized by us. The end result (I see) is that it pertains to the veil being lifted from man in general and there is a reason and purpose for it to happen in the way it did. It not only has a cause and effect on us (my brother and I) but on everything for everyone!

boulé: counsel

Original Word: βουλή, ῆς, ἡ
Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine
Transliteration: boulé
Phonetic Spelling: (boo-lay’)
Short Definition: counsel, deliberate wisdom
Definition: counsel, deliberate wisdom, decree.

1012 boulḗ – properly, a resolved plan, used particularly of the immutable aspect of God’s plan – purposefully arranging all physical circumstances, which guarantees every scene of life works to His eternal purpose.

This level of God’s plan (1012 /boulḗ) demonstrates He is the Lord of history, i.e. always in charge!

[1012 (boulḗ) is more than God’s immutable plan of physical circumstances. It always also includes the Lord’s purpose in them – and hence arranging all the physical scenes of history before creation (Ps 139:16; Jn 1:3).]

advise, counsel.

From boulomai; volition, i.e. (objectively) advice, or (by implication) purpose — + advise, counsel, will.

see GREEK boulomai

Just as he arranged this deliberation/council.

boulomai: to will

Original Word: βούλομαι
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: boulomai
Phonetic Spelling: (boo’-lom-ahee)
Short Definition: I will, intend, desire
Definition: I will, intend, desire, wish.

Cognate: 1014 boúlomai – to plan with full resolve (determination). See 1012 (boulē).

1014 /boúlomai (“resolutely plan”) is a strong term that underlines the predetermined (and determined) intention driving the planning (wishing, resolving). In contrast, 2309 (thélō) focuses on the desire (“wishfulness”) behind making an offer (cf. TDNT, 1, 629).

[While God’s “thelō-offers” can be rejected (see 2309 /thélō), His 1014 /boúlomai (“planning”) always works out His purpose, especially in conjunction with presetting the physical scenes of history.]

And as more proof to my above statements (his presetting the physical scenes of history). This was all preset/structured by our FATHER. And he is verifying this by the words generated through recognition of the end time number (1011) in the original conversation.

be disposed, determine, intend.

Middle voice of a primary verb; to “will,” i.e. (reflexively) be willing — be disposed, minded, intend, list, (be, of own) will (-ing). Compare ethelo.

see GREEK ethelo

theló: to will, wish

Original Word: θέλω
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: theló
Phonetic Spelling: ( eth-el’-o,)
Short Definition: I will, wish, desire
Definition: I will, wish, desire, am willing, intend, design.

Cognate: 2309 thélō (a primitive verb, NAS dictionary) – to desire (wish, will), wanting what is best (optimal) because someone is ready and willing to act.

2309 /thélō (“to desire, wish”) is commonly used of the Lord extending His “best-offer” to the believer – wanting (desiring) to birth His persuasion (faith) in them which also empowers, manifests His presence etc. See 2307 (thelēma).

[Note the close connection between faith (4102 /pístis, “God’s inbirthed persuasion“) and this root (thel-, 2307 /thélēma); cf. 2 Cor 8:5-7 and Heb 10:36-39).]

desire, be disposed toward, intend

Thel’-o or thel’-o or in certain tenses theleo thel-eh’-o, and etheleo eth-el-eh’-o, which are otherwise obsolete; apparently strengthened from the alternate form of haireomai; to determine (as an active option from subjective impulse; whereas boulomai properly denotes rather a passive acquiescence in objective considerations), i.e. Choose or prefer (literally or figuratively); by implication, to wish, i.e. Be inclined to (sometimes adverbially, gladly); impersonally for the future tense, to be about to; by Hebraism, to delight in — desire, be disposed (forward), intend, list, love, mean, please, have rather, (be) will (have, -ling, – ling(-ly)).

see GREEK haireomai

see GREEK boulomai

And look right where we end up (were brought to). Pistis once again. Is this really a coincidence? Its tying us right back into previous writings on this site. Mainly about desire and will which will lead us to pistis and everything he generates within it for us to recognize. Just noticed, at the time I had hit the publish button it was 11:10 and not by my design! I didn’t notice it until a few minutes after the fact. If you hover over the date above you’ll see the time.




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