About Us

Your Life now and the possibilities on the other side!

Spiritual Quest Through Music is based on Truth and Understanding where music and the words come from. You can’t see them but they are real. In most instances, Even the artist doesn’t truly know what inspired the words in a song to come to life.

The meaning the artist may have even thought he or she was writing about is truly a cry out from the other side maybe even in an analogy, metaphor or like Jesus used, parables!

Through these teachings Spiritual Quest Through Music helps you understand up to the point that you come into your own truths and understandings in the Quest and you will then find that all the music is cycling truths from every possible angle out there.

May sound crazy, but stay open and give it a chance. What have you got to lose?

What is being taught here was not taught by a man (just as what Jesus taught was not that of a man) but his Father!

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